The founder of the Utah UFO Festival, Nathan Cowlishaw, has been traveling the desert Southwest as a photographer for over 15 years. As part of the first annual Utah UFO Festival we are offering 1 and 2 day Wild West Area 51 Tours to Southern Nevada.
Leaving Cedar City – We travel on Highway 56 out towards Beryl Junction, west of Cedar City about 35 miles. Next we head to Modena, Utah, a pseudo-ghost town with a few residents – for a brief photo shoot of some old historic western buildings and architecture. Since no tour is exactly alike, we will either spend the night in the historic mining camp town of Pioche, Nevada, at the haunted Overland Hotel or out in Rachel Nevada at the Little Ale’Inn.
Depending on the season, we spend more or less time in Pioche because some of the museums and attractions are closed in the winter but the town is well worth a visit even in the off-season. Leaving Pioche, we head out Rainbow Canyon, on the Great Basin Highway down to the historic train town of Caliente, Nevada, onward to Alamo where we arrive at the junction of Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway.
The One-Day Tour:  The 1-day tour to and from Cedar City is $250 which will include a meal, some snacks, and water.
The Two-Day Tour:  The 2-day tour to and from Cedar City is priced nicely at $600 which includes lodging in either Rachel, Nevada or Pioche, Nevada. Trip details for all tours: This is a professionally guided tour full of storytelling and interpretive information.
All tour proceeds go toward supporting Anomaly Conservatory, A non-profit foundation dedicated to the research of Aerial Phenomena and Ufology and the annual Utah UFO Festival based in Cedar City, Utah. Our Mission: We believe that through photography and skillful interpretation we can observe and change the social stigma surrounding the UFO question and finally answer: Are we alone in the universe? I am writing to share my experiences to date with what would be one of the most controversial cameras ever released!
I too thought it was absurdly priced for a black and white camera with an older CCD sensor. Lets just say curiosity got the better of me (don’t die wondering) AND I wanted to learn more about other types of cameras and systems (rangefinders in this case). It was an opportunity to see what my thought process would be using a black and white only camera and find out what all the fuss was about. I have used the camera now for 2 months, all the while keeping my OMD in the event that we did not find a bond! Finally the 15mm is yet again another way I can challenge myself to see the world from a different perspective.
So come tomorrow the OMD will be sold, I’ll shoot some color on a film camera and continue my journey with the Monochrome. I am very pleased with my X-pro1 and ever since I bought it, my DSLR has been collecting dust. Will I get significantly (meaning thousands of euros worth) better results with an M240 than my X-pro1?

If any readers are ever in Australia (or Asia at certain times) and want to learn more about photography then Kristian Dowling is your man.
So, I think you made the right choice, to some extent because it’s a choice I would like to make for the same reasons. The reason I am selling it, is the same reason I bought the MM in that I want to learn more about this style of camera.
Sure there will be some areas where the Monochrom will shine, but for most of us it’s too much Zen.
It’s always nice to find a time in this journey that your equipment is leading you where you want to strive to go.
Photographic Memory Training Hypnosis will help you focus on images and sound from your day and remember them with clarity, as though they're right in front of you. Before we get there, we take a short dirt road tangent and visit an ancient pictograph (Native rock art) site that is sacred to the local Southern Paiute. We will be taking many photo stop along this amazing stretch of scenic roadside on our way to Rachel, Nevada. In that 2 months I’ve picked up the OMD a handful of times to come back to it and see where my mind sits with colour (and camera enjoyment). This at the same time being able to retain the current high ISO capability and for the first time in my life try a full frame camera, which does have the ability to take on some incredible glass across a range of brands.
It’s the lens I use to practice focusing to try an achieve those wonderful shallow depth of field images.
Stripped of anything you might need, it only has what you actually need (I frowned upon the the filming option on the M240). I had the chance to work with a Monochrome on a three day Leica workshop and it’s indeed a wonderful tool. I started my Leica journey in January this year and have really enjoyed it as well, albeit with an M9P. So, if you want to take B&W images, you will not need to worry about getting a better camera for it in the future.
It was liberating, and definitely changed my photographic thinking… enough that I recently sold my OM-D and lenses to fund a Fuji X-E1 + 35mm. I love B&W, especially for images of NYC where I currently live, but sometimes I need and want color! If you like your camera it is fine and it doesn’t matter what someone else think about it.
Powerful suggestions for deep relaxation and positive change will be received by your mind, detoxing and strengthening your mind, increasing your focus, concentration, and attention to details, and bringing you more clarity.
Through embracing the folklore and mysteries of the desert southwest we can spread a fun and informative enthusiasm for space, the final frontier. I must admit, when it was first released I had never shot with a range finder camera and knew very little about Leica and the lenses.

I know when I go out with this lens it’s about this first and foremost (subject matter should always be present in my opinion) and not DoF. This is partially fuelled by some of the annoying X-Pro1 quirks and the limited possibilities with DOF (I’m a sucker for low DOF and creamy bokeh). Hopefully this might just help a few people make some decisions whether it is right for them or not if they are considering buying the MM. But I don’t want to hold onto it if not using it enough and I think it should be in the hands of someone who wants to experience this format, like I did with the MM. However this was all about experiencing what it’s like not to have choice (ironic given the world we live in now!), but seeing what my brain thought of living in this space.
Now you can strengthen your memory and train your brain to remember details clearly and vividly with this hypnosis program from Erick Brown.
Everyone has the capability of a photographic memory, and you can start training your mind today. On every tour, we will take you out to the boundary of Area 51 and stop in at the Little Ale’Inn in Rachel, Nevada for a meal and break. If you have the three points I raised present in your photographic life, then go for it…try them all if you want to! A Leica just seemed ridiculously expensive, no way I could justify it for myself, so I even consider it. I only keep my DSLR because it’s more versatile and has better auto focus for moving objects.
Every tour will include photography opportunities as well as photographic instruction, etc. Firstly the x100 (great camera albeit a little frustrating, but aren’t they all at some point) and the OMD (great camera, great lenses and punches well above its sensor size).
The one and only drawback to the camera for me (besides its price) is the low quality screen on the back. The new Leica M now has the newer, but still last generation, screen but for some reason Leica stuck with the same one that was on the M8 and the M9. Granted, you still have to see on the computer and process the raw image to evaluate each shot well, but still . Hardly anyone needs a better computer than the one they have now, so the market is in decline, while everyone chases after the next iPhone, IPad, etc, which will come out every year with improvements.

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