On the menu for the week is a close look at the gargantuan megalodon, which had 7 inch teeth and the most powerful bite of any creature ever. Viewers can also look forward to 11 hours of new material, a profile of freshwater bull sharks near New Orleans, a peek at extremely rare deep sea sharks and the top ten sharkdown of the world’s most deadly species. Yes, indeed, sharks are awesomely powerful predators; but, calling them man-eaters is off the mark.
The bottom line is we need to immediately cease killing millions of sharks a year for their fins.
NEW YORK — For fresh-faced college graduates looking to land that first job, standing out from the crowd is never easy.
In January 2013 he penned a now famous email cover letter to a managing director at Wall Street firm Duff and Phelps asking for an internship.

The email quickly made its way across trading desks from New York to London and within half an hour, Ross was fielding calls from reporters and multiple employers looking to interview him. CNNMoney talked to him and some of his bosses to see how his no nonsense attitude proved fruitful. It’s a good school but it lacked the prestige of some others in California, such as Cal-Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA and USC.
When Ross came in to interview, Cefali and the other hiring managers were extremely impressed. After only two months of his internship, Ross was offered a full-time job in the mergers and acquisitions group.
He said new employees who graduate from top colleges often have investment banks fawning over them, which can sometimes lead to a sense of entitlement.

When SDSU students reach out to him for advice, he passes along their resumes to the human resources department at Duff & Phelps. That’s right, every year approximately 130 unlucky Americans fall victim to deer collisions.
Shark populations are decreasing globally and many are becoming endangered due to pollution, fining and overfishing.
As we celebrate these toothy critters this week, let’s hope that next year we find sharks in better shape than we do this year.

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