After you confirm your new gamertag, the change is reflected across Xbox Live and the payment option associated with your Xbox Live account is charged. If you would like to post a comment please signin to your account or register for an account. Pick your unique HQ gamertag and get involved with our members from around the globe in all the top xbox 360 games. Note: Make sure that your new gamertag has the spelling, spacing, and capitalization that you want.

If the gamertag you want is already in use, you can either select one of the suggested gamertags or press the B button to go back and enter another gamertag. You dont need to tell your friends that you've changed your gamertag their Friends lists will be updated automatically. After you change your gamertag, you cannot make changes without using another 800 Microsoft Points. 2005 nissan pathfinder se 4x4 gas mileage He was plateglass so long you add roman numerals.

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