It's very hard if not impossible to reset your Hotmail password if you have forgotten the phrase or cannot access your account. Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery is such a unique password retrieval tool that you can recover any forgotten Windows login password and the auto-complete passwords of web browsers (e.g. Download and install Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery tool and open it from desktop or the start menu. On the left, click 'Password Finder' button, all the saved passwords will be categorized in the name of web browsers and mail client.
Emails have become important part of modern communication and are very important for work as well as personal life. If you have added a secondary email id while creating your email account, the password reset process becomes very simple. On the very login screen, there is usually a link which says “Forgot password” or  “Can’t access your account?” or “Reset password” or “Trouble signing in?” etc. Proceed with the requested information which is usually very simple and easy to follow with step-by-step procedure. After you mention the required information, it takes you to the screen where you can initiate a password reset request. In the below example, I have added my mobile number to the email account, so Gmail asked me to add my complete mobile number to reset my password. It also offers options to send password to alternative email address or sending Text SMS or asking security questions which can be used to reset the password information for Yahoo mail account. The procedure is more or less the same for most web-based email services including hotmail, rediffmail, Yahoo, Bing etc.
If you have a work email address which does not have alternate email id or SMS procedure to reset your password, there are different kind of authentications mechanisms to reset password in such cases. In case you have purchased a domain name and hosting account and are hosting your custom domain email address on your own, then the process to reset the email password is fairly simple. Once you have logged into your hosting dashboard (which may look different from one below), locate email section and click on Email Accounts. After your locate the email account, click on the link in front of it which says “Change password” and update the password. After this, you can login using the new password and get access to the email account for your self hosted email account.
2- To recover your hotmail or live password give your email address and also enter the given code in the related field and click continue. 3.Choose one option as you like and convenient whatever you specified at the time of signing up.

6.Please check your email account, and follow the instruction in email message to recover email password. If you didn’t set the alternate email while creating your email account and also forgot secrete question, then the only way to reset you password is send an email to Hotmail Live support. I see your post however, after I type in that secret word, I only get two options to either have password info sent to my email or alternate email. Its been about a week since i forgot my password to my account(ibitoyetg), and tried to reset it. In such case, you have to depend on the third-party Hotmail recovery software to retrieve your Hotmail account. If you have used your Hotmail password in these account, there is a good change that you can recovery Hotmail password. Then open the TXT file will any supported text editor like Notepad to view your Hotmail password and login your account in Hotmail sign-in page. I humbly recommend you to use a password manager called Roboform to manager all your password.
Most of us maintain at least one email account with most working professionals with multiple email account. Alternatively, I can also click on link which says “Verify your identity” which will ask some security questions which have been setup during creation of the account. Most work email accounts are supported by an IT helpdesk team which can come very handy on a phone-call to help you reset your password.
In such cases, the person who has the access to hosting server (we assume that you have the same if you have purchased a hosting account) can easily login to the hosting server.
But also forgot the password to my alternative email given at the time i set up an account with hotmail.
According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project data, 92% of adult US Internet users send or read email. Just select the program you're using, and the password and user name of your Hotmail account will be shown in the table. With it, you just need to remember one master password, and Roboform remembers all the other passwords, including Hotmail password, of course. Many work email servers also allow to reset email password using security questions which is also another convenient way of resetting email account password. Not sure why, but wondering how to access that option since I did not set up an alternate email. I did not have and alternative e mail account and no postcode was required when I set the account up 15 years ago, no problem with the secret question.

Also when we maintain multiple email accounts, it is imperative that we forget email id passwords for some or the other account. The only thing you need to take care of is that you should have access to your other email id and you may have to type in your alternative email id in full, so you must remember it correctly. In case, you forget the password, there are multiple ways to retrieve email account passwords.
Lets looks at some of the general guidelines you should follow to reset your email account password. Alternatively if you have added your mobile phone number to your email address, Gmail and many other services send you a text SMS on your phone to help you reset your password easily. If you forgot the answers to the secret questions, and there is not any secondary email address, you have to see the alternative method to recover Hotmail password with a 3rd-party Hotmail password recovery software. In this article, we share with you some of the ways to retrieve your forgotten passwords and some best-practices you can follow so that it is easy to reset password in future if need arises. Either way, you'll see a "Can't access your account?" link below the sign in form, right above the "Sign in with a single-use code" link: click on it to launch the password reset process. Verify your Microsoft account information The next screen (Why are you having trouble signing in) offers three options: "I forgot my password", "I know my password, but can't sign in", and "I think someone else is using my Microsoft account".
The same applies for the main domain: make sure that you are not entering MSN instead of Hotmail, Outlook instead of Hotmail, etc. That means that your capitalization is ignored - an  uppercase 'A' and lowercase 'a' are considered the same character.
It is your password that is case-sensitive (how you capitalize it matters - so make sure that CapsLock is off!)Prove that you are human!
Within a few seconds, typically, you should receive the security code in question: if the code hasn't arrived within a couple of minutes, you can click on the "Use a different verification option" link to try the alternate route. Click your last Next button, and you'll get the "Your account has been recovered - You can now use your new security info to sign in to your account" page: note that you can setup right now the two-step verification login for enhanced security (sign-in code required to access your account!) Or click Next to go directly to your inbox - and you are done! Note that your password must be at least eight characters long (and it is case-sensitive!) - "Please choose a password that you haven't used before.
Changing a single character is enough to fulfill that condition, but changing more characters than this will make it even harder to crack by someone who already knew your previous account password: are you resetting your password because you forgot it, or because you suspected that someone had guessed it? Use this, and common sense, to pick the right password for the situation :) Make it easier to regain access your email account!Now that you're back in, take a couple of minutes to add a cell phone number or add an alternate email address to your Hotmail account.

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