Im not asking you to make one (would be nice but Im sure you don't want to) but I do wonder if you could give some sort of tutorial or something that shows how to do this to other weapons.
The person who can make a Van Helsing crossbow skin and combine it with this would be my god.
W ramach stosujemy pliki cookies by umozliwic Ci wygodne korzystanie z serwisu. I'm a tad late in saying this, but thanks to all you guys, we won 4th place for players choice in the best upcoming mod of the year category!
As seen in the MGS series, as well as the original Jaykin' Bacon, this infinite ammo machine gun requires no reloading, but has extreme recoil and is tons of fun to use. This was one of the very first guns we added to the game, long before Saints Row 4 was even announced.
Lich consists of various jump pads, player controlled trapdoors, and a very large tower in the center.
There's almost a dozen other maps currently being worked on right now, at varying stages of development.
As always, we're forever on the look-out for more mappers, player modelers, and very skilled texture artists to join our team.
Check out our latest trailer for Instagib gamemode, and thanks for the support for the MOTY awards! Ricochet, instagib & snake vs monkeys gamemodes revealed as a new private beta releases, plus a look at some new maps & guns! Updates about release date, guns, gamemodes, and new features for Jaykin' Bacon: Episode 3! Time for another look at the guns, maps, and gamemodes you'll see in Jaykin' Bacon Episode 3! That was the original plan but we can't thanks to Valve's recent and upcoming SDK patches causing lots of crashes and other issues, which we can't really pinpoint since we don't have full engine access (all of which is part of what convinced us to switch engines). Your rockets are also good for taking out the Overwatch that storm the roof once the gunship explodes. My preference is to rush through the bunker because it's a bit closer to your ultimate destination.
Then, turn right and rush to this door on the left after grabbing supplies on the right, including health and more crossbow ammo.
You'll find hardcore action up here, and I bet a lot of folks get discouraged in this area. Soon, the stryder blasts this space-warping beam that will knock you to kingdom come if you're this close. Snipe any Overwatch and Elite Overwatch that pose an immediate threat while you wait for the stryder to fire this second mega-blast, which clears a path through the wall.
Take a hard left to find TWO medical stations plus an energy station at (1), and supply crates through the door at (2). More repelling CPs -- and if you look closely there are barnacles attached to the overpass ahead.
Keep right and speed up this ramp (inset) to fly high and land on the boardwalk in front of this building. You can either return to the canal the way you came or lower your boat below with this elevator.

Climb back into your boat and drive it up the now-elevated ramp to clear the barrier ahead. While you are instructed on the dangers of trekking to Eli's place, the Vortigaunt is fitting your fan boat with an infinite-ammo turret. Dodge the fire barrier by staying right, then hang back and take out the CPs and the barrels they toss before proceeding up the ramp then doing a U-turn to the left. This is a boss battle, and just as in Doom 3 there is no "Boss Bar" to show how much damage you've inflicted. Clear out the CPs (both inside and outside the building) then find shelves with supplies plus these health and energy stations inside. Return to your boat and hit these logs at full throttle to jump through the open gate beyond. He clears a path for you, eliminating all Combine forces in your way, then opens this roadblock for you to enter.
But soon a Combine airship approaches, then flies off - carrying with it a very determined Dog. Exit the building out the other side and encounter this friendly chap, playing skeet with camera drones. Clear out the troops and hoppers in the area, then move this barrel and metal plate to find supplies.
Ascend the stairs for this small diversion if you'd like to fight a zombie and listen to Dr. Take the outside door and emerge here, where you can drop this sniper for a very cool example of rag doll physics. Climb some stairs then use the indicated switch to open a small gate in the barricade, allowing any team members trapped on the other side to join you.
Descend these stairs to another firefight, where manhacks will join the CPs in the hallway.
The hallway on the left loads the next area, but before taking that route head up these stairs first.
Arrive at this area by keeping right past an overturned truck, then climb the rubble ahead to clear the fence. Bust open these supply crates, then open the previously-locked door on the right so your buddies can join you. Jesli nie zmienisz ustawien dotyczacych cookies w Twojej przegladarce, beda one umieszczane na Twoim komputerze. But it took us awhile to really nail down how to do this and then get it designed just perfectly. We're not gonna release an unstable demo so we're better off just focusing on UE4 rather than wasting more time dealing with never ending Source issues. Emerge out the other side and you can duck into either of these earlier-visited positions (1) (2) which make excellent spots to rest and snipe the stryders with rockets.
A stryder appears behind you but there's no rocket ammo to be had -- duck into this hole on the left.
But before heading out, I finished off the remaining Overwatch forces then enjoyed the silence I hath wrought.
If you don't make it you can still steer into the next segment, albeit without the panache of a fan-boat skater-dude.

If you're careful you just might be able to grab that crate ahead while avoiding the bombs. Defeat them with your turret, then use the fallen fencing (just off-screen to the right) to enter the door ahead. Slow down and use your plentiful firepower to take out the barnacles and zombies in the tunnel, then these CPs as you emerge. Continue into the tunnel beyond and enter the canal on the other side to load the next area. Hold fire until your ammo reaches 100 and then unleash your gun when the chopper gets close.
I lost a couple squad members in this fight, but to be honest was relieved because they were mostly in my way in these close quarters. Fight your way up the stairs to this room where you'll find these supply crates with suit energy. Peer through the locked gate visible ahead to spy a lambda and supplies, inaccessible for the moment. Rather than burn lots of ammo, use your gravity gun to grab the manhacks then toss them to an instant death.
If you try to open it, they'll tell you that it's locked from the other side, but that you might be able to find a way around. Use the now-familiar technique of using two crates and a gravity gun to step across the sludge. As we continue to put the finishing touches on our closed beta and begin to get organized for the final release, we definitely appreciate being reminded how many people out there are as excited for this mod as we are!
It may look small, but with all the stuff going on in the map, it actually works rather well even on a full sever. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.
Defeat the Elite Overwatch forces then proceed up as indicated once you're ready for a fight.
Use your shotgun's alt-fire to take out any immediate threats, and it's primary fire to quickly smash supply crates. Note the two supply crates on the bank ahead, and the ramp on the left -- this is your destination. You can now pilot your boat through the shipping container, giving you a pathway to the ramp.
It's also wise to pull back and let your squad engage the manhacks, as this is probably their best use in the game. Your squad is vulnerable at this doorway so I found it was best to actually send them behind myself while I took point. Your gravity gun also comes in handy to grab-and-smash the blinding scanners that hover about this zone.
A supply crate with energy is in the next room ahead, and ammo is on the table to the right.

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