I have an HP Stream 7 upgraded from 8.1 to 10 Home and while I can change the lockscreen, it keeps changing it back.
If you sign in with a Microsoft account, you might check to see if it could be getting synced back.
Does it automatically revert back to your image, or do you have to manually change it back? It would be worth temporarily turning off your sync settings to see if continues to happen or not.
The lock screen slide show is user specific, so it won't work unless the user is signed in and locked (Win+L) the PC.
At startup, there is no user signed in, so there wouldn't be a lock screen slide show available to play yet.
This tutorial will show you how to choose a Start background to show as a tile image, full image, or no image on your Windows 10 Mobile phone.
How to Change or Customize Day Name, Date and Time Format on Windows 8 and 8.1 Lock Screen? If you are using the latest Windows 8 OS, you must be already aware of the new Lock Screen which is shown just before the login or welcome screen. This new lock screen shows a nice background image which can be changed using PC Settings as described here.
Lock Screen in Windows 8 shows some useful information such as battery status, network connectivity status, email notifications, etc. But if you want to change or customize the display format of date and time on lock screen, you can't do it. Today in this tutorial we are going to share a hidden Registry tweak which will allow you to customize day name, date and time format on Windows 8 lock screen. In testing builds of Windows 8 such as Developer Preview, Consumer Preview or Release Preview, a hidden file "UserSettings.ini" was used to store information about the date and time format of lock screen.
One could easily change the settings given in the INI file and it used to immediately apply to lock screen.
For example, if you want to show the information in Hindi language, change values of Language and LocaleName Strings to hi-IN and lock screen will start showing day name and date in Hindi language.
You can use any language code such as en-US for English, de-DE for German, fr-FR for French, ru-RU for Russian, etc.
How to Restore Missing “Compressed (zipped) Folder” Item in Send To Menu in Windows?

Also, how do you change the size of the time and date pop-up that appears when you activate the charms bar?
VG, I'm getting error saying that I don't have enough permission to edit, though I'm administrator. In right-side pane create new DWORD DefaultColorSet and set its value to any digit between 1 and 24. VG', can we change the font size?, Because I used 'ta-IN' and the date shows in big letters. I have a painting by Ingres on my pre-login screen, and I wish the time and date weren't there at all.
One thing that I would like to know if any one happens to know how can I make the time and date smaller they are too big for my taste. Lock Screen is nothing ,but it is the screen which you can see at windows startup and whenever your screen is locked you will get Notifications on the Lock Screen from the background running apps.
You can select picture from available images or you can add your own custom image by browsingA  through the image location as shown below. Click on Account picture tab then you can set your account picture by browsing through or you can set account picture by using your Camera.
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It happens seemingly randomly, havent had a windows update in awhile, I have it set so I check for them, and download them myself because I want to be able to govern it. The new Mail app brings improved performance and a familiar three-pane email UI, with a toggle to quickly move between your email and calendar.
Apart from this information, it also shows current day name, date and time in big fonts which might be useful for many people.
By default Windows 8 doesn't provide any built-in option to customize date and time style of lock screen.
The "LocaleInfo" key is the one which we require to change the lock screen date and time format.
If your Windows 8 lock screen shows time in 12-hour format, then the "TimeFormat" String would be set to hh:mm tt in your system. That thing annoys me, I'd much rather see just the charm bar, not the pop-up window that takes up a sizable chunk of the bottom right hand corner of the screen..
On taskbar , where the time is ticking , click there , select change date and time settings .

You can also access the same using intl.cpl command or using Regional applet in Control Panel. Is it possible for you to provide a registry file that will directly modify this info on its own( can be present for various languages).
Just by going into Date and Time settings in the Control Panel, you can change the Short and long date format.
But how would I get the *date* to show as, say, "Wednesday, 4 June 2014" instead of the US English standard it came with of "Wednesday, June 4". Select A custom image and click on choose picture thata??s it your lock screen wallpaper has been set.
It doesnt change back to my picture I have to manually change it back when it does revert to the biplane lock screen.
Now the INI file no longer exists in Windows 8 and even if you create the file manually, it doesn't work. Although Microsoft removed the INI file but they put the same information in Windows Registry. This key contains all the required information which was stored in INI file in Windows 8 testing builds. If your Windows 8 lock screen shows time in 24-hour format, then the "TimeFormat" String in your Windows 8 Registry would be set to HH:mm tt. If you want to show day name and date in a different language on lock screen, you can change values of Language and LocaleName Strings to your desired language code. I tried adding a new string value of DaterFormat and filling the value accordingly, but it did nothing.
2 of them has only subfolders colors and lockscreen, the another one has only one subfolder "colors". Why would it sync my lock screen with the server when I set the lockscreen background myself?

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