Pingback: TechCrunch en francais » Comment devenir celebre sur YouTube sans aucun talent ? Speaking as an online video viewer, your book explains a lot of what the YouTube stars are doing to hold my attention. Question, what say you about those oh-so-tempting sub for sub channels, is it good to do that or just stay away? Pingback: Will Video for Food » How Will The Mainstream Laggard Audience Navigate Online Video? I just got done reading your book after a recent inexplicable interest in creating youtube videos. Today I am going to reveal the 2 most important things that you need to know to make your blog popular.
The fact that I am writing a post on something that most of us already know shows how important these ideas really are. The popularity of any blog is a direct result of the content the blog puts out and the marketing the blog is doing to get new readers.
A potential reader can bookmark your blog after reading an interesting article but after several times of coming back and not finding new content the visitor will cease to return. If William Shakespeare had never published his books he would still be a great writer with the exception that absolutely no one would know of him – none of his stories would have been made into plays.
After writing a new blog post your goal should be to get as many people reading it as possible. By marketing your blog you give people the chance to decide whether what they are reading is worth reading for them. It is possible for a blog to grow big enough that there is no need for active marketing but this is only the case when a blog has thousands or tens of thousands of daily readers. If you think that you have enough readers and you can stop marketing your blog you are wrong. Choosing the marketing methods that work best with your blog or website depend on your niche and what exactly you want to accomplish. Producing new content and marketing it are the two most important factors for a blog’s success.
In order to combat the problem of not doing what I know should be done I created 3 simple graphs that help me stay in control of my article writing and marketing activities. I printed this graph out and every day after finishing my blogging activities I will draw a line representing the actual daily figures. This graph represents the expected rise in visitors and RSS subscribers if I manage to fulfill my daily blogging goals for October. For more insights about making your blog more popular sign up for our full feed RSS or sign up via email. If you have any more questions, just send them to my email and I am more than happy to answer!
It’s true that I read a lot of books, blogs and listen to audiobooks (mostly self help kind of stuff). What I have found however is that you should always question what you are reading – sometimes just the opposite is true that you are reading. I believe that people who find you through Google Image Search are there only for the pictures and don’t stay for a longer period of time – I could be wrong ofcourse!

It’s clear to me that 10 seconds is too little for anybody to really be a good reader! Like your tips, but it take a long time to make articles, post comments to market and advertise blogs or website. Polls ArchiveRecent Commentscheap umrah package: Thank you for some other fantastic article. Julienne Vegetable Peeler: This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Some people are asking a question that reflects how to become popular in Google+, and the truth is – it’s not that difficult once you understand the concept, and the tools Google has provided. Google+ will allow you to do a wide variety of different things when it comes to interacting with others on the social media networks. If you are in the process of learning how to become popular in Google+, this may be a very interesting concept. This is what really makes Google stand out from all the rest when it comes to popularity, and how to become popular in Google+. Today it has become so mainstream that it is difficult for a new blog to establish itself simply because there are thousands of blogs on every thinkable topic. These ideas are in fact so simple that almost everyone knows about them but most bloggers still fail to use these principles consistently. Depending on the quality of your former blog posts it will vary how long this will take but after not finding new content the blog will sooner or later die out. If the articles produced are inferior to the blog posts of your competitors there are no real reasons for a reader to follow your articles. One has to keep in mind however that only concentrating on producing new and quality content is the best way to fail at blogging. If you don’t get people to read the exceptional content in your blog it can never become popular. A good way to market could be anything from leaving comments on blogs with similar content or printing and handing out flayers in your the local mall. Contrary to what you would expect – at some point most people stop following one or both of these principles. The idea behind the graph is simple – it shows the every day goals of my blogging activities.
If the hand-drawn lines fluctuate from the pre set one’s it will indicate a possible problem. By the end of October I will have written 31 new articles, left 310 relevant comments on other blogs and spent about 124 hours doing it. Currently I have on average about 315 daily visits and hopefully it will rise to 571 by the end of the month.
I can control how many articles I write and what I do to market it, but I can not directly control the amount of people coming to read my content – I can only make educated guesses. Since that time my RSS subscriber count has gone from 70 to over 350 and the average daily readership of this blog fluctuates between 600-1000 people per day!
There are only two main things in blogging that we can directly control and those are what we need to focus on. After purchasing a hosting and a domain name, i was banging my head against the table numerious times.

You can share all different types of media, you can conference, you can chat, and you can even create groups where people from all over the world can participate in something you are interested in. Any time there is a new site around that provides new features and options when it comes to social media, it can be easy to get lost in knowing what to do. If you post the PDF on your own blog or website, please keep that title, and my name and URL. In order to become a successful blogger you have to be consistently producing top notch articles and at the same time excel at the second principle of successful blogging – marketing your blog.
As a consequence they will get little traffic, feel discouraged and eventually stop blogging. While moderating, i simply see they have an excerpt and a link to their post…should i despam trackbacks or delete them?
The fact is – Google is the top search engine of all time and many people wake and go to sleep by the Google clock. If you are experiencing any trouble, there are professionals available that can help you through the entire process.
You might want to list this post’s permalink, since it will point to future downloadable versions.
The yellow line is the maximum amount of time I am willing to spend on my daily blogging activities (4 hours). As far as your tracking method, I like how it might increase motivation, but at the same time, I think you might be limiting yourself by using that method.
It all comes down to lack of focus, having very little work available around here, it’s very difficult to even care.
When Google decided to get into the social networking business, you can almost bet they were going to do something different, and they did. Yes, they have done something that will allow people to actually click a link next to that person’s identity, and ‘like’ them right on the spot. If you get a wide number of clicks or likes, you will not only be popular on Google+ – but you will also rise in popularity on the Google search engine. The upper line shows the amount of comments (10) I want to leave to other relevant blogs in order to market my content. It took my a good 5 months of being active on my blog to actually get my website the way i really wanted it.
You see, when participating in the Google community by sharing and providing interesting information for others, they in turn will click your +1.
I went and purchase books on CSS, Php, HTML, read alot of blogs and joined forums about SEO. When they do – you will not only become popular on Google+, but you will also become popular on the Google search engines.

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