We’re proud that our reusable bag donation program reflects our overall mission as a co-op. Plus, in the spirit of making a greater impact on our community, you can round up to support these organizations every time you shop! Growing West Side believes all West Siders are valuable contributors and that their programs are platforms for community members to gain confidence, and to share their skills and their voice in improving the neighborhood.
In only its third year, The West Side Farmers Market brought veggies, coffee, donuts, music, art, and smiles to over 4000 people, and is poised to do even more in 2016! The Growing West Side Seed Library and Education Program gave out hundreds of free seed packets to local gardeners, as well as providing free educational classes on everything from growing beans, to starting winter seeds, to planting bee and pollinator friendly flowers! Beans on the Boulevard continued to fulfill its mission of building a more connected community through visible boulevard planting, conversation, and sharing the harvest. The Growing West Side Orchard Project installs orchards and plants to be enjoyed and maintained by the community. The fact that you are even asking this question means you are likely not in an academic field, and you instead want to pursue a degree that interests you.
When people hear this, they often inquire whether I have plans to leave technology and become a teacher, but the reality is my higher education has helped my current career. For example, my military history degree consisted of 121 credit hours, which translated into 41 courses and 37 research papers, covering the prehistoric period to the twenty-first-century. Candace Davies, President of A+ Resumes for Teachers, is a Certified Resume Writer, Interview Coach Strategist, and Author of 8 popular educational job search ebooks. When you have discovered that your once-rewarding and satisfying job no longer provides you with the same excitement and enthusiasm, it may be the time to consider a career change.
During the course of my career I have worked with many individuals who wanted to change careers and embark on a new challenge, teaching children.
Many successful professionals have often embraced a career in teaching in order to “give back” to society.

Often career changers choose teaching as a means to coach and lead today’s youth and foster in them a passion for learning. I have found that most career changers bring a high level of enthusiasm and dedication as new educators, combined with a solid understanding of diverse subject material. Beginning the search for a new career can be overwhelming and a bit frightening, to say the least. Going back to school will give you a chance to learn your new career and provide you with a greater understanding of the role and how to sustain employment within that area. Take a solid look at your skills and determine those that can be applied across different careers.
Your resume must emphasize your relevant past career achievements and contributions; be proud to list each and every one.
You may want to envision how you look in the role of your new position, working within that venue day after day.
Focus on the skills you enjoy using the most, and build a career based soundly on your passions and your dreams. The process of looking for and finding your new career is a huge opportunity for you to develop deeper self-awareness, and it may just be the thing that supercharges your zest for life. To promote their new movie The Humbling, actor Al Pacino and director Barry Levinson stopped by EW’s Sirius radio station and talked with EW editor Matt Bean about the people that inspired their long careers in film. Pacino, meanwhile, said his acting career was catalyzed by an eighth-grade teacher who cast him in plays and selected him to read from the Bible at school assemblies.
Working together enables the capacity to identify more needs, solve more problems, and expand resources.
Our orchard at Fire House #6 on Cesar Chavez has expanded this year to include a permaculture system of herbs, berries, bulbs, ground cover, and annual and perennial flowers. Yet there are many people in the same boat of pursuing a history degree while working in finance, technology, or some other field with no immediate plans to change careers.

The topics of those papers are not what matters; it is the process of reading, researching, analyzing, writing and re-writing drafts, and producing 10-40 page papers on original research for dozens of teachers that made me hone skills that I use every day. She is dedicated to assisting teachers, administrators and other education professionals to advance their career quickly, easily and with less stress. As a Certified Career Coach and Resume Writer, I often work with individuals who are looking for a rewarding career change, guiding them on their path to a successful life change.
I have heard many reasons why mid-career changers are drawn to a career in education, and have ventured to list a few examples. They often want to teach the real-world experiences they have learned through hands-on participation in a particular field.
For example, teachers must possess the ability to be creative, organized, disciplined, and self-directed; if you have these skills, showcase them. Learn what a school district is looking for in their teachers; their goals and objectives and where they are headed. The organization cultivates opportunities to learn, to access locally grown food and to build authentic connections with neighbors to create a vibrant, thriving West Side community in St. Growing West Side focuses on establishing positive, long-term impacts socially, environmentally and economically on the West Side. As for myself, I am still in entertainment technology, having completed a bachelor’s in military history and now pursuing a master’s in ancient and classical history. Candace takes pride in using innovative writing and formatting techniques to ensure her clients’ job search documents get results. Not a lot, but the effort to earn the degree, the skills acquired along the way, and the practice of those skills all made me better in my current career.

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