The Golden Pyramid has only been visited in one episode of The Backyardigans: Chichen-Itza Pizza. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. As we truly now have stepped into the realms of the sheerest Beingness and with immense high frequencies now coming from inside the earth, with the full reactivation of the pyramid energies inside the earth, above and below the earth and the under the sea, as well as other major energy center, and the most important ones, the Lion gate and the crystalline golden infinite core rod in Africa (my book on this whole scene will be published in this year – even if I have to self-publish), something profound is shifting in the whole consciousness of everyone on earth.
Some are more conscious than others, and this simply has to do with the awakening from deep within.
It is a fact that some souls, just fall asleep when they incarnate onto the planet and are indoctrinated by the parents, the social structures, by the school and educational systems and by whatever is fed to them as the truth – when in actual fact it is all but the truth.
Those who have woken up and who are alert and are truly consciously reconnecting with their souls, their hearts and their higher calling in life, this is a time when they will feel an intense shift – more so than ever before.
For instance, with the vortex energies rising from the re-activated pyramids, a lot of us worked inside these temples – for in reality that is what they were in the beginning – the most potent ones were using the vortex energies for higher healing and also for energy resourcing on multiple levels.
Inherently we know this deep down, but again, because of conditioned thinking and belief – which has been controlled by certain people and deliberately so – we often feel that what we remember is not valid.
Inherently the greatest lesson we have to master now, and collectively so, is that the old control mechanisms only worked because of fear based control = that means if you can keep the population in ignorance and in fear, then they are easily controlled. In actual fact the truth is that when a soul is deeply and profoundly empowered at soul level and finds its truth and inner honing system from deep within, has its pineal and pituitary glands fully opened up and is receiving cosmic transmissions directly from the Divine itself, then no-one and nothing on this planet can control them. This is the greatest gift of this time and especially 2014: it is the gift of self-empowerment and intense higher consciousness. This is the year of the Sun God and it is no accident that the Chinese year of horse is moving into this. In essence this is also the intense and pure anchoring in of the Feminine Divine and the Goddess energies. It is that intense bringing in of love into every single molecule, cell, DNA strand, gland, organ, skeleton, bone and bone marrow, skin, hair, meridian, nadis, chakras – indeed our whole physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and all 12 bodies. When we claim and empower ourselves from deep within and start using all our bodies and energy systems once more, and not just a fraction, we will then be able to step into our full power again, and this brings in immense and multiple levels of the mind, which we have not used for millions of years – it brings in levitation, telepathy, teleportation, it brings in the abilities to dissemble matter and assemble it – all by just using our heart-minds and it brings in the full return of the ancient keys, codes and higher knowledge, teaching and higher wisdom for mankind, as they truly step up to step into their highest truth as the Sons and Daughters of the Divine. Therefore embrace this coming year – as the year for soul empowerment and get more and more in touch with your soul and your soul groups and higher soul self. This is the return to balance and the return of the re-connection to the 9th Central Crystal Temple of the 9th Central Sun of the 9th Central Galaxy – and the next evolutionary step would be to reconnect to the 12th and 13th Suns.
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Please consider a donation or subscription today so that Goldenlight can continue to bring in more higher dimensional messages into the world. We will start remembering more and more how this was done, with harmonic frequencies of sound, colour and also the vortex energy itself. Some fear ridicule when they seek to share this and some know this deep inside but again, fear to bring this to the world openly. Inherently this is what makes for empowerment – that KNOWING and GUIDANCE from deep within which is not swayed by the whims or attempts of others to smother it – but is crystal clear in its intent to step up and into higher soul calling and mission and steps past all fear and all obstacles and into its highest expression and form. For the horse bring the unicorn connection and they have returned from the 7th heaven and the 7th dimension to assist us and those who are pure in heart and soul will attract these beautiful Beings who bring in higher healing for humanity. These are the working and living from the heart and then to infuse all that one is and what one is capable of being and becoming with love. The more you go deep within and reconnect, the more you will find that miracles start happening and things manifest into form faster and brings in true health, abundance and the living from a deep and profound inner love and inner contentment which surpasses all understanding.
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It is not that opportunities and wake up calls are not there all the time – it is just that they chose to ignore it and most often it is fear which is holding them prisoner. These triggers will take the form of remembering who and what we truly are and what we are capable of being and becoming, and then also – the HOW: – the how to do this. All of this will enable us to tap in more into crystalline power bases which have been left dormant for millions of years and now are being reactivated.
This all will start shifting as the Internet is bringing more and more souls into higher awareness and bringing groups together as souls who need to work together now. Permission is not granted to use these messages in custom YouTube videos, any copyright violation of this will result in a copyright infringement. I also design social media such as Twitter pages, You Tube pages and videos, Pinterest pages, and more.
May we all continue to feel the love from the angelic realm and spread the loving light of Source Creator wherever we go, creating a more positive, loving world for All.

The writings of Herodotus make a vague and debated reference to a relationship between the area of the surface of the face of the pyramid to that of the area of a square formed by its height.
If the height area to side area was the basis for the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, it would be in a perfect Phi relationship, whether or not that was intended by its designers.
It is based on the Egyptian system of measure in which 1 cubit = 7 palms and 1 palm = 4 digits. The theory is that the Great Pyramid is based on the application of a gradient of 5.5 sekeds. This measure means that for a pyramid height of 1 cubit, which is 7 palms, its base would be 5.5 palms. This variance of 0.8% thus does not match the geometry of the Great Pyramid as closely as the geometries based on phi or pi. The question remains though as to why 5.5 would be chosen over some other number for the gradient.
Only one other Egyptian pyramid used this geometry or angle of incline, the Meidum pyramid, and it’s a step pyramid with three tiers.
Given that there are several ways based in simple geometry by which the Great Pyramid could have ended up with this precise angle, it seems unreasonable to suggest that none of them apply, until another equally plausible and accurate theory can be presented.Other possibilities for Phi and Pi relationshipsIf the Egyptians were using numbers that they understood to be the circumference of the circle to its diameter or the golden ratio that appeared in nature, it’s difficult to assume that they truly understood the actual decimal representations of pi and phi as we understand them now. Since references to phi don’t appear in the historical record until the time of the Greeks hundreds of years later, some contend that the Egyptians did not have this knowledge and instead used integer approximations that achieved the same relationships and results in the design.A rather amazing mathematical fact is that pi and the square root of phi can be approximated with a high degree of accuracy using simple integers. It’s possible though that the pyramid dimensions could have been intended to represent only one of these numbers, either pi or phi, and the mathematics would have included the other automatically.We really don’t know with certainty how the pyramid was designed as this knowledge could have existed and then been lost.
The builders of such incredible architecture may have had far greater knowledge and sophistication than we may know, and it’s possible that pi , phi or both, as we understand them today, could have been the factors in the design of the pyramid. Also, in an dated story that made the newspapers in the early 20th Century, someone living in Chicago found a hand bell encrusted in a lump of coal. It dated back to the same Antediluvian Period of history, and not only did the bell still ring perfectly, its composition was of two metals that metallurgists today say they cannot be combined. One underwater off the coast of the Bahamas, and another underground just east of Anchorage, Alaska, to name a few.
About 3500-4000 BC S at Skara Brea there were found 5 types of small carved balls that represented the 5 Platonic Solids ( all matter in the universe can be made from these basic shapes).

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