The idea that reading makes you smarter has been proven by numerous research studies, including those that have identified improvements in crystallized, fluid and emotional intelligence in those subjects who read regularly. These types of intelligence include vocabulary, understanding of numerous subjects and issues, and the ability to detect emotions and feelings in others for better communications and relationships. Here are 12 books that further enhance that level of intelligence that you can get from reading. While this ancient book might, at first, appear like a manual that you would use in the military, the ideas about strategy contained within its pages translate into successful tactics that anyone from a CEO to an entrepreneur can use to create a more intelligent strategy for their business.
This book shares information across many areas of science related to the universe and how we got to the point in human history where we are now. This book has absolutely stood the test of time and is on most lists as a book that is a must read - don't miss it - whatever situation you are in. This book is designed to enhance your level of intelligence around designing and launching a new product. While it may seem like it could potentially be over your head, Carl Sagan makes some very deep and expansive topics accessible. Creativity continues to be pegged as a critical success factor and a pathway to differentiation in business.
The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell: While high IQ is great to have, this book provides the logic behind why some are more successful than others, illustrating that it is not always related directly to intelligence levels.
Since we all seem to develop both good and bad habits in our lives, it is good to understand why we do what we do, and the impact that our habits can have on us, our relationships, and how well we do in the business world.

To be more intelligent often requires changing perspectives and altering the way you think and decide. These are all in my home and office libraries because I have realized that part of success comes from listening to what others have to say. This book is dedicated to showing you how to think methodically and rapidly as well as when to know to make faster or slower decisions.
Along the way, Bill Bryson adds some pretty heavy information on physics, biology, chemistry and more. Not only does this book make you more intelligent with the insights, but it also gives you the plan for developing those traits that work to get you what you want in an easier way. Pick up this manual, which serves as both a how-to book and a fountain of inspiration to be brave and take on writing. Plus, he covers so many areas, such as religion, philosophy, history, culture and science, to make you feel more well-rounded or, at least, deliver some tidbits you can toss into a dinner party conversation about the meaning of life. Yet, it can be one of the most difficult things for us to put into a defining practice for use.
This book offers tips on how to control your mind while managing any impulses that may be impacting relationships, productivity, and overall success. Using findings from evolutionary psychologically, Malcolm Gladwell teaches you how to be smarter and, more importantly, successful.
Reading this book can provide the inspiration and strategy to alter habits and develop those that position us to be more admired, influential, and successful.

With so many diverse examples used within this book, it’s entertaining to see the thought processes used across a wide group of people to determine the approach you can take to start thinking differently. Whether these books change how you think, decide, or act, others will begin to notice incremental improvements in your intelligence. You want to be quick on your feet, but you also do not want to rush into a decision that needs more thinking time, so Dan Kahneman offers both the Fast System and Slow System to help you know when and how to use each speed of thinking. Having the ability to discuss how and why we might be here as well as our purpose might impress a few people during a conversation or two.
This gives you the information you need to improve everything from your grammar and structure to tone and style.
Using examples from today’s biggest creative successes in film, the book offers a glimpse of how to tap into the creative potential that is in all of us.
He was recently named #2 on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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