When we feel cluttered in our space where we meditate and do our Mantra practices, our peacefulness can suffer.
But how do we clear out some of that crappy energy that sometimes lingers around our house or apartment? This Manta protects the meditator and also clears the space out of old thoughts forms and negative energetic debris. You can go around your home saying it about 10 times loudly in each room- especially where you practice – after a while you will notice a HUGE difference in the quality of the energy in your home.
Please support my friend Amelia Kinkade with her new charity, ARK ANGEL, which enables her to go into schools in rural Africa and educate children about wildlife conservation so that they don’t grow up to be poachers. I hope that my “365 Prescriptions for the Soul,” will be a welcome and healing addition to your day.
At workshops, I ask if any participants wish they could be free of all pain—emotional or physical.
I received a copy of your book 365 Prescriptions for the Soul from a staff member who I had cared for during her sick leave when going through breast cancer.  I work as an occupational health nurse. We have worked together and he can be of help.  Nurses have a lot of trouble caring for themselves while caring for others. Read Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing and any others that appeal to you in the lists on my website. My wife was having an MRI of her brain, she dreaded confined, noisy space—well, you know it all.  So, when they told us that their music system was not working, I said I would go into the room with her and sing to her. I do the real deal of boiling down the prescribed herbs twice a day, three days a week for the last 20 years. It takes much time, effort, dedication, and money to go the route of alternative treatments.
As you know, insurance companies do not cover this cost, and after twenty years I have used all of my resources. Like the ugly duckling realizing she is a swan, or a tiger cub raised by goats, who only realizes he is a tiger when his mother goat dies, you must look at yourself as unique.  You are—we all are, but there is some “core” of our identity (like being a duckling before you become the swan) that we must get in touch with, appreciate, and love. The major influences in most developed societies include something about NOT valuing yourself, but the key to being a fully realized person is to find that core and learning to value and love it as early in life as possible.  It is never too late, though, to be enlightened about our inner knowledge and power—and to know that compassion and understanding never demands that anyone abandon their “truth,” which is your core, authentic self. Here is an excerpt about her: “I am at a crossroad where I will not be able to continue treatment.
But now I regret all this, as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world. I will be your CD = “Chosen Dad” and help you to abandon your past and learn to love yourself and your life and heal.
My father and mother both died of cancer.  But you are the only person in my life who could tell me what is really wrong with my mind.
Yes, but I knew the truth from my experience, and then I learned to tell stories so that doctors didn’t feel threatened.
I feel at peace after doing the surgery and I just realized it is because not doing it had separated me from my sons. I have been writing my dreams down as your book recommends, and the question about what treatment to follow, Vitamin B17 or Chemo, kept coming up.  Then, one night this insight woke me up—Bernie Siegel is the symbol, and having found him means that I will be well no matter what I choose. Mastectomy: 6 tentacles, since I am a La Leche League Leader (its birthday is also October 11, 1956, just like mine). There is color and life, and if you bloom and blossom like the flower you drew, all will be well. Chemo has nothing to do with you in the drawing, so how can it help you unless you let it in?
I lost my left kidney, as they said if I had the kidney removed, I would stop getting stones. Yes, the past is over.  Now you must abandon it and start using your energy to love your life and your body. I have done a lot of personal work, but I’m feeling that I still have not released these negative emotions completely, no matter how hard I try. You are a survivor and lover of life.  It is always great to hear from someone who is very actively engaged in life and learning. About 15 years ago I started to be plagued with migraine headaches which would come four to five days a week.  The doctor at the time would not give me medication to suppress them, and I really resented not having quality of life. There is a good part.  I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who happens to be my ex’s uncle!!!  As Chet would say, we have been together six years, two months, and one week now. Keep living and loving your life and body.  In spite of your painful losses, you have embraced life fully and by doing that, you are sending your immune system very positive messages that you intend to LIVE with joy.
Draw your vision of the possible treatments with crayons, and then you will see what your intuition knows is right for you.  If you would like for me to look at them, I would be happy to help. I met you at Quinnipiac College when you spoke at an OT conference years ago, and asked you about my niece, who has since died from an unusual form of a cancer (she died in 1995 at just 18). Without recalling the exact words, I said something to the effect, “I am so sorry for your pain and loss.

And I broke the cycle—-my biggest accomplishment is that I have two incredible grown kids that hate tobacco and will never become addicted.
Bernie, I will never forget it…you said it and it was one of those lifetime moments that stay with one forever.
What I ask people is “Why don’t you love yourself?” What they hear is related to what is within them.
Dear friends, every year we hold seminars or retreats (spiritual gatherings) in different towns in Russia and the Ukraine (and sometimes in other countries). Clearing out those items not needed, creating a setting that is both harmonious and beautiful will help inspiring you to keep to your practice goals. My work has become more toxic the last number of years with bullying and horizontal violence.
She is working on supporting me as best as she can, but said that all of her MM patients undergo conventional chemo.  Fortunately, my oncologist has recommended a “wait and watch” approach for now, so I am exploring all of my options. If you were asked by friends or family to do something you did not want to do, what would you say to them? They said they opened the PA system up so that the entire radiology suite could enjoy my singing.  They told me I sang so badly that nobody had any problems with their tests. This is in tandem with my oncologist, who thinks this miracle is all his doing, but that’s OK. Probably, but I have the thickest skin possible, and I couldn’t admire my own fortitude more. You could tell your story on the internet and ask for donations.  I forget what they call the site(s) where people do that. I know we have never met, and it took a lot of courage to contact you, knowing you might or might not even respond to me. I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to this world, I will live my life in a different way from how I have lived. I will have an operation in two weeks, and I am in peace because I found out that someone knows what I feel, and how to heal. I am your new father, and I want you to picture the operation as being very successful, and that you heal quickly. I have given my life to creating a wonderful family life, contrary to what I had growing up, but all of a sudden there was a high distance between my sons and I. I was feeling resentful because she removed all of my lymph nodes, and she knew how important it was for me to keep them. I will pick it up later on.  I have the appointment for the surgery, and I am about to cancel it. I think your healthy immune system cells (blue 24 cells) are cleaning out the cancer and sending it away from your body (13 or 14 cells). I have a history of kidney stones, and in fact I was said to be a famous case at one point by both doctors here in the Cayman Islands and in the USA. That did not work, but at the time, I was backed into a corner—either the kidney or go home to the UK. I would appreciate your guidance in suggesting how I might go about treating the cause, which is now manifesting in some physical symptoms.
If you can’t have one of your own, go to a park nearby where people do walk their dogs and let them play off-leash.  Observe the delight these pets experience moment-by-moment as they romp around with each other, and then envision yourself just enjoying the moment you are in—wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
I have read others from time to time.  Each time they bring me closer to your philosophy along with fond memories on how you touched my life.
A new doctor was at a conference where a peer reported having a patient with a similar case to mine, and the new doctor is enabling me to live life! I then expressed my heartfelt sympathy and empathy for a woman who shared that she had lost someone to lung cancer, and she could not understand why it happened since the person had never smoked.
I wish it is easier—so far, I have been fortunate.  Thanks for your response and bless you. You are here for a limited time, so enjoy your time.  Create your graduation commencement—no excuses. Sure enough, it is one of our kids whom I have explained my schedule to and what times are best for phone calls. Web site Balakhilya offers you video and audio lectures about meditation and yoga, karma and reincarnation, what is love and the meaning of life, the Vedic scriptures and commentaries.
People gather to hear the wisdom of the Vedas from the lips of self realized person and to meditate along with friends. After 20 years, I have gone through all my options and have enough money to live another 2 ? years. I have never particularly lived my live so well, as I have never really cared for anyone, not even myself, but just business. Now that my life has gone down this path, I want to do what is right with this very short period so I can be happy after. Ten days ago, I found out that I have a tumor, and I knew that I was responsible for my tumor.

I had been thinking of you and your books and missing them, because they stayed in my house in Mexico when we moved here less than a year ago (without knowing I had cancer). But when I read what you said about how surgeons feel when they fail to save someone’s life, my feelings turned to compassion and an understanding that we were in this together. Of course I didn’t believe it, and waited for the confirmation with the biopsy of November 9th last year. Valuing that self by healing mind, body, and spirit, gives you open arms to accept what life brings.
I have read your books since they first began to be published, and I always mention you in my metaphysical classes and lectures. Although I had previously been a frequent customer, I was afraid to return.  I have many of those “moments” in my life—some nice, some not so.
Well, the other night when the call was disruptive and using my precious and limited free time, our daughter let me know the call was for my sake. Her message: “Let it be a lesson for us to be blessed with all limbs and faculties working.
It amazed the nurses when some of my patients woke up after major abdominal surgery and refused pain medications because they were sore, but not in pain.
Instead of bringing the anger with you wherever you go, bring a sense of humor and empowerment and do what is right for you, based upon your feelings and not your thoughts and fears. And it took a lot of personal work for me to adjust to the nature of life, and suffering I couldn’t resolve.
But of course the knowledge itself is eternal; before it was written down it was passed down orally from one perfect master to the next. Ben Lerner and Charles Majors (who overcame secondary glioblastoma resulting from multiple myeloma and has now been cancer-free for 5 years).  The authors made reference to your work. I’ve had two recurrences, a painful broken hip and femur, broken ribs, and most recently bones in my feet keep breaking. I am as rare as a unicorn, and I know the right people will appreciate this and support it if I had a way to just connect with them.
I have just had lunch and a cuppa and I feel great today, and hope you feel the same, too.  How is your day going? After reading your book, I know that I am every person in that book, and every person in your book is me. So out of the blue I found you, you responded immediately and we established communication. Right before I went to sleep I looked at her straight in the eyes and told her how much I trusted her. It has been almost five years since I left and I still feel such pain, anger, and betrayal. She said, “My calling you so often is so you have to get up, keep active and avoid blood clots from forming.” Once you smile or laugh, you can’t be upset or angry. I can tell you when they saw the procedure as the right thing for them to do, and as a way to be healed, not mutilated or cut up, their body lived the message. The Monday morning increase in all afflictions is related to the internal chemistry created by our feelings when we get up on Monday—and staying in bed cures nothing.
It means that the life of a person is really focused on the source of the greatest happiness. I certainly commend the medical community for my initial treatment in keeping me alive, but I knew it was my job to find what could keep me healthy. I was always hostile to people and only focused on my business, as that was the only thing I cared for. I think this is what made me decide to do it instead of continuing with my passion for natural healing. The surgeon is pushing towards mastectomy, but she also said that if I really wanted, we could do a lumpectomy.
It is one thing to lose one child in the flesh and another to lose a child in spirit, thanks to her father who must punish us both. I even had one of my patients attend a lecture I gave, the night of her surgery at Yale in Madison. A change of attitude, a sense of humor, a little love of life, and of the other residents of our planet, can help enormously. They can be things as simple as clearing broken branches from the road, or repairing a neighbor’s mailbox as I walk our dog Rags. I have never forgotten her response to my asking her, “What are you doing here?” She said, “Don’t worry, the nurses put all the tubes under my dress.” Studies show that placebo surgery also cures problems in patients who thought the surgery, which was simply a skin incision, had been performed to correct their affliction.
I just feel good doing something for someone else, and I may add that I love to do it anonymously when the residents are away.

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