Next, click on Network and Sharing Center, you can open it through the Windows icon, the same way you opened MS Dos prompt in step 2.
Here you’ll see a view your active connections, under that you will find a Local Area Network Tab. Then press Tab and you’ll see the subnet mask section will be assigned numbers automatically.
The IP (Internet Protocol) address helps to identify the terminal that one is using when surfing the internet while at the same time enabling one to trace their online activities. In order to gain the IP address, you can make a request from the internet service provider. The procedure for changing the IP address in Windows Vista is similar to that used in Windows XP. You can now input the new IP address or alternatively, you can automatically receive it from your router or modem.
Changes to your computer can be made by accessing the Control Panel and choosing Internet Options.
If Your IP Address does not reset to a different IP Address then repeat steps 1 and step 3 but NOT step 2 and then power off the computer, the modem, Ethernet and router (If so equipped.) Allow the system to remain without power for a minimum of 8 hours. If you wish to change your IP Address due to security issues then you will need to do so by logging into your router. If all else fails and your IP Address will not reset, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP.) some newer programs require the ISP to reset the IP Address.
Changing the IP(Internet Protocol) address of your computer is a basic thing we do at times.
Important Note: Once you set your IP address manually, the DHCP host will not allocate the IP address for your network adapter.

When using the command prompt to change the IP address, there are two options that one can use. This solution works because the proxy or VPN service issues each user a temporary, independent IP Address.
Activate the Command Prompt by clicking the Start Button, choosing RUN from the menu and then Typing cmd in the dialogue box.
Because there are so many different types of routers available on the market, consult the paperwork that came with your router.
Well the IP address we see in our local computer network adapters are mostly for a local networking purpose. It may be required when you want a local connection be done with no DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers. This can be used to change the IP Address of any adapter like Wireless LAN, Local Area Connection, Bluetooth Adapters or even virtual Network Adapters. Default gateway is required when you have to connect to the internet using a router or another computer. DNS servers may be required in case of a direct connection to the internet through you adapter.
Make sure you set it to Obtain an IP address automatically in Step 4 in order to use DHCP host addresses. However there are a few steps that can confuse you are working in Vista and 7 and were formerly XP user.
Changing IP address is not easy especially if doing it promptly as it requires a long process. Please note that the process may differ depending on the reasons why a person may wish to change their IP Address.

Most of the time this process is automatic and is initiated when the new VPN software downloads.
The IP Address that is issued by the VPN is not linked to your computer, and that is how people can surf the Internet anonymously.
If you are running Windows 7 or if the RUN prompt is not on your start button menu then go to the accessories file and it should be located there.
It is because of the DHCP servers are present in most of our systems, we need not provide an IP for every connection, the DHCP host takes cares of the IP allocation.
Each time you visit a website, including this one your internet browser will provide us your IP address, internet service provider, your browser details including type of browser, operating system, what plugins you have installed and more. But some ISP assign static IP addresses which when you need to change you need to contact the ISP to offer the technical support to get a new one. But when you are in your own custom network without a DHCP host, we definitely require to set the IPs of our own to fit in the network. The goal here is to release the IP Address but AGAIN, each manufacturer has different methods to release the IP Address. You can buy the same adapter for all three computers, just check that it has Vista as well as Xp drivers. Once the IP Address is released, power off the computer, ethernet, and the router for a minimum of 8 hours.

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