The focus of all of John's healing sessions is to activate your Inner Healer and to get you unstuck. His work is informed by his own healing journey toward wholeness which has included studies in Shambhala Training (Heart of Warriorship and Sacred Path), Holotropic Breathwork with Grof Transpersonal Training, Healing Breath and Healer Training with Wahe Guru Kaur, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan Teacher Training through IKYTA, Vipassana, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Buddhist meditation and traditional Shipibo Conibo healing in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. The format, structure and content of each healing session is intuitively co-created with the client and adapted to their situation. In the last 6 months, I have had the privilege and joy of receiving three private sessions and participating in two breath workshops with John Stockberger and Sandra Vanakto which have helped me grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! For my first session with John, I came knowing that as a lightweaver I was trying too hard, truly wanting to participate in this calling and feeling very inadequate, small, with so little clarity and joy. When Bruno Groening spoke about faith, biblical scenes frequently occured: the blind were able to see again and the lame to walk.
Before they have spared no effort, that they wanted to execute me, because I have opposed unlawfully (against the head of state and army, also the Russian). So I have been there some months, although I should have been exempted, when it’s true that the war is over then, I will come free.
It was nessescary that I have been in Russia, that I have been in prison too, because I could help my neighbour, my comrade, who had to suffer the same misery, that I could build him up - not down. His private healing sessions can include: Inner Healer activation through authentic presence and touch, deep relaxation, intuitive guidance, connection to archetypal realms, guided meditation, chakra and polarity balancing, profound inner journeying, sound immersion, Healing Breath, physical, emotional and energetic realignment and release. Whether you are stuck in physical or mental pain or you are stuck and plateauing in your spiritual development or you just feel frustrated these conditions can all lead to feeling trapped, overwhelmed and shutdown. In John's wise, gentle, knowing presence, before the end of the session, I was actually physically feeling happiness and joy throughout my body.
After the Second World War Bruno Groening was in every mind through his spectaculary healings. By means of these extensive and positive experiences we have been working in sessions with individuals and groups since 1993 in Germany. Not only speak about courage but give them courage, that means: so much strength that they were able to receive it right there.
The feeling of being trapped in your body or life situation can be highly toxic leading to a downward spiral in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. BUT (I asked the Russian:) What are you doing now with the German Landsers (Infanterists) what are you doing now with my German comrades? And believe me friends, not only the prisoners has done like that, but there have been Russians too, who should have act against us but couldn’t do it anymore after.
John supports and guides his clients in moving toward wholeness, wellness, clarity and health. Some time before this, I had come to really accept and see the wonderful potential of ONENESS; being a part of the grand ONE that each one of us is a part of, whether we know it, or want to know it, or are ready to accept the grand gift. They should thank God from the bottom of their hearts, for it is His work, not mine!" He saw his task as opening the door for man towards divine understanding and experience, thereby guiding him back to trust in God. WW in 1939 Bruno was drafted as a soldier like all of us brothers and had been sent to the front. I knew it as a possibility but was stuck on the feeling that I was not "enough" to participate. We've got coequally education and guidance, and it is a distortion of facts, when newspaper and journals misleadingly stated we would have kept our brother Bruno at extremely prominent leading-strings. Fate had ordained him a healthy return as well.Again his foresight showed up when he came home on holiday in 1944.
One cannot extend life, what you call life, your presence here on earth, and nobody can shorten it. With each session with John along with the workshops, my acceptance and believing I was already a part of this ONENESS has blossomed with joy.
At those times nobody thought upon such event and the thought alone seems unbelievable to us.In actual fact, 1945 this point of time has come - bearing in mind the words of our brother Bruno - when we had to leave our homeland. In recent days the entire press and radio has reported in a more or less tendentious form that the State Prosecution Service II of Munich, has prepared a case against me for causing death by negligence.
Therefore his prediction was fulfilled.We had to leave our father, because he was too old and invalid for such exertions. I am supposed to have promised healing to a seventeen year old girl at the end of 1949, and of having hindered her from visiting a sanatorium and a doctor. Herewith he was able to lift his level of income and to establish a sound basis for his family.
And I have come home – thats also destination, nobody can do something against it, also the Russian not.
Whoever has read or heard these reports with a clear mind, will have recognised their purpose. To produce confusion among my friends and to prevent all those seeking help from coming any closer to the knowledge I have pronounced and all our efforts. Wer sich so innerlich aufschließt, wird immer den unmittelbaren Weg zu einem jenseitigen Freund und Helfer finden. Every device is being used to put a stop to the activities of me, the Groening Association and even of yourselves. Of course, the fact is that things are other than as they are being portrayed! You know that I make no promises of healing, and that I never advise against medical treatment.
Er hat den Menschen ja den Weg gezeigt, wie sie sich auch ohne ihn auf GOTT einstellen können.
When the frightened parents went to check, everything was calm again and the child Bruno lay peacefully in his crib. Bruno Gröning already helped many people through his radiation and did predictions, which always came true. There were innumerable lame people in wheel chairs, others who were carried by their relatives, blind people, deaf mutes, mothers with retarded and lame children, little old women and young men, all of them groaning and pressing together in front of the house. Meckelburg in particular - he was jointly accused in the first - turned against Groening in a conspicuously severe fashion. Da er im Laufe dieses Monats stark abmagerte, teilte ich diese beunruhigenden Symptome dem uns gut befreundeten Arzt und Krebsforscher, Dr.
He complained that during the entire time of the processes not a single person, not even his solicitor, had had the slightest interest in how a healing came about. Gröning has already at that time shown interest in spiritual matters and helped people and carried out healing. Gröning was in Viersen in the Rhineland and five paralyzed people stood up here in the courtyard and went home healthy.
Had this question been pursued, it would have become evident that his work had absolutely no relationship to medical treatment.
When he was found and brought home after days in the woods, he was whipped and beaten black and blue.Little Bruno understood now why he was alive on earth and what his task here was.
The date for the hearing was set for 22nd January 1959, to take place before the senior regional judge's court in Munich. Bruno Gröning appeared in my room and stayed a while, gave me a piece of bread to eat, which I was not able to eat, however.

Viele warten in Deutschland und im Ausland auf mich, zu denen ich in den Weihnachtsfeiern sprechen will. Hollotz appeared with the words: „A miracle has taken place here,!“ From this time on, I have no longer been suffering from any throat disease. On the 4th of December he prepared a tape recording, which was to be played at all the Christmas celebrations. Grobon geriet in Erregung, und bat meinen Mann geradezu flehentlich, sich sofort einer Operation zu unterziehen. The classmates took him as he was - they had learned that he used to be in his own manner and didn't disturb him in his particularity. In his clinic in the Rue Henner, not far from Montmartre, it came to an operation on 8th December 1958. He felt the heaviness of the coming time.It was on Saturday, 1st August 1914, when we returned from a visit of our grannies with our parents.
Während des Abendessens unterhielt sich Bruno mit anderen Gastgebern in seiner gewohnten und anregenden Art. They announced the mobilization of the arriving First World War 1914 - 1918.Deep silence was around, a nightmare concerning the persons involved. In this state of advancement continual vomiting occurs as the result of taking even the smallest amount of sustenance, and the heavily tested patient slowly starves to death. So it didn' take long before the authorities became alert to the strange happenings on the Wilhelmsplatz. Whole Germany stood in front of a world-shattering!Arriving home the father found his conscription order. In mid January he met together with the representatives of the newly formed association for three days and directed how the work had to be constructed.
Mein Mann zeigte nicht die geringsten Anzeichen von Erschöpfung oder seelischer Niedergeschlagenheit.
Even at the last minute Bruno stepped to the father and handed him out a little unwritten page of paper. In 1917 also Maria was called to work and we children have been almost totally left alone.In those times Bruno often went to Military Hospitals.
The way he has saved my life, he definitely can help many thousand people whether (they are) poor or rich, it doesn’t matter. As on this morning he lay under anaesthetic, there was suddenly a violent thunderstorm over Paris. His mother once went along with him to the Hospital and watched Bruno sitting besides the fieldbeds of the soldiers, talking with them and giving them strength and hope.
On 22nd January, while my husband was still under the anaesthetic, a shadow was cast over the cheerful and happy mood of the day by a thunderstorm, which very suddenly broke over Paris with lightning and peals of thunder.
Grobon angerufen hatte, begaben wir uns in die chirurgische Privatklinik seines Freundes Dr. He macerated very strongly and lay in fever, but enforced persistently not to lie in bed but camped finally naked on the floor for months. In the days following the operation Bruno's temperature, blood pressure, pulse completely normal. But in the end he was sent to the front anyway, where enemy soldiers met and fought one another. But he had missed 1 and a half years in public school.In 1918 the father returned from War save and sound and the belief into the little piece of paper given by Bruno had us fully occupied. He requested permission in Bavaria to work in accordance with official regulations relating to healing, while also complying with the healing practitioner law.
He pleaded with those in search of healing not to come to see him at “Traberhof” anymore; it was his intention that, as soon as the proposed sanatoriums were established, they would be advertised to the public.
Do you know, dear friends, how big need and misery are on this earth through Evil, through the War at all.
Can you imagine or do you have just a little idea, how human beings have to suffer and starve today? At my fathers desire I had to terminate this position because his wish for me was  to learn a building trade. How people cannot be accommodated and how much one have to do for helping the person who has fallen prey into that misery, that danger?Now I tell you something, what I have experienced here in Germany. Bevor sie zu Ende war, kam dieser auf mein Zimmer und sagte mir: „Ich muss Ihnen etwas Schreckliches mitteilen. It was a pretty long time when they have put me in uniform and I should have fight against the enemy.
I was also weaponed with pistol  and munitions, they have set me on a tank, and there have been two missiles too, once the big one and second the MG-Missile, yes, and now I should kill the enemy.
After near two years I stopped this activity and worked as a factory- and casual worker up to the year 1943.
I worked in a chocolate factory, as a telegram post-worker at the Danzig post office for 9 months, and as an electrical engineer at Siemens & Halske.
First and foremost I wanted to do a practical work placement, where I could study knowledge and competence of Men (people) in all their positions, situations and social classes.
There I was needed too, although they wanted to make my way free, that would be allowed to go home earlier. But I was allowed to make this statement because to give them destined things on their path. He remarked how hatred, greed and envy have wars break out, how evil is causing us all to perish.
Everything is so bursting with strength and healthy when it is in conjunction with the divine power. Much, much more of that Mankind receives, provided they are and want to be solely GOOD, because they are the crown of creation. Every one (of you) gets as much as you deserve, that is to which degree you believe in GOD and are tuned to GOOD. No word about symptoms of disease, no diagnosis, no behavioral measures, no brushing, massaging, no medicine, no tea, no little herb was prescribed. As soon as one is pressing charges in this respect, this means charging the Lord God Himself.
What he is really doing, that is, where he comes into activity, corresponds to (the biblical) Acts. He comforts, warns, straightens up, brings peace and tranquility in GOD to the people.That is his real occupation. Shouldn’t, then, every pastor, that is every priest, visiting hospitals, who straightens up and comfort be put under indictment?
I see in spirit what is missing with your daughter - son - father etc., basically, nevertheless the help of God!
BELIEVE firmly yourself, give this faith to your daughter, stick to the GOOD, open (yourself to receive) the DIVINE POWER! Two of them confirmed that they have been healed suddenly from incurable diseases, asthma and paralysis.

Initially, it was an ethically good ACT, an appeal against our materialistic, soulless, selfish, loveless, atheistic determined epoch of time.
His appearance was reminiscent of the Acts of the Apostles as the first heralds of the faith in our country.
Gröning also spread seeds in the hearts of well-meaning (individuals), for in this way to put a solid foundation for an ethical and religious renewal. Gröning personally, what I was meant to be denied by the defensive characters of those around, because Mr. Gröning is in principal not at all speaking about his extraordinary disposition – or (he is) shedding light on it very reluctantly.
We remain the common individuals, opposite to him, the quite striking supernatural Man, the exceptional case, the divinely inspired one who is to be respected. Gröning did not work with the upper consciousness alone, like us, but possessed quite rare skills. The Prophet only holds the pen, and the thoughts are being dictated into him by a higher power.
He was a simple man, though, with elementary schooling, who had never thought to pursue private studies.
We need to affirm the fact that supernatural powers accrued from a higher divine world to Mr.
The state increased considerably more and more, until the whole body was shaken in this way approximately five to seven minutes.
He replied that a wonderful, warm feeling was passing through his body and he was feeling light and liberated. Gröning subsequently called him out to the front, dropped his bunch of keys as if accidentally.
The individual in question bent down completely pain free and picked the same without any difficulty. He confessed to me that he (had been) severely war damaged, (had not been able at all to bend) at all, (had moved around) on two sticks because of a spinal injury and (had been) almost completely paralyzed. In his desperation, he sought help through suggestion, hypnotists and magnetizers, and all in vain. Gröning had given back complete health, where the physician (had) stated pancreatic cancer through laboratory testing and afterwards certified that this patient was liberated from this scourge by Mr.
Gröning she was granted the inapprehensible success that she became perfectly healthy. A radio set, which was set for a record player, which, however, was not switched on, stood in the meeting room. He gave me a whole series of such incidents, but added that he carried such supernatural acts out only exceptionally to strengthen the power of belief, but never just to satisfy curiosity, however, definitely not on command. He would have the mandate to act only in the divine sense and was compelled to behave properly. As the divine mandate he had the task to carry GOOD into mankind into mankind, leading them to closeness with God and to renew the FAITH among men. For this reason, he gave faith lectures which lasted always more than two hours; lectures, the way a well-known priest from America has given his lectures, like they were carried out in the tent mission, who even received a support by city and state authorities and, moreover, in addition charged an entrance fee. It must be noted here, that without his endeavour, without any particular setting, this healing power again leaves him. Without his intervention (the bodies of) healing seekers were charged, they received the current. He couldn’t escape this supernatural destiny, even though the whole penal code threatened him!
He could not acknowledge the healing paragraph because he neither could, nor was entitled, to switch off the supernatural healing current! Everyone in the court room received his healing power, even the honorable judges, even when they didn’t notice it.
Consequently, with the healing prohibition of this individual, they had in fact accepted prohibited (stuff) and thereby had become liable to what they had contributed to evoke by their prosecution and that was the grotesque thing (about this).
A judgment that one day – like a boomerang to the shooter – will  bounce back to the causal individuals. Gröning a sunray lamp, which had been offered by the great almighty physician up there.
Such a rare event as the one regarding Gröning must be evaluated by a higher vantage point. Single philosophers see the spiritual climate of the world something like this: A large rigid ice desert where we proceed ruthlessly across suffering. Because of a few small things the world war is around the corner, and with an outcry for freedom and human dignity an entire people must drown in terror and blood. And more and more weapons of hell, nuclear bombs are added, capable of destroying an entire planet. Which Man, then, was connected closer with the supernatural power and looked more clearly into the countenance (face) of a world of the beyond? If we adjust ourselves this way, a cynical, cruel, impassive destiny is much more likely to roll over us much easier, because we just shut ourselves off from any divine help.
This robbery then they defended by laws, introduced by positioning the clauses above the people. In the course of the (German) denazification the magistrates were not able to accept all the witnesses for the prosecution, so many queued. So you prefer looking at the elephant with a magnifying glass to find a flea and on this small insect then, the notification is released rapidly.
Gröning and thought back to their disease, and their eye sight was the decisive factor.
Such an oath, however, is null and void, because it is hard in the balance between positive and negative, as if I have ten (Deutsch)marks with me while simultaneously ten (Deutsch)marks debt. To begin with, in this mystical matter, questions were asked aiming at passing by the fact itself, and on the other hand, the individual questioned was not informed at all. However, by such excessive demands a tangled skein was tied, which could hardly be solved unless after thorough reconnaissance that prosecution witnesses had sworn to return to good information.
And the prosecution must also be challenged procedurally, because all witnesses for the prosecution were practically turned out.
114-118   [1] Book by the NSDAP-Party ideologist Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946) [2] Ethic principle raised by the philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804).
The categorical imperative requires to measure one’s own conduct by considering in how far it would fit serving as a general motto.

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