The network name you enter here is stored in the NeworkName string value in the registry key below. How Do I Change the Name Displayed for Network Printer?Any ideas if it's possible to change the name of A to B? Network Drive over wi fi network following router changeI'll try to explain this as best I can. All connect to router which has a Buffalo Link Station NAS attached and all machines save direct to that.
A network connection is a set of information that enables your computer to connect to the Internet, a network, or another computer. In Windows 8, it may happen that users may be unaware of even some simple options, which can be useful at times. But in the case of Windows 8, people are facing a challenge as it is not so simple to change their user account name. Even after you change the username using this method, your personal folder will continue to display the old username. An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Experience expertise and a Microsoft Content Creator. Matt’s response, sadly, seems typical of what you can expect from a lot of Microsoft people (and certainly what I have experienced myself in the past). Here is what looks to me like the best way to do this (and helps with setting up multiple machines) – Note that with Windows 7 Pro, for example, you can use NETPLWIZ to rename a user and its user folder.
Restart (important, because the user profile files are often kept open and can’t be easily copied) and login as a different user, one with administrative rights. If you DO decide to follow the instructions in this article, at least do yourself a favor and set a restore point and do a full backup first. Kerry, I hope you found a solution…I tried this because the store set me up and did not ask me about naming, so they just named it after my computer. The start screen looked different (fewer tiles) and the user folder was still called by the original name. So my local drive is showing up with a pretty ugly user name (Windows created it from my microsoft account email address), how do I go about editing this on Windows 10? If it was a fresh installation – I suggest to start it again from scratch (with below remark).

The only way I know to create desired account name is NOT to login to online account during installation, but create local account instead (with the name you want) and only then connect it to online account. You will see your new name followed by your account ( I was signed in my MS account before changing the game) or just find your new name – double click on it and rename it back to the original name . Thanks for the quick reply, but I actually just signed out and then back in and everything was fine! Lock Screen is nothing ,but it is the screen which you can see at windows startup and whenever your screen is locked you will get Notifications on the Lock Screen from the background running apps. You can select picture from available images or you can add your own custom image by browsingA  through the image location as shown below.
Click on Account picture tab then you can set your account picture by browsing through or you can set account picture by using your Camera. This entry was posted in Windows 8 Tips, Windows 8 Tricks, Windows 8 Tutorial and tagged Windows 8 Account Picture, Windows 8 Features, Windows 8 Lock Screen, Windows 8 Start Screen by Admin. As per the account name, your account name in your windows machine will always be in a prominent place like on your start-screen.
Sometimes you may need to sign out and in of your user account to fully apply the new network name. For example, changing a user account name in Windows 7 wasn’t a big deal and most users were able to do it easily. This is due to the reason that when you install Windows 8, there is an option to provide the name for user account.
Now in the User Accounts window, check Users must enter a user name and password to enter this  computer, if it is unchecked. If the folder name was changed, programs could experience problems because they’re expecting information to be in the old user folder. While the link may be removed from the sidebar, the same function is still there if you dive down in the User Accounts, which is the same as Windows 7.
The upgrade to 8.1 did not let me use my old account (jar) and even though I made a new local account named jar, its home directory is jar_2.
After I changed the registry key, I got a corrupted profile, which led to a chain of events that resulted in the loss of all data — documents, photos, everything. After following through the last step (change folder name), all my previous settings and documents are gone.

If had backed up your data, you could have restored the back-up image and all would be well. You CAN NOT change your user profile folder’s name just by renaming some registry key. However, just to clarify, are you saying that both netplwiz and the folder name change don’t work for Windows 10, or just the folder name change? I followed the step-by-step instructions only to find AT THE VERY END that it shouldn’t be done on Windows 10. Select A custom image and click on choose picture thata€™s it your lock screen wallpaper has been set.
In Windows 7 you could use the Change your account name setting on the left side of the User Accounts applet in Control Panel.
But after doing so, there exists not even a single option in PC Settings, to change the name you provided earlier. In the User Name section, select the user name to which you want to change the name and click Properties. However, if you want that folder renamed, you will have to create a new user account and migrate your data over.
I get a whole default desktop and a warning in the bottom-right saying I cannot access my files and anything that I do to my profile is temporary and will be basically lost… Thanks. Result: after restart, user name remained as it was before, but my password was invalidated. If I were you I would probably try to copy users’ files to external drive and reinstall Windows (sad but true). I tried changing jar_2 to jar in the registry (so now two entries point to the same directory), but when I do this, if I try to log in as jar, I immediately get logged out. I was finally able to recover the data by opening the C: drive, right-clicking on Restore Previous Versions, and copying files from the most recent version.
You can also try migration as described above, but since you have no access to admin account – reinstallation might be the only option.

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