Recovery email address or alternate email address plays a critical role in Google Plus account. In order to add or manage the alternate email address in Google Plus, you need to access Personal Information option. Next, find 'Personal Information' section and click 'Edit' option to add an additional email addresses for recovering your Google Account. After you have added an email address to your account, Google Plus will send you mail requiring you to confirm to verify the email address is added by you.
After you click and authenticate that email address, you can use either your primary email address or alternate email address to access your Google Plus account. I agree to Terms of Use and gives my consent to iYogi calling on the telephone numbers including wireless in our records, for disconnected calls, scheduled callback, product updates and service renewals. The last time Microsoft account was added with new features was back in April when we exclusively reported that the service would get two-factor authentication. Recent account activity review – Microsoft account will soon add the ability for users to review their recent account activities, including successful sign-ins, account recovery attempts, and other account-related activities.
Users will be able to report any suspicious activities by clicking the “This wasn’t me” button, which will prompt the user to change their password and security info to protect them against further suspicious activities.
This feature is similar to Google Account’s Recent Activity feature, which provides the same information to users.
New account recovery options – Microsoft account will also add a new method of account recovery – Recovery codes.

LiveSide understands that the current recovery method of using a “Security question” may soon be retired and replaced with the above “Recovery code” method instead.
Manage security notifications – Users will also soon be able to choose where they would like to receive security notifications about their account (such as when someone attempts to take over the account). As always, whilst we try to be as accurate as possible with the information above, these upcoming features may change anytime before their are officially released. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications.
For this you need to remember that you cannot add an email address which is already associated to your Google account.
Remember that, you can allow Google to use this alternate email address for other Google products such as Google Calendar, YouTube etc. We are unique because we have expertise in products from a wide variety of third-party companies. Since then, Microsoft also dropped support for linked accounts and urges users to use aliases instead. A string of random security code can be generated using the Microsoft account website which the user have to note down and store it in a safe place, and can then be used to recovery their account in case they forget their password. By default, these security notifications will always be sent to the user’s primary email address, but a user can choose to have them also sent to their mobile device or alternate email addresses. Unfortunately, we do not yet know when these features will be released, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive anything new.

If you forget the password of Google Plus account, then these Google will send the link of resetting password to these alternate email addresses.
There are other reasons why Google may put your account on hold; these include when you are using Google Plus logo as the profile image or if you are not using your real name. Today, LiveSide has exclusively learnt that Microsoft is planning another set of enhancements to their Microsoft account service, with the aim to improve the security and recovery process of their users’ accounts. We assume this has to be used in conjunction with another security verification method, such as an alternate email address, mobile device, or an Authenticator app. Apart from recovering your Google Plus account, you can add alternate email addresses for other reasons.
In such cases, you need to access the alternate email address to activate your account again.
You may need to associate multiple Gmail addresses with your Google Plus profile if different contacts in your 'Circles' is connected to you through different Gmail addresses. It is fairly easy to add recovery email address or even change it later, if you suspect that your account has been compromised. However, those email addresses cannot be considered recovery email address, rather secondary email addresses.

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