Guided imagery can help you with this problem, as it involves de-cluttering your mind and getting in contact with the power of stillness.Imagery can be used to help relieve you of stress, insomnia and a busy mind.
Before you begin the following exercise, make yourself comfortable in a place where you won’t be disturbed.You can use this exercise to help you sleep, in which case you may want to lie on your bed, or just to help you unwind before you carry on with your day. Sitting in a comfortable chair with arm supports, or cross-legged on a cushion is fine, as long as you are comfortable.Close your eyes and rest awhile…listening to your breathing…as each breath makes your belly rise and fall, as it enters and then leaves your system. Continue for a few minutes, and notice how your body and mind are beginning to relax.As your breathing becomes slower, and deeper…let a warm, gentle sense of heaviness seep through your body, and picture a beautiful door in front of you.

Really look closely at it…taking in its shape and contours, and while you’re looking at the door, allow your mind to wonder where it leads. You don’t know where it goes yet, but you have a feeling that it’s somewhere good…somewhere you would like to be.Reach out and touch the door handle.
Know that as you turn the handle the door will open to reveal a beautiful place…a place where you are very safe and feel happy and relaxed.
Know that the air in this place is healing, and that with each breath you breathe in a healing tonic that makes you feel rested…deeply relaxed.Take a few moments to savor the healing, restful quality of this place…and then turn back towards the door you came in by, and walk towards it.

Go back through the door and close it behind you, as you come back to where you sit or lie, and stretch, before opening your eyes.The more you practice this guided imagery exercise the easier it will be to achieve relaxation. She brings knowledge from her experiences into her writing and specializes in emotional wellness and the creation of, rather than search for, joy.

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