You must get your prospect’s attention before you can sell her anything, or let her know how wonderful you are.
Here are some obstacles to attention, and why it’s so difficult to get people to pay attention to us — even if we have the best product or service in the world, and can really help them.
All of these things are roadblocks for us in the getting-attention game — so we’ve really got to be good at it.
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You didn't know me well, or the company, but you have this method of discovery -- and the time with me, with my staff, doing the follow up -- it all worked.
You got us thinking how we can make things more valuable and be more proactive for our clients.
What people say about Marcia“I’ve got to say, I’m more engaged with our business than I’ve ever been, my husband and I are doing better in our relationship than we ever have, and we have several new clients, including the perfect client you and I visualized, since you’ve been my coach. I think the feeling of continuous, consistent support, and you just ‘seeing’ me and mirroring back to me has been very, very valuable for me.
Social engineers are smooth talking con-men who would get you to reveal your most secure passwords before you can say “4 please” in the elevator.
Why spend thousands of dollars on sophisticated hacking software when you could just trick someone into telling you the password?
A powerful CEO was brought to ruin through a charity scam.Social engineers found out he had a family member who was battling cancer and other information through his Facebook page. A seemingly harmless family enters a theme parkonly to discover that they have left their print out coupon behind at home. Luckily, these were all just tests run by Chris Hadnagy, author of Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.
Both of these stories are perfect examples of social engineering; hacking people rather than software.
January 5th 2011- “How strong is your Shmooze” DefCon Security Conference campaign to increase awareness of social engineering.

In 2008, a woman from Oregon shelled out $400,000 through a 419 scam claiming she had inherited millions from a deceased relative in Nigeria.
Ex: A voicemail asking victims to contact their bank because of fraudulent activity on their account, providing them a number. Ex: UPS message claiming a package has failed to be delivered, asking the victim to print out an invoice to take to the ups center for pickup, when actually it's a malicious PDF file.
Criminals know its human nature to follow what others are doing making you more inclined to trust their LIES. Ex: Facebook likejacking, users were fooled into 'liking' sites that claimed to have celebrity news. 48% of enterprises have been victims of social engineering attacks, 25 in the past 2 years costing about $19,580 each time. Neil manages the blog pipeline at Veracode, often by fending off eager contributors with a stick. Social Engineering is no doubt the most important part of and system that involves hacking or breaching.
You're right, we must really vigilant and aware of anyone asking for personal or private information, because we might know what will happen next to that. It feels good to see some light instead of overwhelming weight, and to appreciate and give myself credit for what I've done. Despite its relative simplicity the risks associated with social engineering are just as serious as the numerous hacks that have populated recent headlines.
Using that emotional attachment, they tugged at his heartstrings and he was asked to donate money to a cancer research fund. Appealing to the human nature of the ticket booth, they ask the workers if they may bring up the email file and print out the coupon, or even just to show that they indeed have a coupon. Contestants tried to extract as much potentially harmful information as possible from target businesses through social engineering. Once the victim calls the number they are prompted to provide sensitive information by automated voice commands or even a person claiming to be a bank representative.

This usually falls under the category of the CEO, probably the most susceptible to social engineering attacks.
He manages much of the Veracode web presence while also motivating the more introspective Veracoders to be social.
Under the guise of warning people to be on the lookout, they train criminals on exactly how to do it.
And attention helps us screen out the irrelevant, consider an appropriate response, and choose which information will enter, and stay, in our awareness.
But you could see where you could help the most and where I could get the most bang for my buck, like you're Nancy Drew or something! For everyday citizens awareness of social engineering scams and the methods they use that prey on weaknesses in human behavior should be at an all time high. Unfortunately, that harmless family is a group of actors looking to get in the park's system by bringing up a harmful file on their computers. Just like I had to get your attention — maybe with the headline, maybe with the illustration — before I could impart the wisdom of this article to you. In other words, our attention decides what to pay attention to, because we just can’t pay attention to everything.
I've enjoyed all of my time with you and I feel like I've benefited well beyond the investment that I made.
Everyone is a target and you should be vigilantly aware of anyone asking for personal or private information.

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