Golfer Rocco Mediate poses with his wife Linda and their three sons, Rocco Vincent (bottom left), Nicco (top right), and Marco (bottom right). If you see a problem or discrepancy with the RM image OUT916579, [Golfer Rocco Mediate with Family], please complete and submit this form.
The matter should be settled within the family but if the Tupases can’t, Ilonggo Senate president Franklin Drilon said he is willing to mediate.
The Tupas brothers both belong to ruling Liberal Party of which Drilon is the vice chairman.
The 5th District, composed of the northern Iloilo towns of Ajuy, Balasan, Barotac Viejo, Batad, Carles, Concepcion, Estancia, Lemery, San Dionisio, San Rafael, and Sara, has long been considered the bailiwick of the Tupases. Drilon said there is no specific timeline but the Tupases must settle the issue before the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy for the 2016 elections. Anybody can run in an election without a political party or “adopted” by a political party, he stressed.
The vice governor admitted he had been invited to join the United Nationalist Alliance of Vice President Jejomar Binay who is running for president in 2016. The vice governor confirmed he is constantly in contact with the people in the 5th District.

He also said “local surveys” showing his improving public acceptability in the 5th District are further boosting his confidence.
As the next national election draws near, Panay News wants to know the pulse of its online readers.
Awarded as the Best Regional Newspaper (Visayas Awards) by the Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence, September 27, 2014 at Manila Hotel, Philippines. In British Columbia, mediation has been an alternative to the traditional court process of dispute resolution for family disputes, for over 20 years.
Mediators on the Society's  Family Roster mediate a variety of family-related matters, which include reorganization of the family after separation or divorce, parenting, financial support and property matters connected to separation or divorce, family business, family property or finances, family inheritance and estates, responsibility for care of elderly parents, adoption, pre-nuptial issues, and intra-family conflicts. You can find detailed information about individual mediators on the Family Roster in our searchable Directory of Family Mediators.
For more information on Sliding Scale Family Mediation click here: Sliding Scale Family Mediation. Since 2004, we have assisted many families in resolving a wide variety of family disputes without the need to go to court. If you are interested in resolving a family dispute through mediation or would like to receive further information about the Family Mediation Program, please contact (604) 684-1300 ext.

He said if the Liberal Party won’t pick him as its candidate for congressman in the 5th District, he may run as an independent. Mediation can be used for many kinds of family disputes but is most often used when couples separate or divorce. The requirements for being admitted to the Family Roster and the application process are described in Family Roster Admission.
The Family Mediation Program (FMP) aims to provide better access to mediation services for families around the province, for a wide variety of family disputes including parenting responsibilities, and property and asset division. You may request a TIFF file, if available, or a larger interpolated size for your output needs.

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