Microsoft has made some, ahem, interesting decisions over the years regarding the Windows Media Player user experience (and Apple is no saint in this regard, either). Why someone would want to add DRM to music they already own on a CD is beyond me, especially since it means that the files won’t play back on non-approved devices and any machine you copy the files to will have to be online to download permissions. What’s frustrating about this is that in writing this post, I turned off the file type associations once in the initial Windows Media Player setup wizard. Now at least you can use Windows Media Player to rip CDs without having to worry about your library being trapped in Windows Media Audio format with DRM. Open source music player Songbird will also import and convert your non-DRM Windows Media Player library into MP3 files.
If your WMA files did end up with DRM thanks to the Windows Media Player defaults, try not to spend too much time cursing the powers that be at Microsoft.
If you have a small library, or there are a few files that just refuse to cooperate with the above DRM-removal and format conversion tools, you could burn the tracks to CD and then re-rip as MP3s. Actually I've been using WMP for years and I've NEVER seen this happen (although plenty of other bad stuff, and plenty worse with iTunes).
I upgraded wmp to wmp11, then synched device (sansa view mp3) it cleared all my existing music and synched some random music!!!
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Windows Media Player plays many video formats incuding its own WMV (Windows Media Video) and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files, as well as MPEG files, MP3 files, MIDI files, and whatever else people are using these days. The media player application is has a library, visualizations, and the ability to create files from your CDs, though it prefers its own format, and I highly suggest you change it to MP3 instead.

It's a good player, and not too bloated for a program that has all these nice basic features, but there are other options.
Free Video to MP3 WMA Converter Software - best video to audio extractor and free audio converter that supports output of MP3, wma, ogg, etc. To change the default music to a specific software application then follow the directions in the window below.
If your WMA files aren't copy protected, iTunes will allow you to import your Windows Media Player library. Click the Library tab at the top, then click on the Layout Options drop-down menu and select Show Classic Menus.
Or you can batch convert files with WinFF, a graphical interface for open source conversion tool FFMPEG — Jake Ludington has a guide, with video, on using WinFF. Any readers out there care to commiserate in the comments and share some experiences and tips? I use third-party programs for ripping, and The KMPlayer for everything else (except DVDs, for which I use PowerDVD). Chances are that they've either done a weird synchronization with an external device or they are one of the many people that think MP3 is the file format of regular audio CDs, and they've simply ripped a CD to WMA. With any non-savvy person you really need to find out what happened, not their alien-abduction-with-anal-probe version.
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Or you can batch convert files with WinFF, a graphical interface for open source conversion tool FFMPEG — Jake Ludington has a guide, with video, on using WinFF.
For Windows Soundtaxi, Tunebite and freeTunes all offer free demonstration downloads with full versions under $US30.
But it’s free and it will defeat DRM on anything that plays back in Windows Media Player.
Right now Lifehacker Australia readers can purchase a 5 year subscription for just $104 AUD , a savings of at least 86% off the RRP. De-select everything except for Windows Media File (ASF), Windows Media Audio file (WMA) and Windows Media Video file (WMV).
If your WMA files aren’t copy protected, iTunes will allow you to import your Windows Media Player library.
It lets the interviewer know that you're genuinely interested in the business and have given the position considerable thought. Here are 12 questions that you should consider asking,courtesy of Search Party and JobAdvisor CEO Ben Hutt. So after installing iTunes, don’t choose to convert your existing library during the setup wizard. Under Rip settings, the default format is WMA, which is how our reader got messed up in the first place.

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