I was in Nepal to facilitate a workshop for The Asia Foundation, and other than a planned mountain flight to see Mt.
I didn’t know much about singing bowls, but had seen and heard them used in the US in church services and in yoga classes as a call to meditation.  I remembered their beautiful and calming sound. First, my teacher demonstrated how to hold the bowl lightly in the palm of one’s hand.  If you clutch it tightly, it won’t sing. Is there something in my life – career, personal life, relationships, goals – that I am clutching too tightly, and in so doing, preventing the very results I seek? My teacher instructed me to hold the wooden baton as I would a writing instrument, between my thumb and first two fingers, and circle the rim of the bowl, applying firm and even pressure.  I found that varying the speed or pressure did not yield good results. After all that instruction and correction, I figured I’d be producing the melodic pitch at any moment.  I figured wrong. Are there areas in my life – career, personal life, relationships, goals – where I am frustrated by the lack of results?
In what areas of my life am I focused more on achieving the results than enjoying the journey?

I also learned that to jump-start the sound, you can tap the side of the bowl, which produces a lovely gong sound, and then circle the rim of the bowl with the baton to prolong and heighten the sound.  I was gratified to find that even in this meditative activity, there are multiple paths to a common destination. How might I need to adjust my approach in various areas of life given that I have certain commitments (be they to spouse, children, friends, certain values, or causes)? My Tibetan singing bowl now sits on a prominent shelf in my home office, a reminder of the 7 life lessons I learned that afternoon in Kathmandu. Special Love Note : " In you eyes I have found my HOME, In you Heart I have found my LOVE, In your soul i have found my MATE, With you i am WHOLE, FULL, ALIVE.
Is dreaming of a silhouette machine right about now because the first one would make an awesome Subway Art sign!!! Oh BTW when my boys were in diapers we were white trash and threw them on the back porch too! I have so many more… but this one is def a favorite and one I always try to keep in mind.
My life is but a weavingBetween my God and me.I do not choose the colors,He worketh steadily.

Thanks for visiting!Stepping into the musty shop on a busy street in Kathmandu, I was looking for souvenirs.  I found some – but I also came away with 7 life lessons. I immediately decided that, if I could find an affordable one, this would be the perfect memento of my very first trip to Nepal.
Who possesses the knowledge I seek, but also – perhaps more importantly – the patience required to help me learn? Someone who you can talk to about everything and will stand next to you even with your unwanted attitudes.
You are mine, of this we are certain, you are looses in my heart, The small key is lost, you must stay forever.

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