You should never have to change any of these settings again unless you hard reset your router, change the IP settings or reinstall Windows. N?u day la l?n d?u b?n vao 4r va co b?t c? th?c m?c nao v? cach s? d?ng thi b?n hay vao khu v?c H?i & Dap. Hix, noi chung do em ko co can b?n m?y v? c?u hinh IP Local nen r?t kho hu?ng d?n em, ko bi?t noi sao?? Step 3 The network will disconnect after the router has rebooted and you should re-login on the webpage. The acronym “IP”, in computing terminology, refers to an “Internet Protocol address.” It is number that identifies your computer or network and separates it from all other computers or networks on the Internet. A number of different things can potentially happen to your business if your system’s IP addresses are compromised. In addition, certain websites may install malicious software on your computer that uses your IP address to glean additional information. Peer Block is one program capable of protecting your computer’s IP address by blocking specific connection attempts.
BeeThink IP Blocker is another program available for Windows that operates similar to Peer Block. You can also use most standard firewall software, like the program that comes natively installed in the Windows operating system, to block specific IP addresses or entire ranges of addresses. Because their IP address is automatically assigned to the computer by the router each time you turn it on, it is possible for this IP address to change if you have more that 1 computer on your LAN. Right click "My Network Places" on your desktop and click "Properties" (or double click "Network Connections" in Control Panel).

Now enter the details you just copied down into the boxes and enter an IP address that is outside the DHCP range you specified.
Now check that your internet still works by browsing to a site you have not visited recently. Now that the internet is working, you need to change your port forwarding settings to point to the new IP address of the server.
It is also the address you type in the address bar in the web browser when you login to the router’s web management. You need to notice if your IP address on your computer is manually setting or automatically setting. It allows other computers and networks to identify your own connection and initiate communication, which is the basis of how the Internet actually operates. Because of its importance and the precise way in which it operates, someone with questionable intentions could use the IP address to gain access to your network from the outside. This information could be small, like what websites you browse to be used for targeted advertisement purposes. This, however, requires you to know the specific IP addresses that you are trying to block and input that information manually. Likewise, computers on a network have IP addresses, unique to each of them, to identify themselves and communicate with each other. Because of the important job of an IP address, it is equally important that you take steps to protect your own, especially if you own and operate a business. Peer Block operates using a series of IP address “block lists,” similar to the virus definitions that your business anti-virus software would use.

In addition to offering “block list” protection from IP addresses, the program is also capable of preventing specific types of attacks from outside sources. Windows Firewall in particular does not have block list capabilities that rival that of other programs. If your IP address is used in the wrong way by a person with malicious intentions, it could potentially cause irreparable harm to your network, your computer or even your business.
Someone with advanced technical knowledge could also potentially use your business’ IP address to hide their own, covering their own tracks while performing illegal activities and pinning the blame on you and your company.
Protecting your IP address not only protects your business, but it protects your clients as well. If any of the IP addresses on the block lists (which are typically malicious programs, computers and users) attempt to make connection with your business computer, the connection is denied. It is, however, already installed on your computer so no additional downloads are required.
To get it working again you have to change the port forwarding rule to the newly assigned DHCP address. If your business server experiences a DDoS attack, the server itself is overloaded with so many simultaneous information requests that it can no longer function. This can be especially useful if your business computers have been compromised, and malicious software is attempting to make contact with its original source.

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