Runs on any G scale track (scale 1 - 45mm wide track) including LGB, Aristo, USA, and Bachmann Track. Marklin Maxi products are Marklin's premiere line of G Scale (scale 1 - 45mm track) products featuring all metal chassis construction, all metal wheel and axle moving parts and precision manufactured for multi-generation durability.
Powerful digital high-efficiency propulsion system with a precision german electric motor for pulling long trains of all metal cars. The direction LED head and tail lamps are maintenance free for generations of trouble free operation and can be controlled remotely by Digital Control.

Working Synchronized Sound, Smoke Generator, Directional Lighting: This Loco has an smoke generator for realistic smoke effect controlled by switch in cab, Wheel synchronized sound generator for prototypical sound effects controlled by switch in the cab and directional lighting. No Programming Required: The Digital address is also set by switches and no programming is required. Switch settings for DC operation: When switch '0' is set to 'off' (shown above) the locomotive can be operated with any DC power source. Metal not plastic: This Marklin set like all Maxi Marklin products are metal construction for real train appearance and feel.

Superior pulling power with two traction tires and 8 point power pickup for reliable operation.
Bottom of loco removes with one screw (shown in photo above) to allow selection of either DC or AC operation, loco address selection via switches and rotary controls for setting maximum speed, acceleration, and breaking delay, Notice the synchronization pickup on the rear axle for realistic synchronized steam sound effects.

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