If you want to become famous like Kim Kardashian then you will have to have luck on your side. The most important thing and the main reason that Kim Kardashian is famous is mainly because she is so good looking.
You want to learn how to become a successful music producer, so let’s get into it right away.
You know you need to use EQ and compression on your songs, as well as properly edit, mix and master them.
Before we look at the technical aspects of producing music, we need to cover a few things which will help you stand out from the crowd.
The information on this page will get you started with the technical aspects of producing good music, but you also need to learn how to structure songs, get good ideas, and create your own unique style. What I suggest is you is find a few good (but not to complex) backing tracks for your genre of choice. Once you’ve recreate the song step by step, take a step back and look at what went into making it.
By doing this you’ll begin to see structures and formulas which are proven to work, and things that you can possibly apply to your own work.
Maybe you could only have specif styles of vocals on your tracks, short bursts of vocals or chopped up vocals. It’ll be a lot harder to make it as a professional producer if you sound pretty much like everyone else, so do something to stand out from the crowd. As with many things in life, many people will try and tell you there’s a right and wrong way of producing.
So now you know some theory about what makes a good music producer, let’s look at the actual music making side of things. The type of music making software you should get will depend on what level of producer you’re currently at. I’d recommend a different one for a beginner producer than I would an intermediate who knows they definitely want to go pro. When you first decide you want to learn music production, you don’t have more than an idea of what being a producer will be like.
Both of these are widely thought of as being some of the best music production software around.
Along with being some of top music making software around, both of these understandably hold a bigger price tag. Remember, while the most important thing about being a top producer is the creative ideas in your head, being able to execute those ideas properly is very important too. Successfully connect with popular musicians and record labels and get them to use your beats in exchange for money.
In the future I’ll be talking about other kinds of DAW (you can see a list of them here), whether you should hire a studio or use a home one, where to get samples and more. Russian drivers can teach you how to park your car in such a way which will make you famous via the whole Internet.

Well the good news is that you wont need any sort of special talent or to have to work hard at practising a talent in order to become famous, however the bad news is that you have to be very lucky!
It obviously helps that she is incredibly attractive but she is one of a new breed of celebrities that have become famous for not doing anything.
Kim was born into a very influential family which already had a lot of money and influence within the celebrity circles. Her myspace page became hot news on the web purely from the fact she had so many great pics of herself all over them. Yet again there was no special talent needed and she was just being a normal person on a TV show however the public loved it and loved her and she is now as famous as she is. Then friend me (opens in a new window), Shaun Letang, for all the latest guides.Do you want to become a better music producer?
By the time you go through them all you’ll have a much better understanding on how to apply these things the professionals do. This is an extremely important step that many often overlook, and as a result produce below par music for a very long time. Chances are there’s lots more instruments and sounds involved than you initially thought there was going to be.
I’d recommend you do at least 5 or so of these so you know what really goes into making the best songs in your genre. Yes you can pick up and use tips for what makes a good song, but you need to add in something different of your own which makes you stand out from the crowd. While not a production trick, by being a likeable person or standing for something people can relate to, people will want to work with you for those reasons.
While this is true to an extent, once you know the right way and can use it well, you should aim to switch things up a bit. It’s because of this that you should try unconventional sounds, different ways of mixing, and different song structures every now and then. This is something many producers get hung up on, when in reality it’s quite an easy area to get right. Not only is it easier to use than most of the top music making software, but it’s also a lot cheaper.
That said, it does provide an important role: giving beginner producers an affordable way to get to grips with music production. Maybe you want to go into music engineering one day, and you want the top music production software money can buy. They can offer a industry standard level of music production, and allows you to alter sounds in ways that cheaper music making software can’t do. These tutorials often teach you how to upload samples, how to arrange instruments in your sequencer, and other standard skills you’ll need to run your digital audio workstation (DAW for short).
If you want to get your name out there as a top beat maker, your best bet is to make good quality music and promote it effectively. The good thing is you now know a very important fact which many still try and solve by mistakingly spending more on more expensive equipment.

Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and make people WANT to hear it.
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This gave her the opportunity to become friends with many other celebrities which in turn then boosts her own profile. Men and women all over the world became friends with her via myspace because of this and it is yet another example of how using the Internet can make you become famous fast! If not, or if you just want a refresh, get our free email course with a full on introduction to the above. How different you aim to make your beats is up to you, but test different things and see how people react. At around $39.95 for it, cheap but decent software¬†will be a good tool for testing the waters and seeing if music production is for you. You’ll get to make your first few beats and instrumentals which you can put online or give to any musicians you know. You may however want to buy upgrades and additional plugins down the line if you want to make your productions sound even better.
Whether you’re learning how to produce music for fun or to potentially one day make this your career and earn a salary, with enough dedication and learning the skill thoroughly, you should be able to recoup your initial investment over time.
I’ve already talked a lot about music marketing on this site, so sign up as a Full Access member to get hundreds of music marketing guides.
I’ll be updating and adding more to it in future, so be sure to keep checking back for the latest.
If you’re ready to learn the same skills big producers and sound engineers use to make them their money, check out this section.
She spent many years hanging around with the like of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and since she was so attractive many people took much more notice of her then others. This may take a few hours, or it may take a few days, depending on how fast you work and how good you are at picking up sounds. Some may not work out, but some ideas may be received really well and help you establish yourself as a producer worth buying music from.
From here, a few months down the line you’ll know if you want to pursue music production and engineering as a professional.
Or if you’re serious about learning how to promote your music, you should enroll in the IMA Music Business Academy for a structured music business plan you can easily implement.
Or for an in-depth fool proof guide on how to get people to listen to your music, get our online music business course here.

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