First time I met "James Hillman was when I recorded him at the New York open center in the mid 1980's. When was the last time you associated mindfulness and the bone-crushing gridiron sport of football? The guided meditations in these audio meditation programs will guide you into a deep meditation conducive for relaxation and healing. Please do not listen to these programs while you are driving or doing anything that requires your complete attention.
Within 24 hour of completing your purchase you will receive an email with instuctions on how to download your MP3 files. The guided meditation and Delta brain wave frequencies in this MP3 will reprogram your subconscious and nervous system to fall asleep easily and quickly.
Listening to this audio program frequently will help you bring your nervous system to a more relaxed state. The guided meditation in this program will enhance your ability to feel safe and secure wherever you go.
The Delta brain wave frequencies in this guided meditation will activate your body's natural ability to heal itself.
This guided meditation can be listened to at anytime of day to increase focus, reduce worry and allow for greater productivity and well being. The guided meditation and Theta brain wave frequencies in this program will help you access your higher self and make contact with your guides and angels for healing and inspiration. This program will help you choose healthy foods, increase your desire to exercise and decrease stress. Confidence and self love increase our ability to make life enhancing choices for ourselves. The guided meditation in this program will help you change the way you feel, think and behave to find your ideal weight. The Theta brain waves in this program help you reach a deep level of stillness where you can hear your own intuitive voice.
The theta brainwave frequencies and guided meditation will enhance your natural ability to create the life you want on all levels of your being. The guided meditations in these audio programs will guide you into a deep meditation conducive for relaxation and healing. The hosting account Billing contact is notified by email whenever there is a billing issue, such as past due notices and credit card errors.

If you have exceeded your hosting plan's traffic limit by 500%, your account will automatically be suspended. Spamming, adult content, warez are just a few violations which can result in your account being suspended.
The original harp music by Georgia Kelly was composed specifically for this program and is played by the composer. Note: If you would like to view the program immediately, you can purchase the On Demand Streaming Video format by selecting Streaming Video in the pull down menu on this product page. This Guided Meditation will allow you to connect better than ever with your Angels and Spirit Guides.
This meditation is very powerful yet very simple : you just have to relax and receive to reconnect with your guides.
Everyday Mindfulness: Lecture and Meditation for Beginners by Beryl Bender Birch Yoga pioneer and best-selling author Beryl Bender Birch offers a clear and compelling introduction to the history and evolution of mindfulness meditation in this exceptional recording ideal for beginning meditators. 17 minutes of mindfulness practice with Beryl Bender Birch, bestselling author of Power Yoga. The beautiful guided imagery and meditation music with binaural beats help you to sleep better, feel safe, relax and heal on all levels. This will give you greater resilency to stress and allow you to access states of well being and peace. Research has shown that when focused in the present, people report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction. With repeated listening,unwanted behaviors and unhealthy patterns will dissolve making it easy to live in a healthy vital way.
In this lucid state you can direct the course of your dreams for healing, inspiration and personal growth.
As you practice listening inside, your ability to hear, understand and act on your intuitive guidance will be greatly enhanced. This program uses Alpha brain wave frequencies to effortlessly guide you to a state of deep relaxation. Therefore, it is very important to keep both contact and billing emails valid and check them often. If you account has been suspended for any of these violations, you will need to move your hosting elsewhere, as we will not re-activate the account. Kabat-Zinn’s eight-week out-patient mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) program has spread from the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center to hospitals and clinics across the United States and around the world and occasioned an entire field of clinical medicine and basic and clinical research, much of which has already demonstrated the profoundly positive mental and physical health consequences of practicing mindfulness meditation both formally and informally in one’s daily life.

In Everyday Mindfulness: Meditation for Beginners, Birch, through lecture and a guided meditation, guides listeners through a meditation program that helps us relax, focus, and be more mindful of whatever we are doing, not just during meditation, but throughout the day, every day. With repeated listening, you may find that you are more at ease, confident and willing to take positive steps toward success than ever before.
The Alpha brain waves embedded in the music will allow you to relax into a light state ofmeditation from which you can emerge from easily and quickly to carry on your day with increased energy and clarity. The practices in The World of Relaxation are guided meditations similar to the formal practices in MBSR, particularly mindfulness of breathing, body sensations, thoughts and emotions; and the body scan. The music enhances the process of relaxation and establishes a flowing rhythmicity that entrains the listener’s attention and carries it through the various stages of the program. The Theta frequencies will help you develop a more positive relationship with the world and erase old fears and heal trauma. Whe you awaken you will be able to resume your day with more energy , clarity and positivity. The World of Relaxation was and still is a novel and radical use of television, aimed at reaching out to patients lying in bed in the hospital and inviting them to experiment inwardly, with Jon’s guidance, in bringing mindful awareness to their present-moment circumstances, utilizing the occasion of having to lie in bed for some time — whatever the viewer’s medical condition and prognosis — to do something for him or herself to promote healing of the mind and body, as a vital complement to whatever the health care system and one’s doctors are doing by way of medical treatments and rehabilitation. The notes of the harp have the quality of coming out of silence and disappearing back into silence, singly and in raining curtains of sounds, just as do our thoughts and emotions. Over one hundred hospitals have used this program over the years on their in-house television channels, and doctors often prescribe it to their patients, recommending that they practice with it several times a day.
Mindfulness, one’s capacity to inhabit the present moment with non-judgmental awareness, deepens over the course of a single session and even more, through repeated practicing with this program over days, weeks, months and years.
The learning occasioned by practicing with this program on a regular basis can stand one in good stead from moment to moment and from day to day as one’s life continues to unfold. Whatever you notice go ahead and think it, notice it, let it bubble up, welcome the thought.
Watch it bubble up from the floor of the unconscious, like bubbles from the bottom of a lake.

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