Chances are you’ll already have a strong opinion as to whether or not you should legally change your last name well before you get engaged. I personally struggled for about three years before AND after we got married with the decision to legally change my last name or not. Talking about how to change your name after marriage will be a good topic for those who will get married momentarily.
Developing and implementing correct outdoor wedding ideas will go a great distance in reaching a desirable and fabulous marriage ceremony.
And while we're not advocating that you use an online quiz to make a major life decision, we do think it's a fun and easy way to discover options you may not have considered before. Antique Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring, Trilogy Style Bypass Design Ring in 18 Carat & Platinum, Circa 1910s. SAN DIEGO – August 28, 2012 – After getting divorced, many women face a reminder every day of their ex-husband: their last name.
However, if you want to change to an entirely new name, you will need to file a petition for a change of name as it’s called in California, or a similar document in your state.  Check your state’s rules regarding name changes. Ask various institutions you deal with what type of documentation they require to make your name change official in their records. Be sure to revise your will, trust, power of attorney, or any other similar documents with new versions using your new name. You cannot change your name to defraud your creditors, for any illegal purpose, to hide from the law or police, to benefit economically from someone else’s name (so sorry, but you won’t be allowed to change your name to Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber) or to invade someone’s privacy. FYI, if you want to legally change your name AND your gender, in California there is a separate legal process. Some divorcing mothers hesitate about reverting back to their birth name because they feel it will be confusing for their children to have a different last name, especially if they are the custodial parent or dad isn’t much in the picture.
The other possibility is to take an entirely new last name for yourself, not tied to your single or married history. Consulting with a family law attorney about name changes is a wise investment, and should not be complicated or costly, but can save you a lot of time and frustration later. Myra Chack Fleischer serves as Lead Counsel for Fleischer & Ravreby in Carlsbad, California with a focus on divorce, property, custody and support, settlement agreements, mediation, asset division and family law appeals.
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It’s a long story that I might write about here one day, but I felt extremely connected to my last name (as I know a lot of women do as well).
This is especially so contemplating that out of doors marriage ceremony continue to attract increasingly more people. For those who have problem in choosing wedding invitation press for inexpensive wedding invitations, there are some suggestions to consider when choosing a printing press to make wedding invitations. The question is more complicated than you think -- especially when considering all the possibilities: keeping your maiden name, taking your spouse's last name, using your maiden name as a middle name, taking two last names, hyphenating the two names to create a joint surname and others. The site asks users eight questions to help narrow down their many surname choices, taking into account career, personal preferences and states' name-change laws, among other factors.
Check out HuffPost Weddings on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest."We then looked at how each factor affected name change and assigned it an appropriate weight so that it could help determine a bride's ideal name-change option in tandem with the other factors in our quiz," the representative said. According to a 35-year-study in the journal Social Behavior and Personality, women keeping their maiden names after marriage peaked in the 1990s, when about 23% of women did so, then eased gradually to about 18% by 2000.
If you intend to change your name, your final divorce decree can include a clause about officially dropping your husband’s name and returning to your maiden name, or any previous name you used (another married name, for instance). By far the most important to take care of first are your state driver’s license and your Social Security account with the Social Security Administration. The original documents are still enforceable, but changing the document now will avoid confusion later. If you just want to change your name for now and intend to change your gender later, you can go through the standard name change proceedings, and then change gender in a separate special legal proceeding. This does come up, most often when the ex-husband is getting remarried and he, or more likely the new wife, doesn’t want there to be two Mrs.
It can be a family name several generations back, a change in spelling, a shortened version, or a name that simply sounds or looks good and has personal meaning to you. If you have reason to believe that any written material or image has been innocently infringed, please bring it to the immediate attention of CDN via the e-mail address or phone number listed on the Contact page so that it can be resolved expeditiously. In 2013 the firm merged and became Fleischer & Ravreby, focusing on divorce and other family law areas. Even though when I was a little girl I fantasized about getting married and doodled my fake future husband’s last name after mine, I never really considered having a sort of identity crisis at the thought of doing it. We should not change it before the honeymoon since it has to match with all important travel documents which generally takes time. Note that the quiz was designed with women in mind, but more men -- including celebrities -- are changing their names these days as well.
It varies greatly from region to region (up to 20% in the Northeast, versus 4% in the Midwest), and depends a great deal on education and professional status.

Once you have this accomplished, it should be fairly easy to have the rest of your records changed. As more organizations take security precautions, you will increasingly need to provide special forms, a copy of a court order listing your new name, and perhaps even a personal meeting. It’s also a good idea to revise any contracts such as business agreements with your new name. Don’t think I haven’t dealt with this, all in a day’s work for a family law attorney in the 21st century. You have the legal right to do this at any time, for no reason (other than the few legal prohibitions cited earlier). Fleischer's expertise and expertise put her squarely among Southern California's most prominent family law attorneys. When the time came to actually change it, I felt that not only would I be losing a small part of myself if I got rid of my last name, but that I would also be losing my cultural identity in a way (going from a Jewish last name to a non-Jewish one). You can discover How To Change Your Name After Marriage In Pa guide and see the latest Change Your Name After Marriage? You may end up changing your name and having a different surname from your children anyway. Starting with a clean slate including a new name can signify a healthy new start in life and the strong new person you have become.
While my family actually encouraged me to change my last name (probably trying to get rid of me.
The plus of updating your passport is that it can also list your previous married name under an AKA list, which connects the dots when you need to change other accounts such as insurance policies, bank accounts, and so on.
Government regulations to fight against fraud, like identity theft, are making it more difficult to change your name without a court order. And what made me happy in the end was deciding to drop my middle name and make it my maiden name instead (even though I still go by my maiden name professionally). That was the perfect compromise for myself that has worked out great so far…except when making restaurant reservations, in which I totally forget which name I used.

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