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Since 1994 the company has grown into a team of 250 highly qualified and experienced software engineers. Beside our Munich (Germany) head office, mgm has offices in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Grenoble (France) and Prague (Czech Republic). For our recent online shop project, we required a full-text, multi-criteria product search. Searching is a frequent activity on the web and one of the most important features of every online shop. Traditional web shop solutions implement a catalog search with relational database queries. We have had very good experience with Lucene in previous projects and decided to extend its usage beyond standard full-text search. We are using RAMDirectory to load an index entirely into RAM (see also later on in the blog).
Extracting information from an domain entity and its associated entities into a single Lucene document. Our first versions of the search returned only IDs of database records that met the given condition. Like brand, we also store product name and price in the index, so that all necessary data to build the search result page can be retrieved from Lucene alone. The index creation is running in an external process that is triggered after data from the ERP system has been imported into the SQL database.
Unfortunately, Lucene has a restriction in that a index cannot be updated while it is open for reading by another process.
The principle of Index Switching allow concurrent rebuilding and searching of different JVM processes. Other high-performance options are discussed in chapter 9.4 of the latest edition of the Lucene in Action book. We are hiring mgm technology partners is looking for good software engineers for all our offices.
Yongli An is an experienced performance engineer focusing on Master Data Management products and solutions.
Adam Muise is a Senior Consultant for IBM InfoSphere products in the Information Management Technology Ecosystem. SkypeURLCollector – An easy way to collect information from Skype chats and send to Twitter.
Before you take the plunge and upgrade, I would recommend doing a good amount of reading best practises documentation and planning.
Next up, check that the other minimum requirements are met; especially in terms of CPU and RAM. If you are running a Microsoft SQL Database (as I am in my lab), ensure your System DSN under ODBC connections is using the SQL Native Client driver.
Note down all your database login credentials and ensure the vCenter database login has db_owner permissions. Make sure your current installation path of vCenter does not have any commas or periods in it. Ensure your vCenter Server name is not longer than 15 characters and is registered correctly with your AD Domain’s DNS. At this point, if you are happy to proceed and have your backups safe, load up the installation media for vCenter 5.0 and begin the installer.
Thanks for letting us know what your process was I was a bit confused by the separation of your list of steps with the ========================== line, as there seems to be two different things you were doing there. Once I moved the VIM_VCDB to another Temporary SQL Server, I have pointed the DSN to that SQL Server.

I think there is no way to upgrade the SQL 2005 since the VIM_VCDB has a relationship attributes it. This because the vCenter install the embedded SQL 2005 as 32bit and the Machine where the vCenter installed it has to be 64bit. That’s why I went with the above configuration steps to get rid of from SQL Express to SQL Standard 2008 R2.
So, I am having a constant issue while trying to run my application to either the emulator or export a signed apk for testing. We share technical knowhow and lessons learned from software projects, and discuss clever solutions for real-world problems. With a powerful searching facility, customers can easily specify what they want and then find a product they look for.
Full-text search tasks can then be implemented either by native features of the databases, or by using external indexing engines. Here are a couple of non-standard usages of Lucene that we’ve used in our projects and that you might find interesting too. This is especially convenient since we have a pre-built index living on disk and can easily slurp the whole thing into RAM for faster searching.
Because in this case, either the complete index or at least all the documents containing the changed data would have to be updated. It uses special annotations and automates the indexing and extracting of data from the entities, and even supports the indexing of embedded and associated JPA entities.
For example, the search result page does not display all product information — only brand, product name, price is typically displayed, but the detailed product description is not, see example.
But this issue can be easily solved by working with two indexes: one for searching, the other for updating. If there is enough JVM heap space, then the index file can be loaded into memory using RAMDirectory and all search operations then do not require any disk access.
He is also experienced in DB2 database server and WebSphere performance tuning and benchmarking.
Here he enables IBM Business Partners to sell and implement InfoSphere software, with a focus on Master Data Management solutions.
VMware have introduced some awesome new features that are definitely worth making use of by getting your environment upgraded. I only have three virtualised ESXi hosts running in my lab cluster, so it would have been quicker to use the ISO and do them manually, but I wanted to go through the process myself as I don’t spend enough time on Update Manager in my work environment. Review the Prerequisites documentation in the Upgrade Guide for databases and ensure yours is supported.
If there is anything that I have missed, or you have any tips or additional info, please feel free to update using the comments section.
I encountered a small issue after uninstalling the SQL 2005 Express completely, and after I install the SQL 2008 R2 and restored the DB, when I attempted to start the service it was giving me error 1000 in the event viewer. I uninstalled the SQL Express 2005 from vCenter, then reboot it and I installed fresh SQL Standard 2008 R2 on the vCenter itself.
Upgrading from SQL Express 2005 32bit VMWare embedded to SQL Express 2008 32bit, not possible because the Machine where the vCenter installed is 64bit. I used this recently to find out if a SQL Server 2005 Standard 32-bit SP4 vCenter 4 Database would be compatible or not if it was upgraded. I had changed it to differentiate the icon from the different eclipse I use for standard Java.
But in order to meet the high performance requirement, we had to extend its usage beyond standard full-text search. In such a setup, a search index is only limited by the amount of heap memory available to the JVM process. For example, when searching products, one might restrict the search on specific categories, such as shoes. This can be used for *-to-many associations where joins are represented by its business key (i.e. This approach, combined with a properly configured Hibernate second-level query cache, perfectly fits to most usages.
While one index is used by the shop for searching, the other might be recreated in the background.

He is an IBM Certified Application Developer and Database Administrator - DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
In his previous role at IBM, he was a founding member of the MDM Performance and Benchmarks team.
There is an upgrade checklist which you can work through systematically, as well as a best practises whitepaper which helps explain the process in good detail with some great screenshots. Before I upgraded my lab, I took a backup of my vCenter SQL 2005 Express Database as well as my SSL certificates. Note that this upgrade does require your vCenter service be down for the duration of the installer upgrade process – how long this is really depends on how big your vCenter DB is. I think it’s not supported, in the mean while during the upgrade the Database will be upgraded to v5, does that mean separate upgrade has to be done for the SQL from 2005 to 2008? Simple solution for this is to uninstall the vCenter, and reinstall it again pointing to the same DB. This posting describes our solution including index switching and using Lucene as a simple NoSQL database. A mid-sized shop contains up to hundred thousands of products what, which should not reach usual memory limits.
However, for our shop engine, this concern is not relevant, because data is changed only within the underlying ERP system, and each publication triggers a complete rebuild of the index (see below). Once the import is finshed, all available products are indexed during this process and thus, the index is always completely rebuilt. If the new index is ready, the clustered shop application is notified via JMS and opens the index that has just been recreated. Before joining IBM in 2006, Adam worked as a Senior Consultant for Performance and High Availability at Hewlett Packard and as a Performance Specialist at CIBC. You can use the vCenter Host Agent pre-upgrade checker utility included with the vCenter 5.0 installation media for this. I have captured screenshots of the installer process I followed for my lab – most options for me were fine to leave on their defaults. In our case, the index size is about 15 MByte per language, summing up to 60 MByte in total. Then it is necessary to collect all required data during index creation and build index documents from them. The original search index stays untouched and is thus available for the next import and index re-creation. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science. Adam holds an honors degree from York University in Information Technology and Digital Humanities. As it is a lab environment, I didn’t do too much in terms of planning, but for production environments, this would be a good idea as it never hurts to be prepared.
For specifics there is documentation on this process in the vSphere 5.0 Upgrade Guide from VMware. Hummmm, I was thinking what went wrong, then I have realized that the I have uninstalled the SQL 2005 Express I thought that linked with the VIM_VCDB attributes.
However, if the number of indexed items is very high (resulting in big indexes) or a distributed search is needed then Solr could be considered as an alternative. Currently Yongli is the manager of the MDM performance and benchmarks team, focusing on Master Data Management Server performance and benchmarks, and helping customers achieve optimal performance for their MDM systems.
For my lab vCenter database, I simply installed Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (free) and used the backup option in there to backup the database as well all other SQL system databases just to be safe. One thing I noticed immediately following my upgrade was that I had an alert for my datastores – I blogged about this over here actually.
This is only really applicable if you are running a lab environment (or small production) with only 1 or 2 shared datastores. Other than this, the rest of my VMs were all running happily on their respective ESXi hosts and everything else was just fine.

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