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Change Virtual Earth Background Color Register Help Remember Me?
When you are signed in, this message, the ads in this row, and the red-underlined link ads all go away. I recently got pinged about how to change the background color of the DIV element for a Virtual Earth map. Puzzling GPS reference in the New York Times today » Thread Information Users Browsing this Thread There are currently 1 users browsing this thread.
Last Post: 05-17-2004, 07:26 AM Can one say me how to change color of DataMap to white!! As shown in the examples below, your website can have either a khaki or white colored background in the main content area. Note: The site-config page does not need to be published, however you will need to do a site-wide publish to make sure every page gets updated on the live site. The user lock screen is the one that displays when a user locks the PC while still signed in to Windows, and when the user is selected on the sign in screen, times out, and returns to the lock screen. While it's easy to change your lock screen image, Windows doesn't have an easy way to change the default lock screen image. The steps below will help show you how to along with OPTION FOUR in the tutorial link below. It is important that these steps are followed completely and exactly, or this will not work. The steps below will help show you how to along with OPTION TWO in the tutorial link below. H-4) (step 10 at link) Select (highlight) SYSTEM at the top, and check the Full control box under Allow. I'm assuming you mean in Option Two, but why not, and what are you seeing different than in the tutorial?

There's one download, but there's a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the program in the ZIP file.
I'm not sure about the reported issues with it since it works fine for me, but if you are uncertain, you could always do the manual Option Two methods.
Edit: After using Option Two to change the lock screen, I found that I could do the same thing in PC Settings. Both programs "Photo Viewer" and "Photo Gallery" display the images using a very light background color and there is no option provided to change this default color.
If you always wanted to change this light background color to some other color in Photo Viewer or Photo Gallery program but never found a way to do this, here is something interesting for you.
Today in this article, we are going to share a Registry tweak which will allow you to change default background color in Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Live Photo Gallery programs. For example, if you want to set the background color to black, set the value of BackgroundColor to ff000000 where 000000 is the 6-digit hex code of black color and ff is the prefix value which is required by the Registry key. PS: You can find the hex code of any desired color using an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or you can find the hex codes by searching on Google.
Tried your above registry tweaks to both Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Hi All, Please let me know if above tweak will work with windows xp picture and fax viewer?
I'm using Vista 64bit sp2, it seems to only have Windows Live Gallery, unfortunately there was no change. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me on Windows 7 Professional 64bit, and I went through the procedure twice.
You can change the background color through the site-config page in the _internal folder of your website. Site-wide publishes should be done outside of regular business hours (before 9am and after 5pm).
Each user is able to change their lock screen background image to an image of their choice.The default Lock screen image is the one that displays when there are no users currently signed in to Windows or selected on the sign in screen.

Download and run the same 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Lock Screen Customizer program by WinAero below for your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
Copy and paste the folder location below into the address bar of File Explorer, and press Enter. First you will need to change the owner and permissions of the SystemData folder in the location above to be your user account's name.
Change the owner of the img100.jpg file to be the Administrators group, and set permissions for Administrators to have Full control. Its a very basic image viewer which allows you to view images and to perform a few basic operations on images such as rotate, zoom, delete, set as Desktop background and slideshow. If you want a more advanced image viewer, Microsoft provides a better program "Photo Gallery" which is a part of Windows Essentials (previously known as Windows Live Essentials) suite.
It also allows you to print the image, burn the image to a disc or email the image to other people.
We'll use this to illustrate the necessary changes to make in order to modify the background color. You hit an edge (the end of the map control tiles) and have to go back the opposite direction. Certainly not ideal, so, if you have an application with points that span both the eastern and western half of the Pacific Ocean you may end up seeing the map zoomed out completely. You'll want to use onLoadMap property so when the map loads the color will be there and you'll want to attach an onchangeview event to the map control so the color remains the same when the map view changes.

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