Summer Camps provide countless learning experiences, many that can’t be taught at home or at school. Camps provide opportunities that allow campers to develop confidence and independence by taking risks and having new challenges placed before them. Typically, this growth develops when campers are on their own, often for the first time, away from their normal routines. Campers at the Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps will also gain confidence and self esteem in their tennis game. Copyrights 2016 WCTCCollegiate Tennis Camps are independently owned and operated by Premier Sports Camps, Inc. On January 21, Homewood Middle School attended First Priority’s sixth annual Leader’s Summit, along with 60 other area middle, intermediate and high schools. Homewood Middle School students and Teacher Sponsor Leslie Tanner have attended First Priority’s Leader’s Summit since it first started six years ago.
Homewood Middle School students also shared with First Priority that this year’s Summit taught them to be more confident when sharing the love and message of Christ with students on their campus. We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors and leadership trainers who helped to make this event a huge success. NubAbility Athletics Foundation has registration forms and brochures available online now for download.
They have accomplished limb different athletes in a variety of sports that along with others will coach limb different kids ages 4-17 to gain the confidence and skills necessary to compete in school and organized sports.
Classes progress each week building upon 'skills & drills' learned on the speed ladder, through a dynamic warm-up with dot training and a circuit routine from the week(s) before. The mission of the YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.
For the second time in a week, President Xi Jinping has emphasized the important role of science and technology in powering China's development on April 26. Speaking at a symposium on internet and cyberspace security on April 19 in Beijing, he called for China to make a breakthrough in next-generation internet technologies. And on April 26, at one of the events highlighted most by Chinese media during his field-study tour of Anhui province, Xi visited the University of Science and Technology of China, in Hefei. At the university's Institute of Advanced Technology, Xi was shown achievements in areas ranging from artificial intelligence to public security, and from drones to alternative energy. He visited the control center of the 2,000-kilometer Beijing-Shanghai quantum communication main network, due to become fully operational in the second half of this year, and the university's Laboratory of Physic Science for Advanced Medical Application. Talking to faculty members, researchers and students, Xi praised the university's recent progress in innovation and new technologies.
He urged his audience to show a greater "sense of mission" by educating more people and making greater achievements in the new frontiers of science and technology.
An economy of China's size would be unsustainable if it relied entirely on imports for its new science and technologies, Xi said. Zhang Xiaojun, vice-president of Anhui Huami Information Technology, which has investment from Chinese mobile phone producer Xiaomi, was one of the high-tech company leaders who met with the president. He said he thinks Xi's comments will greatly encourage technology companies like his, and he is more confident in serving the Chinese economy with smart wearable gadgets.
Yao Hongyu, CEO of Beijing-based cloud computing and big data company Yoyo Systems, said he thought the president was saying in Anhui that the next 10 years is the best time for China to build up its power in new technologies. He said the country's current scientific research capability still lags behind many developed nations, and most of the core components of China's industrial robots are imported. Yao added that it will be "a long and tough journey" for the country to improve its capability on core technologies.
He said state-owned companies and government departments should buy domestic brands to support the development of China's science and technology, and the nation needs to develop core technology in fields such as cloud computing and big data. During his Anhui trip, Xi visited the village of Xiaogang, which was one of China's poorest four decades ago and took a lead in the country's economic reform and opening-up in the late 1970s.
He also visited mountainous Jinzhai county, where many farmers are beginning to use solar power to change their lives under the government program to eliminate poverty. The opening ceremony for the Shanghai Tower's basement, which will house an exhibition on skyscrapers, and a five-story annex signify the upcoming completion of a building that has taken nearly eight years to complete. At 632 meters, it is the world's second-tallest building, after the 828-meter Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Ge Qing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co, the building's owner and developer, says an observation deck on the 119th floor will open in a few months, ahead of the building's official opening later this year.
The world's fastest elevators, which can travel at speeds of more than 18 meters per second, will carry tourists to the observation deck in less than 55 seconds. The Shanghai Tower will also house China's highest restaurant on the 120th floor, the highest hotel lobby on the 101st floor, and the highest swimming pool, with a view from the 84th floor.
The building is the latest among a cluster of super skyscrapers in the Shanghai's Lujiazui Financial Area, which also houses the 468-meter Oriental Pearl Television Tower, the 421-meter Jin Mao Tower and 492-meter Shanghai World Financial Center.
Royal Philips NV will offer more healthcare solutions in China this year as the country copes with a surge in chronic diseases brought on by an aging population, its executives say. The Dutch company will mainly focus on heart disease, cancer, respiratory illnesses and fertility issues. Philips will also introduce new medical products and devices as it looks to compete with established rivals. Andy Ho, chief executive of Philips China, says China's hospital service system is under pressure from a growing number of senior citizens, patients with chronic diseases and shortages of healthcare resources. As a part of its strategic transformation, Philips also introduced the big data HealthSuite Digital Platform this month to establish a new clinical ecosystem in China. Chronic diseases, which typically last more than three months, cause 85 percent of deaths in China, according to the National Health and Family Planning Commission. Common chronic diseases include cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. About 10 million people in China have been diagnosed with chronic diseases every year since 2002. The Shanghai-based company, which tracks mergers and acquisitions, says 206 purchases were recorded January to March, up 77.59 percent year-on-year. Chinese investors' interest in M&As started to become evident in the fourth quarter of last year, which saw 147 overseas acquisitions.
In developed markets such as Europe, the United States or Japan, the overseas assets allocation rate remains about 40 percent, the company's data show. Morning Whistle says technology, media and telecommunications, as well as agriculture and food, and energy and minerals were the three biggest sectors in which Chinese companies invested overseas last year. In March last year, Chinese conglomerate Fosun International Ltd bought 98 percent of French resort brand Club Med for 1 billion euros. A survey by Morning Whistle in the fourth quarter last year showed Germany was the most popular investment destination among active buyers, with 127 of those surveyed showing an interest in the nation's companies. Henry Cai, chairman of private equity firm AGIC Capital, says the industrial system built up by small- and medium-sized German companies is a core element that Chinese companies should have a basic understanding of before they make any acquisition in Germany. Like many people in China, Chen Hua (not her real name), a 60-year-old from Guangdong province, used to hate visiting hospitals because every time she had to wait in long lines to see a doctor, pay medical bills and buy the prescription drugs. Now, she has found a better alternative: She visits a nearby drugstore where she can interact with doctors at major hospitals via video link. A nurse checks the body temperature of patients at a medical center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
Recently, Chen had backache and had an online consultation with a doctor at Guangdong Internet Hospital, which is operated by the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong province. Chen is among a growing number of patients benefiting from China's booming online medical services.
Dozens of internet hospitals are popping up across China, fueled by strong support from local governments.
Jiang Xinwei at consultant company Analysys International says China's internet healthcare industry has entered a new stage after years of explosive growth in basic online medical services, such as making appointments and paying medical bills. Qin Zexi, an analyst with iResearch Consulting Group, says the online healthcare industry will continue to gain steam, thanks to the swift development of mobile internet technology and the government's intensified efforts to push medical reforms.
In March, Li Bin, the minister in charge of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, called for more widespread use of the internet to direct patients to different medical institutions based on their needs, so as to reduce the pressure on big hospitals and improve the efficiency of medical resources. Unlike other web-based services such as e-commerce, which initially boomed in the wealthy eastern provinces, online medical service providers have ventured into less-developed western regions. We Doctor Group, which has raised more than $100 million in funding from Tencent, opened an internet hospital for northwestern Gansu province recently by teaming up with a local public hospital. Alibaba is running a similar project in a village in the central province of Hubei, where it hopes to help villagers deal with common and chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. However, other players are eyeing the higher end of the online healthcare market, which includes handling serious and complicated illnesses by pooling top-level doctors. Haodf inked a deal with the Yinchuan city government in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region this month to create an online hospital that connects top-level doctors from big cities with local clinics.
Jiang at Analysys says, "The two models are still nascent, but I'm more optimistic about the high-end medical services market because of the enormous demand.
However, Tian Junzhang, president of the Guangdong Second People's Hospital, argues that it is nearly impossible to attract so many experts to offer online diagnoses.
In addition to technological bottlenecks, analysts say the issue of getting internet medical services covered by China's national medical insurance system remains thorny, especially for prescription drugs sold online.
Ni Jianwen, vice-president of Alibaba's health business division, said in an interview with media group Caixin that, due to the different regional policies, drug sales receipts sometimes are not accepted by local insurance authorities, creating difficulties for people buying medicine from online stores. As internet heavyweights scramble to expand online healthcare, a tech company in southwestern Guizhou province is aiming to carve out a unique presence for itself in the fiercely competitive industry.
Doctors in wuzhen, zhejiang province, are able to talk with their patients through the internet. Using Guiyang Sixth People's Hospital as a base, the company launched the Guizhou Internet Hospital last year, enabling local patients to visit nearby drugstores or medical centers where they can consult doctors through video calls. It is different from other platforms where doctors offer online medical services only in their free time, because these platforms have inked contracts with individual doctors rather than their hospitals. Zhong Xiuyun, a doctor with the Guizhou Internet Hospital, says the number of daily patients has surged to an average of 500 from less than 10 six months ago after the company set up more than 90 consultation sites at drugstores and other facilities within the province. Still, Qin Zexi, an analyst at Beijing-based iResearch Consulting Group, says it is important to remain cautious about the role of the internet in handling complicated diseases. Final assembly is about to start on the nation's first floating nuclear plant in Huludao, a coastal city in Liaoning province, reports eworldship, a Shanghai-based maritime industry information provider. Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co Ltd, a unit of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, will build the facility, it says. Market value: Offshore oil drilling demand will keep growing in the next five years, with a market value of 100 billion yuan. The corporation "is the first company to receive permission to construct the floating nuclear-powered vessel, and it aims to become the strongest builder of floating nuclear platforms within five years", the report quotes Wu Zhong, general manager of CSIC Asset Management Co Ltd, as saying. At the end of last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the top economic regulator, gave the shipbuilder the nod to start research on a demonstration project for the platform.
China General Nuclear Power Group this year signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the shipbuilder to develop a reactor design for an offshore nuclear power platform. CGN is working on preliminary designs for the 200-megawatt ACPR50S, which is expected to start construction in 2017 and be commissioned by 2020. The company says floating nuclear power plants can be used to supply stable electricity to remote areas as well as large industrial facilities, such as seawater desalination plants and offshore oilfield exploration rigs.
Wu says the offshore oil drilling demand will continue to grow in the next five years, eventually reaching a market value of 100 billion yuan, while the nuclear-powered equipment industry is expected to reach 50 billion yuan a year in Bohai Bay. China has for the first time set major targets to improve its nuclear energy security and capacity to control radiation sources in the 13th Five-Year Plan, the government's blueprint for development between 2016 and 2020. He adds that if the new projects start as scheduled, China could have more nuclear reactors than France, putting it second only to the United States. Last year, six nuclear reactors went online, and the authorities have given permits for the construction of eight more as well as approved locations for another two, the ministry says. It says about 60,000 companies are now utilizing 120,000 radiation sources, mainly for medical diagnosis and treatment as well as industrial production. To ensure the security of radiation sources and nuclear reactors, the targets set out in the plan require the authorities to maintain effective control of nuclear security, and lower the risks involved, to ensure facilities reach the advanced international level. BYD Co Ltd, the Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer, could join the ranks of Global Fortune 500 companies in 2017, as the carmaker has grown rapidly amid the boom in green cars, its top executive says.
BYD is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, along with Fortune 500 companies Ping An Insurance (Group) Co, Huawei Technologies Co, China Merchants Group and Amer International Group. More than 330,000 new energy vehicles were sold in China last year, 3.4 times more than 2014, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. BYD, which is listed in Hong Kong, surpassed US company Tesla Motors Inc to become the world's largest producer and seller of new energy cars last year, selling 58,000 units, up 208 percent year-on-year, the company says. It's rare to get an interview these days with Zou Yin, the low-key chief executive of DHL Supply Chain in China. Zou's quick responses to questions reflect a deep understanding of the logistics business, and that he is confident about its prospects.
He punctuates his answers with Western humor, probably a result of his long experience in Germany, while the two paintings in his office indicate his penchant for Oriental aesthetics, particularly traditional Chinese culture. But it would be folly to attribute the success of DHL in China in recent years to Zou's office feng shui. Logistics is traditionally seen as a low-profile industry, so it's not easy to attract top talent. So it is targeting business not only from existing customers, mostly multinationals, but also Chinese firms, Zou says, adding that most of its customers have been clients for more than 15 years.
In recent years, DHL in China has seen many of its customers - particularly those in technology and automotive industries - move up the value chain.
Zou says he recently chatted on the subject with a senior vice-president of a top Chinese telecommunications company in Shenzhen.
From focusing on a low-cost supply chain model, they are looking for alternatives in the market.
They advise investors to trim their positions to guard against the risk of rising volatility. China's A-share market experienced turbulence recently with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index hovering around the psychologically sensitive level of 3,000 points. Hong Hao, chief strategist at investment bank BOCOM International Co, says the economic fundamentals can improve in the near term, but the stock market rally has been stretched and the risks are escalating. Tu Jun, an analyst at Shanghai Securities Co, says the change in investors' expectations for liquidity and inflation is the key factor that will anchor the future movement of the market. However, he notes, the sudden market slump on April 20 signaled the start of a "mid-level correction" rather than the beginning of an extended decline. Ren said in April that the A-share market could rise as much as 20 percent from the current level. Overseas insurers are increasingly popping up on the shopping lists of acquisition-minded Chinese companies, whose recent buying sprees globally have driven the country's outbound mergers and acquisitions to a record high. Since last year, Chinese companies have announced at least nine M&A deals for overseas insurers.
Chinese companies have announced many M&A deals for overseas insurers since last year, including Anbang Insurance Group's recent purchase of Allianz Life Insurance Korea and Allianz Global Investors Korea.
The trend highlights the ambition of cash-rich Chinese conglomerates such as Anbang Insurance Group and Fosun International Group to build an insurance-driven investment empire, inspired by the principles of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett. The focus on insurance also reflects the shift in China's overseas M&A activity from energy and resource industries to service and consumer-centric sectors.
The most recent deal is Anbang's purchase of Allianz Life Insurance Korea and Allianz Global Investors Korea, the South Korean operations of German insurer Allianz SE. It is the second time Anbang has acquired a South Korean insurer, following its purchase of a controlling stake in Tongyang Life Insurance Co for $1 billion last year. Another large and active Chinese acquirer is Fosun, which has spent more than $5.7 billion buying insurance assets over the past two years. Simon Harris, managing director for global insurance and managed investments at global ratings agency Moody's Investors Service, says M&As are attractive because of a combination of economics and favorable asset prices. He cited low funding costs and depressed insurance asset prices in some markets as reasons for the latest wave of Chinese M&As in insurance.
The moves by Chinese companies come at a time when overseas insurers, in particular those in Europe, are struggling with stricter regulatory requirements as well as a low interest rate environment, which has adversely affected their investment returns. German insurer Allianz decided to spin off its South Korean business and sell it to Anbang after the insurer suffered a $277 million loss on the South Korean life and health insurance unit last year.
Analysts say the M&As could also be fueled by the desire of Chinese companies to diversify their investment into global markets, hedging against a weaker renminbi and with the intention to gain more low-cost capital through expansion of the insurance business.
Meanwhile, other Chinese investors have joined the acquisition spree to take advantage of China's growing demand for overseas insurance products. JD Capital, a Beijing-based private equity firm, has offered to buy the life insurance operations of Hong Kong-based financial group Dah Sing Financial Holdings Ltd, Bloomberg reported, citing sources familiar with the matter. The report says the deal reflected JD Capital's plan to unlock the value of the business at a time when Hong Kong insurers are seeing big increases in product demand from the Chinese mainland. But analysts warn the latest insurance M&A deals could bring new challenges, such as low interest rate exposure, volatile business conditions and growth pain. He notes that M&A activities will continue but likely at a slower pace in the coming years. Just how prudent and cautious Chinese companies have become is illustrated by Fosun's termination of its $462 million purchase of Israeli insurer Phoenix Holdings Ltd in February. Some analysts speculate the cancellation may indicate the intention of Fosun to reduce its leverage and improve its investment rating after the rapid growth of its investments in international markets.
Bai Yun, an official at the CIRC, said the more attractive rate of life insurance products than the bank deposit interest rate after the regulator liberalized the pricing mechanism for life insurers has helped drive up their premium revenues.
However, the insurance regulator forecast profit decline for the Chinese insurers in the first quarter amid a slowing economy and a volatile capital market. Wang Guojun, an insurance professor at the University of International Business and Economics, says the volatile capital market will have a negative impact on the insurers' investment returns. Total investment returns of the Chinese insurers in the equities markets dropped by 100.5 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, according to the insurance regulator.
Marchon worked with Google Inc in the development of Google Glass, which includes a camera, processor and tiny screen mounted to eyeglass frames. Working with more than 20 prestigious fashion and sport brands, Marchon has developed an extensive global network with offices in more than 20 countries. In China, particularly, the company has built an extensive distribution network covering 169 cities in 29 provinces, including a design studio in Hong Kong and a logistics center in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. We have had relationships with partners in China for more than 20 years in production as well as in research and development, especially in Shenzhen, where we have our distribution center.
Now we are developing new relationships with distributors around the country, a lot of them are through local wholesalers, who are very modern, smart and capable. On a personal level, the biggest investment we've done in innovation has shown me the future in a way that I wouldn't have thought of two to three years ago. Two years ago, we did the project with Google, by working with it for the development of Google Glass. China has changed from a huge economy based on population and manufacturing capability into a new economy based on infrastructure and even commercial distribution. Now design, quality and innovation are very important to consumers in China, and it becomes so much easier for Marchon to enter the market and expand. China is the biggest market in the world going through huge changes and innovation with great opportunity. It is going to have millions of new consumers and we will have probably thousands of employees working in China. Following the market trends in China will be much more difficult than anywhere else because it changes so fast. Marchon has about 100 people working in design development between Italy, the United States and Hong Kong. Some people get frustrated by hardships and setbacks, but some people get excited, like me.
For me, the excitement is the continuous change that makes my heart beat harder to catch up to changes faster.
I think my main motivators in my career have been believing in my dreams, following my dreams and setting my heart the way I want to go, and not the way people think I should go.
I think that a good CEO, especially in the fashion industry or consumer goods industry, should be able to predict what's going to be the next big thing. It has become a trend for automakers to sell vehicles through e-commerce platforms in China, the world's largest vehicle market and the second-largest for premium cars. So, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV subsidiary teamed up last month with Tmall, the online retail arm of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, to sell its first-ever sport utility vehicle online. Some 100 Levantes, worth about 1 million yuan ($154,400) each, were snapped up in just 18 seconds, said Harald Wester, chief executive officer of Maserati. The sales have boosted Wester's confidence about the brand's prospects in China, where the Levante is expected to debut this summer. Earlier this week, Wester spoke to China Daily about his vision for the Chinese luxury vehicle market. This is a trend I personally believe will be set in China due to the average age of people. Fifty of the 100 cars were sold in cities we do not have dealers and 30 percent were sold through mobile phones.
The customers paid through Alipay and then chose a dealer who contacted them to sign the contracts.
Secondly, referring to our objectives both globally and in this market, we are less dependent on significant growth of the market than mass-market brands or people which are selling millions of cars in the country.
You have to listen, you have to consider that the world is evolving so quickly and you need to be sufficiently open-minded to understand and to accept that things here are totally different. State lender Postal Savings Bank of China Co's initial public offering will make it the largest in Hong Kong this year, but regulators' attitude toward its flotation remains to be an issue, said experts.
A source close to the company told China Daily that the bank's listing will raise about HK$78 billion ($10.1 billion), but the timetable has not been confirmed. The company hopes it will be this year, but it depends on regulators' attitude and the market conditions. Dong Dengxin, a researcher at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, said he has confidence in the IPO.
Dong said Chinese investors are usually fond of new shares and the bank has advantages such as a large network of branches, but it has challenges because the commercial bank industry is experiencing slower growth. A founding partner of a Shenzhen-based investment company who declined to be named told China Daily that there are funds worth hundreds of billion yuan in Hong Kong, but their investment channels are limited.
But he added he is not sure whether the IPO will be popular in capital markets because the business growth rates of commercial banks are slow and their bad loans can be a problem.
The Postal Savings Bank of China has more than 40,000 branches across the country, twice the size of the ICBC, the largest bank in China by assets. Evergrande will lift its stake to 27.2 percent after acquiring more than 1 billion shares from five shareholders through a unit, it said. Shengjing Bank received approval in January from the banking regulator for a consumer-finance firm, one of a handful of banks to hold such a license, Evergrande said in the filing, adding it expects the purchase to generate high returns. Under Chairman Xu Jiayin, one of China's richest men, Guangzhou-based Evergrande has embarked on a spending spree that has seen the developer's debt swell.
Evergrande is paying 10 yuan a share for the stake, equivalent to a 7.8 percent premium to Shengjing Bank's closing price in Hong Kong on Wednesday, data compiled by Bloomberg showed. Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande Real Estate Group, left, and Xia Haijun, chief executive officer of Evergrande, attend a news conference in Hong Kong. Anta sold 40 million pairs of shoes in China, surpassing the US multinational sportswear giant, signaling a boom in the domestic market. Anta's sales revenues surpassed the total amounts of some domestic sportswear makers, including Li Ning Co Ltd, Xtep International Holdings Ltd, 361 Degrees and Peak Sports Products Co Ltd. By 2025, Anta plans to become a leading sportswear maker with annual revenues of more than 100 billion yuan. Swiss specialty chemicals producer Clariant AG said on Thursday that China will overtake the United States to become the world's largest chemicals market in the next five to 10 years despite an economic slowdown.
Jan Kreibaum, Clariant's president in charge of markets in China and South Korea, said that 40 percent of the company's total investment will go into the world's second-largest market by 2017, especially for innovation and research.
Specialty chemicals are products used in industries for their performance and function such as food additives, flavors and fragrances and water treatment materials. The Swiss firm has four business areas: care chemicals, catalysis, natural resources, and plastics and coatings.
Kreibaum identified the personal care and packaging sectors as the most promising segments because of rising consumer-driven economies and industrialization. A report by research firm IHS said that specialty chemicals market, dominated by companies from North America, Western Europe and Japan, will face more competition from Asian companies amid pressure caused by rising cost.
It warned that as competition increases, the industry will become more consolidated with mergers and acquisitions. Lu Jinyong, a professor at the University of International Business and Economics, confirmed that trend by saying that the biggest potential for growth in China for the next decade lies in the development of the third- or even fourth-tier cities, where distribution channels should be set up in advance. The minimal growth this quarter is primarily attributed to strong smartphone saturation in developed markets, as well as a year-on-year decline from two market leaders Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the report said. Despite the slight decline, the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge sold vigorously in March and was helped by numerous enticing carrier promotions to help push volume. In contrast, smaller local vendors such as vivo and Oppo, are targeting the youth market that has not been fully explored, not only in China, but also in other emerging markets including India.
Its expansion in the domestic market has been via offline channels and a strong push to lower-tier cities. A model displays an Oppo brand mobile phone that carries the logo of FC Barcelona in Beijing. HNA Tourism Group Co will acquire Carlson and its 51.3 percent stake in Rezidor Hotel Group AB, Carlson's Brussels-based master licensee for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and may begin a takeover offer for all of Rezidor, the companies said in a statement on Wednesday. The HNA acquisition is part of a wave of Chinese investment in overseas hotel properties and brands.
Carlson Hotels has 1,400 properties with more than 220,000 rooms under operation and development in 115 countries and territories.
Under a memorandum of understanding signed on Wednesday, the two organizations will cooperate in tackling online IP infringement. For example, they will help IP rights holders find out if their rights are being infringed, and if so, will take down the infringed content from the Baidu search engine.
Beijing-based Baidu said in a statement that it will set up a platform dedicated to processing tipoffs about both Chinese-language and English-language IP infringement and create a healthy internet environment. The move was welcomed by international publishers looking to generate significant revenue in China by exporting their digital content. The United Kingdom's publishing industry, for example, has a third of its total revenue coming from digital sales and 40 percent from exports, including a significant portion from China. In Germany and Austria today there are signs of the seriousness with which geopathic stress is taken. If you find time, this geopathic stress documentary is extremely interesting and compliments the work I have been doing over the last 12 years and 30 years my father before me with the same conclusions.
Please scroll down the articles on this page for a more scientific understanding of geopathic stress. There is also an interesting piece of research at the end of the page about the credibility of Vega testing for geopathic stress. The most useful research document is below under the heading a€?Vienna Reporta€™ Read my summary and then either open up the original research document in German or the Poor English translation after the summary.
The first studies that proved a link between cancer and geopathic stress were carried out in the early 20th century in Austria and Germany but, so far geopathic stress has been largely ignored in the UK.
A A A  Long term exposure in combination with other types of energy such as Hartman lines, high electromagnetic fields or geological faults can give rise to optimistic abnormal cell growth and cancer. Germany has long been the seat of research in to the biological effects that pathogenic locations can have on both human and plant biochemistry. Historic roots of the investigation are built on claims that pathogenic zones exist at certain locations and that sleeping or spending long periods of time above them are linked to cancer, debilitating diseases of the central nervous system, chronic fatigue and general ill health. The research was conducted by a team of distinguished professors, doctors, engineers, scientists and dowsers. To test this hypothesis the research team used the services of three dowsers known for there expertise in locating earth energies.

At present, these so called a€?Disturbed Zonesa€™ can only be indicated by dowsers, with its presence being then verified with scientific instrumentation. The Project a€?The project involved the testing of 24 different biological parameters involving 985 trial volunteers in 6,943 investigations using 462, 421 individual measurements.
Decoder Analysis of the Total Bioelectric Status a€?This investigation was significant and was carried out on a number of patients from a country medical practice. Heart Frequency Reaction (HFR) a€?In these investigations measurements from an electrocardiogram (ECG) were used in both sitting and lying down positions. Akrale Re-warming Time a€?The temperature measurement at the finger tips revealed that after standardized cooling on the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™ the Rewarming time is delayed significantly. Optical Flicker Fusion Frequency a€?This test measures the psycho sensory capabilities of the person. Coordinative Vegetative Rhythm a€?Passive rhythms such as breath and pulse frequency operate in balanced Coordinative rhythms especially when at rest. Muscle Frequency Analysis a€?Significant location variations in the distribution of the muscle action frequencies were found in areas of electric muscle potential. Calcium and Potassium a€?On a€?Disturbed Zonesa€™ potassium levels increased with a rising significance and calcium increased significantly. Serotonin a€?Decreased by a factor of 6 on the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™ whilst increasing its metabolism to advance Tryptophan in compensation. The a€?Location Effecta€™ of the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™ on regulatory systems of the human organism is proved without doubt and raises the question of which substratum, subsystem or system the location dependent powers primarily attack.
The test results were lined up by Biometric Significance and are valued with the Serotonin and the Blood Corpuscle Decline Speed (BSG) in lead position. Serotonin a€?Serotonin is diminished on the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™ and its metabolism advances the tendency for Tryptophan to be increased. The research team concluded that there was no evidence to relate a€?Location Loada€™ to a specific illness but should be rather determined as a risk factor that can reinforce the effect of different pathogenic factors.
Only rudimental evidence is available today, if such zones could be measured using accepted physical apparatus. One of the reasons why an incontrovertible physical measurement of the assumedly existing electromagnetic fields appears to be impossible at present could be that these are very variable, broad-banded and at the same time only present in very low power strengths, a€?hiddena€? in the surrounding electromagnetic noise. One can assume that there are many origins for the effects of different locations on humans, animals and plants. Low energy, broad-banded and dynamically changing EMFs, creating resonance with structures of the human organism, may well be part of the geopathy phenomenon. In addition, the dipolar nature of H2O-molecules can also be part of the origin of such fields.
Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain crystals and certain ceramic materials to generate electrical and magnetic signals in response to applied mechanical stress. Inside an ideal quartz crystal, the electrical charge of the elements silicon and oxygen cancel each other out.
Another well known use of piezoelectricity is found in lighters using piezoelectric ignition: There, sudden mechanical pressure onto a synthetic quartz crystal block (containing high amounts of exactly aligned synthetic lattice crystal cells) leads to the generation of high voltage.
Another aspect of the geopathy phenomenon, which appears to be largely underestimated in its importance, could be found in the presence of a€?longitudinal scalar wavesa€? (5). The existence of longitudinal wave proportions, as also present in the near field of a dipol antenna, could already be shown experimentally by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) (16-16). Proteins and most other bio-molecules are not at all a€?nonrigida€? structures; in order to fulfill their functions, they possess the ability to dynamically change their shapes within certain limits.
Huge amounts of very tiny magnetic crystals (magnetite crystals) have been found in the brain, and these could react very sensitively to the slightest changes in magnetic fields (20).
Even though in today's popular media, pseudo-scientific and quasi-medical reports on the topic of geopathy are presented to the public, no a€?peer revieweda€? medical journal indexed in MedLine had published statistically firm and sound provable evidence of geopathic effects on humans until most recently. Our first concepts how to address the geopathy phenomenon were based on the descriptions and personal discussions with the late Otto Bergsmann (a€  2004) and Alois Stacher (medical doctors, both from Vienna, Austria) and carried out in close co-operation with Adolf Wiebecke and his team (Salzburg and Oberalm, Austria). For detection geopathic stress, we have followed the design of a randomized, double-blinded non-clinical trial (54-44), following the ethical guidelines of the expanded Helsinki Declaration (56). During the experiments, the complete GDV system was mounted on a trolley, in order to measure the effects of the two different zones in the laboratory room directly a€?on sitea€? without moving the test person to another place. To gain reliable data, we paid careful attention to a number of issues influencing stability, reproducibility and safety (24, 30, 37, 45): Throughout the whole study, the very same GDV system was used. As overlaying technical fields possibly influencing the results may have been present, we used sophisticated calibrated equipment to scan and record low and high frequency EMFs, potential acoustic noxae or vibrations during the whole study period, as well as a variety of additional physical parameters.
Further analyses were carried out for complementary medical parameters included in the GDV software package. Those people who are already in the beginning stages of poor health may sense an added sensitivity for diseases of different kinds when staying longer on geopathic locations, as well as notice that healing processes may take longer than usual.
As there are no reliable measuring instruments available so far, presently it makes sense to take advice from an experienced dowser. If constructional arrangements are not possible before erecting a building or before starting a reconstruction, which is supposedly the case in most instances, there are also other practical possibilities: provided that there is a will to do so, it should be possible to move beds or desk seats, in order to get them out of interference zones. Everyone can do something to prevent negative influences by sources that cause stress: anything that lowers stress in general also helps one deal with specific stress factors, and zones, from any origin. Furthermore, many studies confirm that people who are a€?living healthilya€? a€“ who manage their weight, refrain from smoking, enjoy the outdoors, participate in sports, etc., - have stronger immune systems and feel definitely less stress than their a€?unhealthy livinga€? fellow men. For those who cannot (or do not want to) adopt many of the above mentioned choices, due to illness, age, or some other reasons, things could become more difficult.
Our studies show that it does matter on which location you stay for a longer period of time. What is the relevance of our findings for hospitals, convalescent homes and rehabilitation centers?
The term a€?wellnessa€?, which is composed of the ideals a€?well-beinga€? and a€?fitnessa€? as well as a€?life-stylea€? and a€?happinessa€?, to a modern point of view denotes a holistic concept of health.
In a pilot study (unpublished findings), we have found indications of more aggressive behavior by children living or working on geopathic locations. Naturally, the negative effects of geopathic stress zones also have considerable commercial impact. The follow-up costs associated with longer a€?chronica€? stays on geopathic interference zones are probably enormous: As said before, geopathy is a matter of a€?burdened work placesa€? leading to decreased ability of the employees to concentrate and to increased probability of employees' illnesses. So far, the present scientific evidence of effects of geopathic zones on humans has been mainly found using complementary medical methods, with the exception of the GDV a€?area-of-glowa€? parameter. At the same time, we have already started experiments above different geological zones to test such key parameters contained in saliva, using biochemical assaying well accepted by orthodox medicine: various hormones, neuropeptides and immunological relevant substances are going to be tested a€?non-invasivelya€?. The authors extend thanks for their great help in conducting the quoted research and its essential components to this manuscript. For their innovative and far-seeing pioneering work and active scientific exchange in the field of geopathy we thank Univ.-Doz.
When it comes to the topic of earth radiation, water veins and earth dislocations a€“ the so-called geological disturbances a€“ the layperson will usually associate this with hocus-pocus concepts such as a€?Dowsers,a€? often a man with large whiskers and an ironic smile. Many people do not believe the dowsera€™s tale, and associate it with occult illusion a€“ even if successes have been reported simply by moving a bed to a different area of the room. The most common reason for the prejudice of the person listening -- who generally considers himself to be moderna€?and intelligent -- is the fact that nowhere do we find soa€?many absurdities, contradictions and a€?silly thingsa€? as in this area.
Ten allegedly qualified dowsers generally come to ten different conclusions in the same apartment or building. I am sickened when I am told how people play tricks with the fears and hopes of seriously ill individuals. I hope to make a contribution in this area so that we may have an objective discussion of this subject. For years, sensitive electronic measuring devices have verified the old knowledge about earth radiations.
You can actually measure the natural radioactive radiation from the earth, all over the globe. We are born amid these natural manifold-radiating processes and there is no doubt that they are appropriate, important, healthy, and life protecting. But there are also zones (areas) where radiation intensities are noticeably different from the norm. I might measure a level of radiation along a long-line, for example, and often the intensity will change suddenly, giving me an entirely different value. Sometimes these higher intensity zones area€?frequent and can be detected every other yarda€?or so.
It is interesting to note that gifted dowsers will show swinging of rods or pendulums exactly where you would measure these significant anomalies too. I do not like to define, prematurely, every swing of a rod by a gifted dowser or every measured peculiarity as a a€?water veina€? or a a€?dislocation.a€? I have never dug into the ground to find the object which I assumed to be in existence while I was measuring on top of the ground. It is the task of science to connect one thing with another, and to analyze these connections. My practical experience is sufficient for me to know that concentrations of terrestrial radiation can be measured, and the findings will show noticeable differences from natural points of reference in the natural environment. What do we really measure, with our sensitive electronic instruments, if the objects are earth radiation, geological disturbances, water veins and dislocations? I refer to my own personal experiences, with different measuring approaches, and do not pretend exclusiveness. That means: when you are above geological disturbances you can measure the distortion of the terrestrial magnetic field, similarly to that of magnetic steel. Here the compass is not the appropriate device because the declinations are so small that they cannot generate any substantial swing. This measurement approach is not appropriate for house and bedroom examinations, however, because the artificial distortions coming from steel used in construction, materials, metal fixtures, and even the bed itself, can cause a blur in the measurement or make a reading entirely impossible.
I think the argument is exaggerated; that these anomalies of terrestrial magnetic fields above geological disturbances are sufficient to cause biological problems. Conclusion: Though you can measure geological peculiarities, the application a€“ in rooms a€“ is rarely reliable. A second peculiarity, as far as earth radiation is concerned, is that air ions often change. Ion measurements are extremely difficult and ambiguous since many factors in your house mix up the air ions even more than the terrestrial radiation is capable of. This measurement is just impossible under the influence of an electrically radiating wall, or an electrostatically loaded curtain. I have discovered that a plastic bag, within a five-yard distance of the measurement, can change the environment of the air ions more radically than what could be possible from the geological subsoil. Measurements of the VHF field strength often show a drop in the measurement curve when taken above disturbances. Within buildings, however, evaluations are almost impossible as the measurements within walls are highly unreliable.
One has to be very critical and attentive so as not to be taken in by too rash and incorrect conclusions. Many manuals say that locating geological disturbances by using the VHF field strength is childa€™s play. The geo-rhythmogram measures the skin resistance of a person from hand to hand with simple electrodes and a fitting ohm-meter. When the skin resistance of a test person is normal, at 40 kilo ohm (Aschoff), the values can go up to 100, 200, or even higher when you are above zones of disturbance.
Even when all pre-conditions are fulfilled some problems remain: All stimuli towards the test person will be included into the measurement. Only with enough experience can you relate anomalies of the skin resistance to geological stimuli, and totally exclude that they are not produced from radio alarms or a spring mattress. If you can do that, then the physical measurement can be reproduced and give a reliable result.
Particularly interesting is the fifth possible approach to measuring terrestrial radiation. That means: As I measure the natural radioactive radiation with a sensitive radiometer, I will get values of 100 percent or more if the measure is above a so-called disturbance zone.
Though the natural basic radioactivity of the earth has some local differences due to climate and the earth level, the base level is generally consistent. From my experience, regular and reproducible increases in radioactivity above geological stimuli areas, in the range of up to 100 percent, are profound and are significant.
If you can sleep for the next 20 years with only half the amount of radioactive disintegrations -- after a change of the bedroom position a€“ then, as a matter of caution, I see no reason to stay in the area that is doubly charged. I think it is greatly exaggerated to speak rashly of a€?cancer zonesa€? if you are referring to terrestrial radiation and other corresponding peculiarities. According to my own personal experience, and the findings of innumerable research and test reports, the healing successes after moving the bed cannot be discounted merely as psychological reaction placebo or coincidence.
During a meeting in Seattle, USA, I detected this phenomenon in a 22 floor hotel, on six different levels: in the underground garage, at the first floor near the reception, and on the roof -- always the same high values, down below and at the top, on the same premises.
As you know, I have found houses in which the radioactive radiation was higher than that which could be found in playgrounds and public swimming pools near the Chernobyl accident.
The reason for this is radioactive construction materials: cinders, ashes, chemical gypsum, tiles, pumice and metallurgical stones -- all sorts of possible and impossible industry waste. Additionally, certain antiques, minerals and glazes a€“ in direct range of your body a€“ can radiate so strongly that biological risks can become immense. While visiting three patients with brain tumors, I found just beside the head of one person a very old alarm clock that was radiating radioactivity; with another, a dark green glazed image of St. For measuring terrestrial radiation, I use my most expensive instruments: highly sensitive scintillation counters.
My experiences with measurements of radioactivity soon led to the decision to build a measuring device especially well-suited for building, biological, and geo-biological work, and one that was constructed to my own specifications. The very high sensitivity of the third prototype convinced me: more than 250 impulses per second in a normal radiation background, and more than 500 impulses per second on geologically disturbed surfaces.
Besides its extreme measuring preciseness, the scintillation counter has the particular advantage of being extremely sensitive to gamma rays.
With his super-sensitive measuring device (of more than 1,000 impulses per second!), he has shown that you can find water from the ground surface - guaranteed. More than 35 years of experience makes it possible for Stangle to define, with his measurements, the exact depth, the amount a€“ to the very gallon -- the mineralization, and the temperature of the localized water. The Daimler-Benz company made five expensive unsuccessful drillings before they called Jakob Stangle with his scintillation counter. In 1972 Jakob Stangle walked through Vilsbiburg with his scintillation counter and totally confirmed the work of his sensitive predecessor by exact measurements, in two absolute blind tests.
An architect intended to buy and renovate a large villa at the Baldeney Lake in Essen, Germany. Another time, a doctor recommended to the manager of a concert agency to have her home examined by me. She also looked into the geological maps and found the disturbance was mapped by the Krefeld agency.
After these results, I bought several geological maps from North Rhine Westfalia, Germany, and checked ten plotted geological disturbances with my measuring devices. Campers will experience all of this under the watchful eye of a supportive camp staff, which will allow them to grow and become more comfortable as they gain this newfound independence.
Small group instruction as well as a friendly and encouraging staff enhances their ability to see, hear and read first hand about their improvement on the court.
Leader’s Summit is an in-depth leadership training event for students, teacher sponsors and campus coaches involved in First Priority local campus ministries. Students said they like to attend the Leader’s Summit because it’s a good way to grow closer to Christ. Chick-fil-A sponsored the event by providing financial support, materials, entertainment and lunch for everyone in attendance. Students stressed that they would really like to see their First Priority club grow and the Leader’s Summit helped them gain confidence to reach out to students in their school. The Shanghai Tower will house offices, a hotel, museum and art gallery, and will be a venue for conferences and exhibitions. Ticket prices for the deck, which will provide a bird's-eye view of the city, have yet to be set, Ge says. More than 20,000 pieces of glass covering 220,000 square meters were used on the building's exterior. The energy automation system has a real-time electricity consumption monitoring function that can save up to 10 percent of total energy use. The costs of treating these diseases accounted for more than 70 percent of total healthcare expenditures last year.
Prevention and the control of such diseases are one of China's major healthcare reform tasks leading up to 2020.
Technology companies are rushing to revolutionize the sector by partnering with public hospitals and acquiring private ones. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, Tencent Holdings Ltd and a string of startups are all eyeing the niche.
That makes Longmaster the controlling stakeholder, not just a software provider to a hospital. Without a hospital, it is impossible for us to be deeply engaged, let alone revolutionize the sector with technology and service-oriented minds," says Wang Wei, chairman of Guiyang Longmaster Information & Technology Co Ltd. The company has arranged 15 doctors to run the Guizhou Internet Hospital on a full-time basis, he says. Similar to a project initiated by one of its rivals, Haodf, Longmaster is planning to launch an online platform in May to link nationwide patients with complicated and serious diseases to leading doctors from top-tier cities. Now, Chinese consumers have developed a growing interest in new energy vehicles," Wang says. By 2020, the company aims to have another six logistics centers, in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Shenzhen and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, bringing its total national warehousing capacity to 1 square kilometer. The sudden single-day decline of 2.31 percent on April 20 triggered fears and selling pressure in the market.
But their strength should not be mistaken for sustainability or for a renewed growth cycle," he adds. He is one of the first Chinese analysts to make such bullish remarks since the benchmark Shanghai index began moving sideways around the 3,000 mark a few weeks ago. Life insurers, in particular, will likely suffer a profit decline of as much as 72.56 percent.
The decline has also to do with the high base last year when the stock market was surging," he says. Eyewear is going to deal with health and well-being, much more than we can even remotely think today," he says.
We have a part of our company that is dedicated to the development of new technologies such as 3-D printing and new ways of using eyewear.
So products that are better and higher in quality have become much more desirable to the Chinese consumers. For me, working in an international environment, speaking the languages and understanding the mentality of new markets have been the bread of my life.
I can clearly see in the next 10 years it will be one of the most important markets for our company.
The organization will not just enlarge with size but will be more involved with China's changes. Over the years, we will meet the evolved Chinese competitors at the middle point of the market.
I like when I am in the situation that when I wake up in the morning, things are completely different from the previous night, and I have to figure out how to get along with it.
For example, in biking, my goal is to reach the top of the mountain with my bike, so I will go as far as I can to get close to my goal. Talking about the Ghibli sedan, I think the average age is 30, and we have approximately 40 percent female customers.
Typical customers in the old markets like Western Europe, the United States and Canada are male over 55, accounting for more than 80 percent.
We do not want to and we will not participate in the race about volumes for various reasons. If you look globally to the luxury car market, there are slightly more than 1 million units, of which over 50 percent are SUVs. Evergrande may want to improve its access to funding and securing a stake of more than 20 percent also means that it can record a share of Shengjing Bank's profits in its earnings. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd shares trade at a 20 percent premium in Shanghai to their Hong Kong price.
Evergrande agreed earlier this month to pay 3.6 billion yuan for a stake in China Calxon Group Co. Anta has become the first Chinese sportswear brand to reach this threshold, according to the company.
It will provide uniforms and equipment for 10 Chinese national teams - gymnastics, trampoline, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, boxing, taekwondo, rowing, canoeing and water polo.
A pair of basketball sneakers co-branded by Anta and NBA sell at 399 yuan or 499 yuan, whereas a similar pair of shoes from adidas or Nike cost more than 1,000 yuan.
That means even though China has short-term setbacks in its economy, the fundamental picture for the chemicals market will not change in the long term," said Christian Kohlpaintner, member of the executive committee of Clariant International AG. By offering cost-effective products that appeal to the younger generation, they have an edge over global giants, said Zhu. Moreover, it focuses on the global market, expanding its business throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Similar to Oppo, vivo's retail presence and marketing in lower-tier markets were particularly strong and a key factor in its growth. Oppo is targeting younger customers not only in China, but also in emerging markets worldwide. Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group Co made a surprise $14 billion bid for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc in March before walking away unexpectedly three weeks later, enabling Marriott International Inc to proceed with a takeover.
Besides Radisson, Radisson Blu and Radisson Red, the company owns the Quorvus Collection, Park Inn by Radisson, Country Inns & Suites by Carlson and the Club Carlson frequent-guest program. The search engine giant had been accused in the past of allowing unauthorized digital content of books and music on its sites.
Wahls Publishing Consultancy, said the agreement is very encouraging for publishers and authors. If you continue to stay in these areas especially during sleep, then in the long term the stresses on our bodies will emerge as more serious conditions such as, diseases of the central nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), miscarriages, and cancer. Not only are the public more generally aware, but their governments funds aid and continuing research in to the matter. Geopathic Stress is only one of them and it is becoming more difficult to gauge especially when the natural energy field is constantly changed and amplified by man-made electromagnetic fields. The phenomenon has been linked to insomnia, migraine, headaches, loss of balance, short -term memory loss, joint pain, cot death, infertility, miscarriages, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and cancer. It has been known for a long time that when there is flowing water under a dwelling the inhabitants always feel more tired, are prone to premature aging and have a loss of vitality than those who sleep above neutral ground. I have the original 134 page research document in German and a badly translated version in English.
These pathogenic locations defined in the report as, a€?earth radiation's evoked by a discontinuity of the normal physical parameters on the surface of the earth,a€™ and shortened to a€?Disturbed Zonesa€™ are the subject of the research. Such locations have been termed in China and many European countries as either a€?curseda€™ or a€?cancera€™ houses. The functioning hypothesis of the research was that geophysical characteristics of the surface of the earth are not uniform and that location dependent influences exist that can have a detrimental effect on both human and plant biochemical systems. They were enlisted to independently dowse eight different locations and submit reports and diagrams of the strongest a€?Disturbed Zonesa€™ found, together with a a€?Neutral Zonea€™ at the same location to enable them to carryout double blind experiments with volunteers at each selected location. Technology does not yet exist to do this the other way round; the dowser does not yet appear to be replaceable with scientific instrumentation. However because of the high standard of the research only significant results were accepted. The stereotypical result on the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™ was deterioration of the electro-biological functioning in the sense of depression or blockage of bioelectric functions. In the 15 minute time exposure on the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™ the results remained under the significance barrier. An apparatus able to discriminate such low energy broadband EMFs from noise apparently is not yet available. Both, technical and biological systems can be influenced by EMFs, whereby numerous questions are still open, such as the concerning limits and the nature of physical interference fields (5). As an extremely dielectric medium, water favors the formation of potential vortices, which immediately after their formation contract swiftly. In nature, piezoelectrical dischargings can occur in some areas of geological a€?warpsa€? containing quartz sand particles, and may be another plausible cause of geopathic stress effects (14). When a crystal lattice cell is compressed by mechanical pressure, an imbalance is the result, manifesting itself in the development of a tiny electrical voltage (Fig.
In spite of the fact that scalar waves in the field theory of Maxwell are usually neglected and set to zero, numerous experiments can lead to the conclusion that they do really exist and influence the human organism (5).
The presence of pure physical interactions and in addition also of a€?physiologic sensorsa€? located inside the body can be assumed. Physical resonance is defined as a synchronization of two sources which vibrate with the same pulse frequency but with contrary polarity. Internal protein dynamics can potentially affect protein function through a variety of mechanisms, some of which are tautological or obvious in nature while others are subtle and remain to be fully explored and appreciated (18). Black dots on magnetic resonance imaging pictures (MRI) of human brain tissue led researches to the idea that these could be magnetic particles.
Evidence that these microscopically small magnetite particles would function for some kind of sensory perception in humans could not yet been confirmed. Previously described effects and descriptions of the pioneers (1, 3 and others) in this area unfortunately arena€™t available in the standardized, scientifically acceptable nor reproducible format required for peer-reviewed medical journals, but rather as monographs. Because of the lack of a€?directa€? physical measurement techniques for the doubtlessly existing a€zenergy fieldsa€? at least partly originating in the ground, we decided to use the human body as an indicator.
Being fascinated by its highly sensitive ability to detect stress effects, and also by the fact that this method is being used world-widely for manifold applications combining a€?pure physicsa€? with complimentary evaluation of apparently high accuracy, we could reproducibly show using this method that different zones above ground do exhibit different effects on the human organism.
In addition to the promising data presented in numerous publications before, including our own, we are presently in the middle of an evaluation targeting a validation of GDV mean area-of-glow as a reliable measure of certain aspects of stress. All test persons had been informed about the GDV system and related safety issues, and about the fact that they may feel a slight a€?crawlinga€? in their finger tips. In practice, to capture one a€?static GDV imagea€?, a very stable high voltage (10 kV, 1.024 Hz, square pulses) is pulsed on and off every 10 ms for a duration of 0,5 s. For each test person and test phase, 50 single static measurements were performed (each finger tip was measured 5 times for 0,5 s). Before use, the GDV camera (kept inside the laboratory at constant room temperature) was switched on at least 30 minutes prior to measurement, and careful calibrations were performed. In addition to the calculation of descriptive data (mean, median, standard deviation etc.), we carried out Gaussian normality tests and subsequently used the paired two-sample t-test for dependent variables to determine whether there are significant differences between the 4 experimental sub-period results.
The two measurement areas in the laboratory used for the experiments turned out to be indistinguishable from the aspect of technical fields and acoustic background noise, and the field strength and loudness levels present were far below existing (safety) guidelines. Statistical significance again was enormously high (p < 0,0001) when compared to the results on those zones without the a€?Wavea€? device (24).
In later stages, it my not be impossible though that chronic stress caused by geopathic locations may finally even forward the development of malignant disease. However, according to the Munich barn-experiments (66-68) and other independent investigations, only a low percentage of the people claiming to be successful dowsers are actually capable of making reproducible and reliable conclusions. This includes methods of stress-management and relaxation techniques, such as meditation, tai chi, guided imaginative journeying, and also certain hypnotherapeutic approaches (69-73). Para-scientific reports about sleeplessness or higher rates of occurrence of different diseases have been with us for many years. In hospitals, observant physicians and nurses sometimes know from experience that there appear to be locations of sickbeds where, remarkably, many patients have a delayed recovery, or in especially blatant cases they may not recover at all. Wellness enhancing methods and applications aim to increase physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Individual performance on a€?interference reduceda€? zones increases, and all sides - superintendents, managers and employees - would possibly benefit.

This can produce enormous costs for our social and health systems, and the hidden costs we can only suspect today. As preliminarily presented in this book, we have already obtained data underlining the validity of GSV as a reliable instrument for measuring stress, provided that all pre-cautions are taken into account and that well-trained and experienced persons use it. Adolf WIEBECKE (Oberalm bei Salzburg), whom we want to congratulate for his most promising invention of the a€?Wavea€? device, for the possibility of doing experimental research using his device. Seidel P, Schmidl F, Becker C, Springborn U, Biering S, Grosse V, FA¶rster T, Lorenz P, Bechstein R: Planar high-temperature superconducting dc-SQUID gradiometers for different applications.
Hong R, Zhang Y, Liu Y, Weng EQ: Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on DNA of testicular cells and sperm chromatin structure in mice.
Chen P, Yang YQ, Tao HH, Yang HC: Effects of electromagnetic fields of different frequencies on proliferation and DNA damage of gallbladder cancer cells. Nylund R, Leszczynski D: Mobile phone radiation causes changes in gene and protein expression in human endothelial cell lines and the response seems to be genome- and proteome-dependent. Grassi C, Da€™Ascenzo M, Torsello A, Martinotti G, Wolf F, Cittadini A, Azzena GB: Effects of 50 Hz electromagnetic fields on voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and their role in modulation of neuroendocrine cell proliferation and death.
Hecker R: Emission elektrischer und magnetischer Signale von Gestein infolge A¤uAYerer mechanischer Belastungen.
Baureus Koch CL, Sommarin M, Persson BR, Salford LG, Eberhardt JL: Interaction between weak low frequency magnetic fields and cell membranes. Mathie A, Kennard LE, Veale EL: Neuronal ion channels and their sensitivity to extremely low frequency weak electric field effects.
Dobson P, Oa€™Keefe E: Investigations into stress and its management using the gas discharge visualization technique.
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Kato M, Honma K, Shigemitsu T, Shiga Y: Circularly polarized 50-Hz magnetic field exposure reduces pineal gland and blood melatonin concentrations of Long-Evans rats.
Burch JB, Reif JS, Yost MG: Geomagnetic disturbances are associated with reduced nocturnal excretion of a melatonin metabolite in humans. Jajte J, Zmyslony M: The role of melatonin in the molecular mechanism of weak, static and extremely low frequency (50 Hz) magnetic fields (ELF). Torpy DJ, Chrousos GP: The three-way interactions between the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal and gonadal axes and the immune system. This often results in the purchase of expensive screening and de-jamming devices, for which only the unreliable producer and distributor gets any profit. We all know that the earth a€“ in fact, all of life a€“ a€?radiatesa€? as a natural process.a€?There exists a strong terrestrial magnetic field, which guarantees that the top of a compass is always drawn to the north, no matter where you are in the world. It has been known for a long time that underground watercourses and geological dislocation produce spectacular radiation intensities. Sensitive magnetometers can, however, easily make these distortions visible and can be defined as biologically effective by experts. This method is only justified when you know that artificial fields, from say a€“ magnetic steel, are not in the area. That is hardly possible because the magnetic field of some spring mattresses equals more than a hundred water veins. The importance of these findings to the area above the disturbance is very much in dispute.
The results of these unqualified statements are that credulous laymen go over their bedrooms with a 30 dollar portable radio and assume there are water veins (and other phenomena of terrestrial radiation) whenever NBC or ABC gets bad reception, or a song by Elvis is jammed by noise. The much more exact electro- geobioscopy measures the skin resistance between one hand and acupuncture points on the other hand.
You should consider however, that every response of a human being to the stimuli of his environment is a specific one, ita€™s individual, and cannot be easily transferred to others. This radioactive electromagnetic radiation is considered the most penetrating, strongest and biologically most hazardous kind of all of the known radioactive rays.
But no onea€?can deny that an avoidable risk exists undera€?long-term influence, such as sleeping every nighta€?for eight hours in the same physical position, and doing that for many years.
Regardless of the kind of radiation, no sensible scientist dares to contradict this opinion.
For measuring construction material, I use proportional and Geiger-Muller-counter tubes, and xenon-large-area detectors. The rays are converted into light flashes, boosted as electrical impulses via a photo-multiplier and then calculated and displayed by sophisticated electronics.
Wust had already reported about measurements of gamma rays at a€?geopathic zones.a€? The scientists, physicists and doctors Williams, Weber, Cody, Lorenz and Bickel (the last one from California) had made similar successful experiments. He, more than anybody else, has shown that there is a relationship between subterraneous water sources and ionizing radioactive radiation. All bells rang when the drilling machine cut the granite crack 500 yards below a€“ out of which the curative water came. There turns out to be significant relationships between these zones and cancer patients of the town, as they were sleeping exactly above these zones. My measurement of the radioactivity, with the scintillation counter, showed a 12-yard wide disturbance that could be detected in the whole house, outside the building, and in the nearby yard. He found there was indeed a water-bearing dislocation, which was officially plotted on two geological maps made in 1911 and in 1980. In all cases, my scintillation counter showed, for hundreds of yards, values that were well above average. They will spend 5.5-6 hours of tennis on court each day that will provide the young players with a fun, yet challenging learning environment. They are willing to invest more in the supply chain to ensure their products reach consumers in time.
That's up 280 percent from China's total outbound insurance M&A value in 2014, according to financial data provider Dealogic. Claudio Gottardi, president and CEO of New York-based Marchon Eyewear Inc, sees the future of glasses not just in fashionable design, but also in portable technology.
Without competition, we would all do the same thing for maybe the next 20 years because nobody would have to invest and make it better.
There are also some smaller markets - Italy, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom and so on.
So, we used the chance to reinforce our dealer network and to improve preparations because today a new SUV is coming and the local operations need to be strengthened. For high-end products, the two giants still have significant advantages over the others in major cities. Carlson's hotel group could fetch about $2 billion in a sale, people with knowledge of the matter said in March. Had Anbang bought Starwood, it would have been the biggest acquisition of a US company by a Chinese buyer. While we are asleep our body should be resting so it can repair body cells, fight infections and absorb nutrients from food.
In some schools children are moved at frequent intervals to avoid possible harmful effects. If geopathic stress is suspected, it makes sense to move away from the source or to think about dealing with the threat.
Women are more likely to be at risk from geopathic stress because their hormonal systems are more susceptible. While water running beneath a domestic dwelling should be avoided, a stream situated nearby and open to the sky will favourably discharge its negative energies harmlessly into the atmosphere. The aim of the report is to establish whether these a€?Disturbed Sitesa€™ can produce statistically significant results to support the high degree of topicality the phenomenon is having in both main stream and alternative medical practices. A number of these were rejected when illnesses (circulation interference and infections) were discovered. Three silver electrodes were used placed on the forehead, palms and soles; a microprocessor based unit automatically produced the results. All measured parameters gave reference to location dependence with the integral rake size for Systolic ventricle work showing significantly different behaviour. It was thought however, that if the experiment allowed further time exposure the investigation may have achieved a significant result.
The Biometric analysis showed that on the a€?Indifferent Zonea€™ the pulse-breath quotient remained in balance but was significantly affected on the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™.
One of the main functions of Serotonin is to act as a neurotransmitter in the parasympathetic system which controls energy provision. Gernot PAUSER: University Clinic for Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine and General Intensive Care, Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg, University Clinics of the Paracelsus Private Medical University, Salzburg Federal Clinics (SALK), Salzburg, Austria.
A recent technological innovation can now aid us in this quest, allowing a sophisticated physical measurability of deviations of the earth's magnetic field: the SQUIDa€“technology. In addition to the discussed weak, broadband transversal electromagnetic and magnetic fields assumed to be originated in the ground, other forms of a€?energiesa€? might exist, such as the often controversially discussed longitudinal scalar waves (5). There is growing experimental evidence that EMFs - at least those of technical origin a€“ can have significant effects on cells and the entire organism. If you turn a water molecule with its electric charge distribution, then from the moving charge a magnetic field results. The effect was already discovered in 1824 by David Brewster and then experimentally elaborated by Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880. According to Professor Konstantin Meyl (Furtwangen University, Germany), to a measurement technician scalar waves experimentally manifest as (antenna-)noise, a mixture of frequencies and wavelengths. However, an extensive discussion of the origin and effects of radioactivity from the ground would go far beyond the scope of this manuscript. In the case of resonance, information is being exchanged, energies are transmitted and, in fact, a component of balance between the sources is being formed (from personal communication, A. Certain processes of proteins as parts of their 3-D conformation have the ability to oscillate or rotate.
From post mortem brains, magnetite crystals of a size of 50 nm could be isolated, and their magnetic field could be measured. However, speculations are that the presence of magnetite crystals in brain might be understood as proof of a a€?submerged magnetic sensora€?, similar to that of carrier pigeons or whales, theoretically easing human orientation and direction a€“ thus a kind of a€?relict of evolutiona€?.
Nevertheless, this doesna€™t lower their importance and relevance: Those pioneers in research on the geopathy phenomenon neither had the scientific-medical verifiability methods that are available today, nor was the time mature for such publications in the kind of medical journals we know today. In our first approaches, we utilized methods from complementary medicine (bio-resonance, kinesiology, heart-rate variability, etc.). Petersburg, Russia), as used in that work, delivers a number of sensitive and reproducible parameters (25-46).
Although not yet completed, our tests appear to show that this is indeed the case: Parallel measurements of the diurnal time courses of GDV mean area of glow and of biochemical parameters collected from saliva (50-53) indicate that the diurnal curve progressions of GDV image areas and the levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) go parallel, whilst another accepted parameter of stress, saliva alpha-amylase, progresses just the opposite to IgA and GDV. Fifty-two voluntary test persons were measured at two locations, one of which has been identified by a group of six distinguished dowsers as being a a€?geopathic zonea€? and the other a a€?neutral zonea€?.
The electric field produces a visible gas discharge glow around the fingertip (Kirlian image), and such corona discharges have been recorded from each of the 10 fingertips of the test person repeatedly.
In addition, we have recorded dynamic GDV images from both ring fingers, repeated 3 times during each test period. Each test person was asked to thoroughly wash their hands using a pH neutral laboratory soap (without re-fattening properties), followed by wiping the fingertips with alcohol. From the results of our studies it can be concluded that geopathic zones do cause stress in nearly all of the persons tested. Such zones might cause distress (a€?malignant stressa€?) even when present for a short time, but there are also reports that (not scientifically proven) energetically stimulating zones (a€?positive energy zonesa€?) might exist, often also referred to as a€?power placesa€?.
During the planning stage in construction of new buildings, the geopathy phenomenon should be taken into account, so as to consciously design and construct buildings and rooms in a manner that, in areas where people will stay for longer periods of time, geopathic exposure should be as low as possible. Therefore it makes sense to consult with a competent building environment engineer who has experience, skill and expertise in these matters.
Interestingly, these positive lifestyle choices may also show up indirectly and in the subconscious: even technically derived EMFs seem to have much less of a negative effect with people who prefer such an a€?awarea€? way of life.
It is clear that the accumulation of different factors stress can have strong effects on humans, animals and even plants. One of the tests, taken in a care center for children displaying behavioral problems, additionally showed, among other changes, that the incidence of bedwetting [nocturnal enuresis] definitely decreased when the a€?Wavea€? was present, and that the learning ability and the quality of sleep changed for the better (unpublished findings). A serious athlete who doesna€™t sleep well before a competition is far from being as able-bodied as someone who has had a€?a good night's resta€?. When individuals feel better, they will perform better, and be healthier and happier at work too a€“ facts that would also have economic consequences.
Parameters measured in saliva in parallel to GDV, such as IgA, alpha-amylase and cortisol, appear to change in level in direct relationship to the GDV mean area of glow. From an extended vortex and field theory to a technical, biological and historical use of longitudinal waves. Their findings usually provide shockingly different interpretations of the biological effects of natural conditions. Once I move past this zone, the striking radiation intensity can decrease, giving me a a€?normala€™ value again. In all three cases, the radioactivity coming from these items were several times higher than the law allows for workers in nuclear power plants a€“ and for a short period of time only. Some of the well- known mineral waters exist only because he found their origin deep in the earth.
They found water, which had the prophesied 17 degree hardness, and which flowed abundantly. Local school boards of education endorsed the program, allowing a group of students to attend and count the event as a field trip. If (Chinese companies) do not participate, they will always be at the bottom of the value chain," Wang says. When we compare our numbers for the first quarter of 2016 with those in 2015, we feel quite positive and confident.
The average age is a little bit higher at about 33 or 34 and still with a significant percentage of women.
In 2015, HNA acquired a 15 percent stake in Red Lion Hotels Corp, an owner of mid-scale and full-service US hotels. However, if we sleep in an area affected by geopathic stress, our body has to use all its energy just to keep its vital organs going. Reports from other countries such as Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia indicate that they too have been taking notice. Geopathic stress - or harmful earth rays - is natural radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground streams, certain mineral concentrations and fault lines.
Foresight, the pre-conception care organisation, even suggests that couples trying for a baby should get their homes checked for geopathic stress and ensure that electrical equipment is not located under their beds as this can cause electromagnetic stress and deplete the immune system.a€?For many of us who fall sick and seek the help of a doctor a few minutes is spent discussing symptoms and lifestyle quickly followed by the doctor scribbling on a proscription pad. In order to rule out possible influences of man made electromagnetic or microwave disturbances at each location an independent report from an electromechanical engineer was requested for each chosen site. Other participants were also used from the Outpatients Department for Physical Therapy in the Rehabilitation Centre, Grobming and from the Surgery of Dr.
This deterioration of the HFR was thought to be due to a€?Location loada€™ from the a€?Disturbed Zonea€™. Hacker: Head, IGGMB - Research Institute for Frontier Questions of Medicine and Biotechnology, Landeskrankenhaus Salzburg, University Clinics of the Paracelsus Private Medical University, Salzburg Federal Clinics (SALK), Salzburg, Austria. In recent years, the expressions a€?geopathic stressa€? and a€?geopathic interference zonesa€? have been accepted internationally to describe the phenomenon. At present, for most aspects contained herein, only hypotheses can be formed - and there are many of them. With Super-Conducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUID), it is possible to quantify variations of one ten billionth [American English] of the earth's magnetic field. Certain ions and metals moved by water can a€“ depending on concentration, composition and flow rate a€“ can indeed lead to geoelectricity.
If thus in a pipe a hydrodynamic flow vortex is produced, an electric and a magnetic vortex, the potential vortex and the eddy current, are the result (5).
Although also present in tourmaline, topaz, cane sugar and Rochelle salt (sodium potassium tartrate tetrahydrate), the effect became particularly known for quartz.
Vice versa, quartz can be triggered to oscillate by applying a voltage to it (a€?quartz oscillator crystala€?; in use for example in crystal controlled clocks). In the case of plasma waves, they are charged particles, and in the case of sound waves, they are air particles.
Inside our body, there are the a€?intrinsica€? (internal) structures and molecules of the organism, which are either a€?resonatinga€? because of their physical nature (as with stringed instruments: compare the vibration of the string alone versus string with resonator sound box), or create a certain frequency themselves. Such only a few nanometers sized processes have been discussed as possible sites of resonance induced by external EMFs, acting as a€?protein-antennasa€? (19). The research was done in a special laboratory room that was completely shielded from the natural magnetic field of the earth by tons of steel.
But, if it would really be a relict, those particles would not exist in such a high quantity anymore. Nonetheless, what these people achieved, and their courage, as well as of the publishers who rightly published their works, deserve high credits.
Although successful in some areas addressed, the effects found had not the high statistical significance required, and the methodology used was not a generally accepted one, guaranteeing medical relevance and reproducibility. For us, the mean a€?area-of-glowa€? was the best possible means for sensitively indicate stress. In other words, a higher GDV mean area of glow value corresponds to a higher IgA level (to be understood as an sign for lower stress or relaxation), and a lower GDV mean area of glow value can be understood as an indication for higher levels of alpha-amylase, i.e.
In the specific setup for the static GDV images used in our study, the overall GDV image area values calculated are to be understood as mean values of 50 single finger GDV images in total, per test period.
A number of further statistical analyses were performed, also including distribution-independent tests. Such areas have been dowsed within some churches and other buildings constructed centuries or often thousands of years ago. Mental components are just as important: the more someone lives consciously, and even optimistically, in a state of positive thought, the less external stress factors can influence the person somatically. Possibilities to minimize the effects of geopathy on our organism in general have already been discussed above. Thus, for this practical reason it may be worth considering installing a device that has a balancing effect here. The results of our research are of great relevance for a€?wellness-centersa€? too: sustainable success in relaxation and stress management methods is essentially dependent upon the particular location of sleeping and of therapy beds. The number of staff on sick leave will probably decrease in the long run, when all employees work at geopathically (and otherwise also) more balanced work places.
Soon, we shall have completed those experiments testing a number of test persons sufficiently high for good-practice statistical examination.
Petersburg Division of the Russian Ministry of Culture, State Editing and Publishing Unit a€?Kulturaa€™, Petersburg, pp 58a€“83 (1999). After hundreds of tests, I can say: With special ion meters (electronic instruments that measure the number of small ions in the air) you can detect increased measurement values above the area of a disturbance a€“ particularly in the range of positive air ions. My electro-geobioscopic measurements use test devices that are well tested in medicine: Aschoff, MORA, and Vega. As a result our immune system becomes weakened, which means it has difficulty in absorbing nutrients or fighting off infections as efficiently as it should.
Claims and counter claims abound regarding devises to achieve this, leaving the public in total confusion. The wave lengths of the disturbed natural radiation can seriously affect our health, causing cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) infertility and miscarriage. It may surprise you therefore, that in many European countries, Germany and Austria in particular, one ofA  the first questions the doctor may ask is about theA  location of your bed and how long have you been sleeping there. Most explanations tried concentrate on the existence of natural electromagnetic fields (EMFs) present at particular locations, a€?interferinga€? with the organisms. Overlapping, or a a€?build upa€? of resonance effects are also part of the geopathic phenomenon. With a proportion of 12 % of the upper eartha€™s crust, quartz is the most frequent mineral after feldspar. In the case of resonance, both sources attract each other, which can be explained and calculated by the occurrence of field changes during that process (5). When experimentally irradiated by EMFs of frequencies in between about 1-2 GHz, they displayed a changing of conformation, respectively changing in their manner of oscillation, even when only very low field strengths had been applied (19). Magnetic particles in the brain could turn out to be one of the reasons why dowsing can work. Furthermore, one can acquire a€?corona diagramsa€? in the manner of complementary medicine from the individual allocation of the a€?coronaa€? gas discharge from the different fingertips, following the principles of the energya€“meridian theory and of acupuncture. The exact test design, as well as the way how dowsers independently labeled the different zones in the laboratory test room, have been described in detail (24). The glass plate surface of the GDV camera was cleaned using alcohol frequently, and it was taken care that none of the test persons had wet hands.
The corona diagrams directed into a weakening of the energies of the immune system and the pineal organ (which might be understood as an indication of possible changes of the melatonin production) (compare to: 57-60), the cardiovascular and the urinary system in many of the test persons.
The a€?Wavea€? device investigated in our study could therefore, by its balancing effect, not only aid in lowering of stress, but also be understood as a tool for disease prevention. Concerning the a€?Wavea€? device especially interesting is the fact, that it substantially reduces stress in people on a€?neutral zonesa€? too, a finding which indicates that there is no real a€?neutral zonea€? existing. In the following, we will briefly show what addressing geopathy do affect health care facilities, public places, and economy. By inference, if these results are applied to public facilities in general, the a€?Wavea€? could probably have a number of desirable effects in schools, offices, banks, supermarkets, etc.
Contrarily, at a€?highly burdeneda€? workplaces, performance will decrease, discontentment grows, and the vulnerability to diseases and the resulting rise of employees' illnesses will be greater. Ursula DEMARMELS-HACKER, for her love and support, and for abandoning many evenings and weekends of togetherness to find time for investigation and creation of this manuscript. These respected leaders provided students with timeless knowledge to propel them as leaders in their school. From an incredible range of gadgets offered there are many tales about their ineffectiveness or of making the receiver feel much worse. These questions are routinely asked not only by several thousand doctors, but also many cancer specialist hospitals will recommend a Geopathic Surveyor or Geobiologist as they are often called to investigate your home before deciding on a course of therapy or reaching for the prescription pad. It was reckoned with over 95 a€“ percentile certainty that there is a location influence on the governing system of the circulation. Many a€?specialistsa€? presume that the origin to be in the ground a€“ below the earth surface. Furthermore, technically generated EMFs are present on every place on earth; their likely influence on our health is presently the subject of intensive worldwide research. Whittaker already in 1904 showed mathematically that the known and accepted Laplace Wave Equation of the year 1787, besides indicating transversal electro-magnetic waves, also describes longitudinal scalar waves (15). The magnetite-particles could also be visualized and further analyzed using a high-definition transmission electron microscope.
In any case, magnetite crystals in the brain could possibly be a hint to explain how (certain qualities of) geopathic zones may affect the body: Magnetite reacts more than one million times stronger to an external magnetic field than every other biological material.
Using that particular aspect, we were able to indicate which organ systems of the body might be affected by geopathic stress.
A third marker, saliva cortisol, although displaying its very own rhythmicity, also appears to fit into the concept that GDV could be reliably used for biophysical stress measurement (Hacker and Augner, unpublished results).
Altogether, more than 137,000 individual fingertip GDV corona images were captured, interpreted by means of computer-aided image analysis and analyzed in detail using bio-statistics. For further calculations and analyses, the GDV Meridian Analysis and the GDV Diagram software (both with version no. The latter device had been mounted or de-mounted in another room at an upper floor, and neither the test persons nor the examiners could see if the device was present or not. The test persons were advised to keep their fingers still and relaxed during measurements and not to apply undue pressure when putting their fingers onto the glass plate at an angle of approximately 30-degrees to the instrument axis (28). If present for a prolonged time, however, eustress may soon turn to distress and thereby suppress the immune system. We would therefore suggest using a terminology towards a a€?more geopathica€? and a€?geologically more neutrala€? zone in this context. Johanns-Hospital, so far, more than 50 a€?Wavea€? devices have been installed to harmonize critical locations - especially in the intensive care unit and in the entire surgical ward), and at other major hospitals (e.g. Thus, especially in already existing establishments, the purposeful placement of a€?Wavea€? devices can be of great benefit. The aggregate economic success of a company or institution can very well be in the balance; responsible (and visionary) managers should take heed of the results of our studies in their plans and act accordingly.
Petersburg Division of Russian Ministry of Culture, State Editing and Publishing nit, a€?Kulturaa€™, pp 84a€“108 (1999). There are many products on the market that claim to cure some or all geopathic zones of its noxious energy. However, if we sleep in an area affected by geopathic stress, our body has to use all ita€™s energy just to keepA  vital organs going. The search, using both dowsing methods to locate geopathic energies and scientific instruments to detect man made electromagnetic energies willA  determine whether your illness is linked to geopathic stress electromagnetic stress or both. Frequencies in between about 0,1 Hz up to the GHz-range are being suggested in public literature. The most exciting result of those experiments was that, most of the regions of the brain appear to contain about five million biogenous a€?single-domaina€? magnetite crystals per gram wet weight on average, and the meninges (pia and dura mater) contain even more than 100 million. Recently, in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, an article describes possible roles that magnetic ferrous amalgamations could play in neurological disease (21).
The accordant calculations and projections were done interactively using specific software for analysis, based on the energy-emission-analysis according to Mandel (47-48), the Su-Jok-System of acupuncture (49) and clinical data of thousands of test persons from the St. In order to minimize chronobiologic influences to a sensible degree, the experiments were carried out only in forenoons, and also in that respect, phase randomization in time was an important prerequisite (24). As already stated above, technical fields and noxae [nocent influences] of different kinds are present everywhere on earth. In the workplace and in the home: this is only part of the whole picture, because a€?ready to goa€? or rested and productive employers and employees should also be able to benefit at peace and harmony at home.
Most of these claims are quite dubious and do not stand up to the most rudimental scientific testing. As a result our immune system becomes weakened, which means it doesna€™t absorb nutrients or fight off infections effectively. If so, you will be advised how to avoid or eliminate these harmful energies from your home so you stand a better chance of responding to any treatment given. In our following attempts at explanation, we will concentrate on natural sources possibly originating from the a€?grounda€?, i.e. As we could show, the a€?Wavea€? device in fact can help, and its exceptional promise as a preventive measure is of great interest.
Gerfried BRANDSTETTER (manager of the science department of the Salzburg federal government); Landeshauptfrau Mag. Fortunately there are now a growing number of dowsers that are equipped with scientific monitoring instruments that can test such claims.
To locate geopathic stress dowsers visit land, offices and homes where theyA  seekA  the location of underground streams, geological faults or the eartha€™s natural grid lines. However, for thousands of years people from all over the world have been finding underground water for wells and mineral deposits to mine by dowsing methods.
Remember ita€™s the energy from the water and other artefacts that they first respond to as it rises from deep beneath the ground to the surface.

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