In the section labeled Send mail as, select the email address that you would like to change the display name for and click edit info.
Please note that this does not affect how your name appears in the Simmons directory or in the autocomplete field when others are composing an email to send to you.
Active Directory legt den Display Name standardmassig nach dem Schema "Vorname Nachname" an.
Da diese Einstellung nur fur zukunftig angelegte Objekte gilt - mussen die alten Objekte angepasst werden. This page has step by step instructions on changing the display name on an AOL email account.

Type in your name [Slide 5] in the field.Though I advise putting in your actual name, you can have anything in this field such as your company name if this email account is used for business purposes.
Scroll down and click the "Save Settings" button to confirm the modifications you have made [Slide 6].
Page contents: Instructions on how to modify your display name on the AOL email account - details with screenshots.
You should not need to adjust the "Treat as an alias" or "Specify a different 'reply-to' address. Nun mochte man aber die User zum Beispiel im Globalen Adressbuch oder im AD nach Nachnamen sortiert angezeigt haben.

The instructions and the screenshots have been worked out on the AOL Standard webmail version, so if you are using the Basic or the Accessible version, please switch now - you'll find the links at the bottom. To test this out, send an email to someone you know and confirm what appears in "From" field at their account.

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