Drake just pulled off a Kanye West on us when he changed the name of his album from Views From The 6 to just Views. The name change makes a lot of sense and is much better for marketing so it came as no surprise. So far we can confirm that dancehall artist Popcaan, as well as, Kanye West and Jay Z will be featured on the 20-track album. Once you’ve got 25 fans you can apply for your username (also called a Facebook vanity URL).
This makes it easier for Facebook users to remember and find you when typing in your URL directly, and also looks better when you promote your Facebook URL, such as on your business card or in your email signature. However, the SEO-first approach would be to add 1 or 2 targeted keywords to your username as well. Once you’ve selected your page, if you have enough fans a box will appear on the right for you to type your preferred username in to.
Most companies are best to pick a name that matches the name your customers know you by to make it as easy as possible for people to find you using Facebook search.
Don’t be tempted by a generic keyword username like ‘travel’ or ‘real estate’ however, as Facebook’s goal is for Pages to genuinely represent a business, brand, person etc and Facebook have disabled generically named Facebook Pages in the past.
Keep in mind if you do have good reason to change your page name (such as a change in your trading name) this will cause actions you’ve taken under your previous Page name to go to waste, so changing your Page name should be avoided so you don’t harm your SEO.
When you complete the information on your Info page, pay special attention to what you put in the ‘about’ field. Although you can write more, fewer than 75 characters of what you type into the ‘about’ field will show on your Wall view. This example below is from Beds R Us, who have used the keyword ‘bed’ and their company name, as well as a link to their website in their about field. Every status update you add should include at least 1 of your keywords that also relates to the content you’re sharing. For example, a lot of the content I share on Orchid’s Facebook Page links to our blog articles. You want to use your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your website or blog, so don’t fall into the trap of putting your full content solely on Facebook. When you add photos to your Facebook Page, always add a caption describing the photo that also includes your relevant keywords.
Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website.
We’ve covered multiple ways to get more links from your Facebook page, however links to your Facebook page are also a factor of SEO to help your Facebook Page rank improve. Scroll up a little and have a look right now on the right hand side on this page and you‘ll see Orchid’s Facebook like box in the sidebar. When fans comment and like the content you add to your Page, Facebook links their name to their profile page. I just have a question, I am the admin of our company Facebook page which I access with my Facebook log in.

Sorting pictures into albums on your iOS devices is a good way to manage photos intended for different purposes, and some image editing apps like Snapseed and Instagram will create their own albums to help keep things arranged. You can rename any album with the exception of Camera Roll, which holds all photos on the device.
When you create an album on Facebook, you’re given the option of identifying it with a custom name. Step 1Log in to your account on the Facebook website and click the Photos tab on the main menu near the top of your Timeline. You can also edit a variety of other album settings when the album is switched to Edit mode. As of publication, Facebook does not let you change album settings from the official Facebook app for iOS or Android devices. In true Kanye fashion, the rapper has changed the name of his upcoming album again…for the fourth time. The rapper took to Twitter to inform his millions of followers of the album title change, saying who ever could guess what the acronym stands for would win tickets to his upcoming Yeezy fashion show in New York. While the star still hasn’t given any reason behind the name change, or what The Life Of Pablo really means, one thing is for sure, Kanye is begging for attention.
LONDON — The owner of a British app has been ordered to change the name of his creation by Instagram.
Danny Lucas, who developed an app called Littergram as an easy way for people to share photos of rubbish and report incidents to their local council, was told by lawyers for Instagram his name was "not acceptable," the BBC reports. The photo-sharing company, which is owned by Facebook, has reportedly given him three to six months to phase out the name. Providing background context to Mashable, Facebook said the motivation behind the app was admirable and that they've engaged in conversations for several months to try and reach an agreement that doesn't involve the courts. The company also attempted to kick start a #savelittergram hashtag to raise awareness of the dispute. Lucas told Mashable he hasn't got the funds to fight the issue legally and said he hoped the video message would strike a chord with Zuckerberg. The Young Money rapper also revealed the tracklist for the project on his Twitter page on Wednesday. The people-first approach is to have a short, memorable username using just your company name. It’s those characters that you need to make count both for SEO and for your fans, who see your Wall more often than any other page. Depending on the type of page you registered, exactly what the fields you can complete on your Info page will vary. Info page fields with no content won’t show at all for your fans, so don’t worry about leaving irrelevant fields empty.
A page packed full of keywords and links may put fans off so use natural language and helpful links. Instead of just putting the link in a status update however, I add a short sentence or two to serve as a description for why I think our fans would get value from following the link.

This builds links and also moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer. I’d recommend ‘light’ unless ‘dark’ matches your site’s existing colour scheme, as the dark theme is light text on a dark background which is more difficult to read. I’d recommend you do have these showing as these will  typically be smiling faces, which draw the eye, and also add social proof. It’s always worth including a ‘call to action’ to help convince people to take action so I’d suggest ticking this.
That means Google sees more reciprocal links between your Page and your Page’s fans, improving the SEO value of those links.
Everytime I want to change something on the company page it redirects me to my personal FB page. It’s not uncommon for an albums purpose to evolve though, and what once may have held just a bunch of pictures for picture frame mode on the iPad may have slowly evolved into a broader place to store photos, making a name change appropriate.
There are some cases where you won’t want to change the given names though, because some iOS image editing apps like Snapseed will create their own albums for photos altered or modified with those apps. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
You can change the name of an album at any time via the Photos section of your Facebook account. Albums are listed in order of when they were created, with the most recent album displayed first. All third party trademarks (including service marks, logos and other identifying insignia and trade dress) are and remain the exclusive property of such third party media owners and we do not claim any ownership rights over such trademarks.
In a YouTube clip posted this week he said he'd received a "heavy handed letter" and issued a personal request to Mark Zuckerberg to intervene.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Here are 14 DIY tips you can action right now to improve your Facebook Page, that will get you more fans while also boosting your SEO for more love from search engines. If the person viewing your site has Facebook set to auto-log-in, then they’ll see their friends photos in your like box if any of their Facebook friends are fans of your page. How could I be able to create the “like box” of our company page through my log in?
As you may have guessed, if you change the name of those albums made by apps and then use the app again, that app will end up generating a new album with the apps name again anyway. From the Photos section, select the album you want to change and then switch it to Edit mode to make its name editable. Such third party copyrighted material remains the exclusive property of its respective third party owner(s) and we do not claim any ownership rights over such materials.

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