To look at me, talk to me, or casually know me as a friend, colleague, or neighbor, you would probably assume I have great self esteem. It’s always good to share with friends- old and new, so why not start or join conversations with likeminded women. But above all, join us as part of a community of women showing that life after 50 can be fabulous!
Women are the most confident about their bodies aged exactly 52 and two months, according to a new study. It means 52 year olds such as actress Emma Thompson, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson may currently be feeling better about their looks and body than they did when they were younger.
Speaking as someone who is 52 years and 3 months old, I can honestly say I am far more comfortable within myself than when I was younger- although if I’m totally honest, I was probably more confident about my body 10 years ago – a little too much ‘good living’ and French wine have had an effect on my waistline!
You only have to read the stories behind our inspirational ‘Fabwomen’ to see how so many women push their boundaries over the age of 50, writing books, setting up businesses, taking up new interests, travelling the world to see that life after 50 can be positive. I was disappointed to see Liz Jones commentary on the same study be only negative and bitter- suggesting that only celebrity women with money to invest in facelifts could be positive post 50, and that the rest of us would slide into invisibility. Hopefully at 50 the majority of us will still have many more happy, healthy, fulfilling years ahead of us.
The report revealed that 66pc of women said they have become more confident with age and almost 50pc said this is because as they have got older they believe they can achieve key goals in their life such as losing weight.
Women also revealed when they feel really good about themselves they show this to the outside world in their clothing with almost half of women saying they wear red when they want to be noticed and feel most confident while 45pc said they cover up in black when they want to fade into the background. I was definately at my most confident in my late thirties, settled with partner and happy in a job I liked, having drawn a line after 6 painful years of fertility treatment, operations, IVF, miscarriages and baby deaths. Why not become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Youtube or Pinterest and enjoy our RSS feed. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Is it because I am a natural Mary Poppins, who oozes sunshine when I wake up in the morning? There are not many things I regret, but this is one—on Christmas Eve 1994, I was in Kolkata, India, and I could have joined Mother Teresa in her Christmas Eve mass. If you spend more than 25 seconds with me, you will learn that I am huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert.

Self-confidence has a knack for attracting success.  There may be a lot of people out there who may have skills and talents similar to yours, but what will set you apart from them is your belief in yourself.
So, you aren’t feeling too confident about yourself or feel intimidated by your colleagues? The best part of faking it is that the longer you do it, the more confident you will start feeling! A woman’s physical appearance too affects her confidence levels.  This doesn’t mean to appear confident, you must look and feel stunning. What a great thing you are doing here----inspiring others and an supportig them through their trials and doubts and then they are leaving here encouraged and ready to inspire others! Unfortunately, an early menopause started at 40; body and face tone went quite quickly, as did energy, despite HRT and the menopause clinic. I moved to Tanzania to teach English when I turned 52, into a culture where women over 45 are rock stars! But every morning when I wake up, I fight tooth and nail to quiet the negative voices that would like to overtake me. She has walked through very similar emotion and contemplation, as I have, and she has emerged victoriously. As well as working in the field of education, she can be found jumping and kicking at the gym, drinking various red wines, sipping very strong coffee and laughing with friends.
This is an articulate needle of sorts in the half-assed journalistic haystack that is this web page. Just feeling good about yourself and your grooming can do wonders for your self- confidence.
So, ‘Love yourself’ is perhaps the most important and powerful technique for building your confidence levels.
When people address me I make it a point to look them in the eye, and when I walk down  the street I move at a determined pace.
Even after, going to hell, and back, with my husband, when he was dying, I'm still here.
This is a lesson I have learned in my life that no one will give you the love that is rightfully yours if you do not love yourself. I’m certainly not ready to even consider invisibility as an option- now or at any point in the future.

Despite all this, or because of it, I went back to art school and graduated with an MA at 50. Instead, I allow myself to be inspired by those who have fought adversity before me and have come through victoriously. For some reason, watching him take his shoes on and off everyday after school was a calming reassurance. What a mistake that was! I had the chance to lock eyes with a woman who understood what was most important in life.
I love to listen to people like Liz, who once doubted themselves, but had enough courage to find their inner strength in the midst of turmoil. After all, unless you feel good about yourself, you won’t be able to convince others that you have what it takes to succeed. Make a list of all that’s good about you and go through it whenever you feel low and depressed.
And one thing that she understood is elicited in this quote above—that some people are blessings, and some people are lessons. When there is ongoing drama in one’s life, it is difficult (not impossible, but difficult) to find happiness, because the drama takes so much of your energy. Men tend to show a great degree of gender loyalty, especially when they are in majority.  Appearing confident is therefore, essential if you want to be taken seriously.
If you have grandchildren, or have a prospect of them, maybe that makes life look better – it does for other women I know.
It is important to acknowledge the lessons that people bring to our lives, but then also to let them go, if the lessons encompass too much drama. Some common tricks that will give you an aura of self- confidence include- a) A firm handshake b) Walking with your back straight c) Talking slowly and articulately d) Making eye contact while talking e) Knowing your subject well. For so long I was trying to fit in the mold of what I thought I was suppose to be—and guess what?

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