So not only was Megyn Kelly obnoxious and acting like Candy Crowley during the debate last night, she even decided to have on her show afterwards Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. After the debate, I just turned off the TV as I couldn’t stand another minute of Fox News and their arrogance. Little Marco Rubio warming up to TrumpSeems Little Marco Rubio who went after Trump’s hand size at one point during the GOP race is warming up to The Donald.

Cheetos face Glenn Beck lays off 40Maybe this is why Glenn Beck is smearing his face in Cheetos dust. Mexican supremacists attack Trump supporter in Burlingame VIDEOGotta love the Mexican supremacists attack Trump supporters in Burlingame for daring to walk down the street with the media present. Daily Gator on media narrative about “violence” at Trump eventsNeither Daily Gator or myself are exactly Trump homers.

I’m going to assume this tweet from Megyn Kelly was a quote from Medusa Wasserman-Schultz.

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