Caitlyn Jenner’s request to make her name and gender change official has been approved by a judge. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg approved the 65-year-old Olympic gold medallist’s petition to legally change her name and gender during a hearing in Santa Monica, California. The approval means she can now get government documents, such as a driver’s license and Social Security card, under her new identity.
Caitlyn has publicly transitioned to a woman in recent months after revealing her intentions to journalist Diane Sawyer in a televised special and debuting her new name and look on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Some details that accompanied her petition were redacted after she cited privacy concerns and threats she says she has received during her transition. Family Law Offices of Yanez & Associates – Top Orange County Divorce AttorneysFamily Law orange countyHow can I Legally Changing my Name in OC California? Although a legal name change used to be a relatively simple task, due to increasing threats of identity theft and terrorism in the last several years, the process has become a little more complex. It is possible to change your name, or your child’s name in California, but there are a few restrictions on the name you choose. Marriage can be one of the exceptions to the court order requirement - as long as one spouse is taking the other spouse’s name.
However, if both spouses are changing their names, or if the name being changed is not the other spouse’s name, you will need a court order. Although a domestic partnership is similar to a marriage, a couple cannot go to the DMV to change a name. If you’re trying to change the name of a minor and you aren’t the only legal parent, you will need the permission of the other parent to change the name.
To change your name or your child’s name, you’ll need to fill out the appropriate forms and file them with the court. An OC name change attorney can help you to fill out the appropriate forms and file them correctly. Attorney Bettina Yanez is a recognized top Orange County Divorce & Family Law Attorney. The Secretary of State's change in policy that allows people to change the gender on their drivers license without requiring surgery is a win for transgender people across Michigan, a supporter of the change says.
In the UK changing your name, or your child's name, is generally carried out using a Deed Poll. Unlike other Deed Poll providers we give you instant access to your correctly formatted Deed Poll once your order has been completed. You can keep a copy of your original Deed Poll in your MyAccount area, which means you can come back and print off another copy any time you like and at no extra cost. Seeing the videos, pics and reading all the comments still somehow doesn't convince me this could be Linn. QUOTE It was never proven she changed her name (legal reasons or whatever).Actually, it was.
QUOTE Malin Sofia Wennerberg IS part of her full name.No, Wennerberg was never part of her last name.
In many cases, the marriage certificate is simply used as proof to change the name on vital documents. Today, a name change in the OC usually requires a court order, and can only be done in certain circumstances. In this case, the spouse changing his or her name needs to take their marriage license to their local DMV and the Social Security Administration and fill out a name change form.

If you’ve recently entered a domestic partnership in Southern California, you’ll need to either get a court order, or fight the inequality with the help of a skilled name change attorney in Southern California. If you and the other parent cannot agree on the name change, or you’re having trouble contacting the other parent, it is best to contact a skilled name change attorney in Southern California for assistance. At Yanez & Associates, our attorneys are ready to get the process of changing your name started. She is Certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, as a Family Law Specialist, this means that she is skilled in the following areas of law, divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, mediation, legal separation, modifications, restraining orders, paternity, prenuptial agreements, property division and all other matters that fall under California Family Law.
Although you can legally change your name in different ways, creating a Deed Poll is the easiest and cheapest way of doing it. We're at the finale, the last chapter, the climax where the ultimate surprise ending is jjjust around the bend.
The address listed in that link is also the address for The Sign Production and Entertainment and Lacarr Music. It cannot be the name of a fictitious character that is protected by copyright, like Katniss Everdeen. Government offices, utility companies and banks require evidence that you have changed your name in a legal manner and that you are the same person as you have always been. If she has legally changed her last name to her husband's and a divorce is about to be filed or in process, the simplest way to effect the name change is to request it in the divorce pleadings.
You usually cannot choose the name of a celebrity or public figure, except under certain circumstances. Didn't Jonas allude that she is living in constant fear and has to be constantly reminded AOB has been locked in a time capsule? I know you read Aceboards every morning even before you drink your morning cup of coffee heh :-). For some people, the Western tradition matters, and they want to mark this change in their lives with a new moniker.
For some women, their original last name conjures up tear-stained memories of a difficult childhood or strained family relationships. Wade is considered a watershed moment by many feminists because the decision affirmed a pregnant woman's right to privacy, explains U.S. This affirmation is also the basis of laws that allow and regulate abortion in the United States. Delta stopped the trio on their way to Cancun because they didn’t have a notarized letter of consent for the trip from the father. If you have remarried and have a new last name, a marriage certificate or other legal paperwork that links your name back to the one listed on the birth certificate can be helpful.Reasons Against a Name ChangeChinese tradition.
Changing a surname means slogging through paperwork, and replacing all of your IDs, credit cards and bank cards.Confusing. Whether we like it or not, people make assumptions about appearance based on our last names. It was sort of funny, but it got to be be problematic too when I was job searching in China and people saw my last name and assumed I was a local. I started hyphenating precisely because I got sick of having to explain that yes, I am indeed a foreigner, an American, yes, a white American, not a Chinese American (because sadly, in China, if you’re a teacher, it makes a difference). If you’re established in your field under a certain name, changing your name can hurt you professionally.
People may get confused, and it could be harder for you to link yourself to the accomplishments under your previous name.Feminist reasons.

In this modern age, why not make the man change his name?Middle GroundIs there middle ground between changing and not? You will have to deal with the Public Security Bureau, as these instructions (in Chinese) explain. For example, here is a thread from Candle for Love on how to do it while applying for a US green card or fiancee visa. Citizens of other countries, check with your embassy or consulate for more information.For foreign citizens. The Embassy or Consulate will assist you in contacting the relevant courts.Once your name change is complete, you will need to contact the Embassy or Consulate again to apply for a new passport. Send me your question today.Get Free E-mail Updates!Sign up now and receive an email whenever I publish new blog posts.
Though I am not in any sort of situation that would dictate a name change, I’ve always been curious about the intricacies of doing so in a more international context.
I’m also curious about Western women who married Chinese men: what did their husbands think about the Western practice of the woman changing her name? It had to be interesting to be in the position of asking permission to take on your husband’s name.
But the whole thing made me more aware of the significance of taking someone else’s name.
I say, “I know, you expected Melanie Gao was a Chinese woman with a Western first name. So now – I have one name which is written in IDs and another by which I am called by friends, family and colleagues.
I thought the biggest obstacle would have been applying for her immigrant visa, but it didn’t matter.
Only problems we’ve run into are when people send us checks with the wrong last name. Fortunately, I’m pretty lucky that my husband’s name is one of those relatively easier ones to pronounce!
I can say that in the shanghai area all my family member’s wife changed their last name. I was thinking about hyphenating my last name so that when we have a baby, our kid would feel a connection culturally to both of our cultures. But, after reading the post and the comments from responders, I have a couple of questions for you guys.
I was wondering, if I hyphenated my last name, could I just verbally tell Chinese citizens my European last name for job opportunities to avoid skepticism of being an American for teaching jobs, or would a copy of my passport photo create a lot of barriers and problems for me? I just assumed I would change my last name…Well, I never planned to get married but my boyfriend and I do talk about it but the name thing never came up. The ring thing did, he didn’t want to wear wedding rings which up until then I never knew I would have a problem with that. How come nobody mentioned it used to be a Chinese tradition for women to go with husband’s last name too? Plenty of independent women change their names in western countries to go along with the tradition.

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