Women VS Men: Should Women Train Differently Than Men?Women VS Men: Should Women Train Differently Than Men?
Being a Dad, I pay a LOT of attention as to what will help my daughter achieve BIG success in all areas of LIFE.
I want to know What will help her feel confident and inspired to make a BIG difference in this world?
After 6 years of running The Underground Strength Coach Certification, I have noticed time and again how women are afraid to stand UP and achieve success.
If you've read my story before, you know how I struggled to achieve success when I was younger in large part due to my mindset.
I am psyched to share this article by Neghar Fonooni, a legit fitness expert, RKC II, Veteran of The US Military and all around bad ass Coach and great person, as she details how women need to think (and how Strength Coaches can better Understand & help women) to achieve more success in fitness and LIFE. But sets, reps, and periodization aren’t really the major differentiating factors to our approach when it comes to the female sex. The truth is that the most important thing we can consider while coaching women doesn’t involve their bodies it all. While working out and eating a nourishing diet are indubitably the building blocks of a healthy, lean, fit body, they aren't actually the driving force behind said body: they're simply tools. What truly drives healthy endeavors and allows our female clients to live a sustainably fit lifestyle is their mindset.
Mindset is what establishes how we perceive our world--the stories we tell ourselves, and the way we choose to interpret events. I know this firsthand, as my own journey towards self-love and body acceptance was at times dark and lonely.
Inevitably, I wasn’t able to keep up this lifestyle, because what I was pursuing wasn’t fulfilling, and the way that I spoke to myself wasn’t nurturing in the least.
I told myself the story that I wasn’t enough—skinny enough, strong enough, or successful enough. The phrase “I can’t eat that” escaped my lips so many times, that my friends stopped inviting me to happy hours and social engagements. They said they didn’t want to “mess up my diet.” It hurt to hear that, but in truth they were only doing what I taught them to do—removing temptations unless it was my cheat day (which happened to be Saturday at the time).
I constantly spoke negatively about my body (to myself and to others), chastising myself for every perceived failure, and partaking in a vicious cycle of binge, berate, restrict, repeat.
The truth was, I didn’t love who I was, and no amount of leanness or calorie restriction would change that. What I would eventually discover is that true contentment comes from a place of self-love and compassion. Lifting and eating nutritiously are only sustainable if you do it because you love your body, not because you hate it. When you know, with the utmost certainty, that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be-only then can you begin your journey to the highest expression of you. Through practicing positive self-talk, daily compassion journaling, and utilizing my supportive social network, I was able to climb out of that rabbit hole, and arrive at a place of acceptance and grace. Create a positive reality--meaning that we actually have the power to construct and actualize the world we live in (to a point, obviously). Achor goes on to say that at any given time we are faced with multiple realities that are all true, but not all of which will propel us into our most successful, happy selves.
The successful, happy person is one who has developed the skill to see the most valuable reality in any given situation. We get to choose how we speak to ourselves, how we view situations, and how we handle stress. We get to choose if we will see our obstacles as useful and character building, or if we allow them to hinder us. We get to choose if we will speak to our bodies in a loving manner, and decide if we will find success as it pertains to our fitness endeavors. So how is this choice and the subject of mindset any different for women than it is for men? As a leading woman in fitness I’ve made it my personal mission to help women everywhere discover their worth, and find empowerment through strength. I want my clients to live a vibrant, wholehearted life, and I want their fitness and nutrition efforts to add to their lives, not subtract from them. But it’s not as simple as telling our female clients to “choose” to love themselves, and choose to adopt a different view of their bodies and their environments. We have to teach strategies for sustainable success, and encourage constant practice of compassion and acceptance. When I look at the current state of the fitness industry, I don’t see a lot of coaches encouraging self-love.
I don’t see a lot of coaches telling clients they have permission to love their bodies through the transformation. Even when we think we are building up the idea of a fit, muscular, strong body and changing the rhetoric, such as touting phrases like “strong is the new skinny,” we are still contributing to a “never enough” mentality.

We may have changed the dialogue from skinny and emaciated to lean and muscular with that movement, but we’re still telling women they aren’t the right body type unless they’re shredded.
As I said, it’s not as simple as telling them to choose to love themselves, but planting the seed is the start. Giving them permission, as their coaches, to embrace their bodies, and helping them believe that it’s possible—that’s where it all begins. Studies show that if we don't believe we have at least a 70% chance of success, our chances of actual success diminish drastically. That means that if we want to be stronger, leaner, faster, fitter, if we want to transform our bodies--we have to first believe that it’s possible. And before we can believe that it’s possible, we have to believe that we are worthy and deserving of success.
Think about it: have you ever had clients who set out to lose weight, gain strength, or change their eating habits, only to discover that they’ve ended up right back where they started? Have you had clients who yo-yo’d constantly, fell off the wagon, and couldn’t stay compliant no matter how hard they tried. Rather it's more likely that they weren't nurturing the types of thoughts that would support their endeavors. I encourage my clients to journal daily, including things they are grateful for (external world) and compassion for themselves (internal world). They’re constantly tasked with giving themselves compliments, eliminating negative words, and aligning their actions with their purpose. In an experimental comparison conducted at UC Davis, researchers found that those who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week compared to those who recorded hassles and negative or neutral life events. That's on a weekly basis; imagine what would happen if your clients kept a gratitude journal every day? Now, this is just one strategy to start developing a positive mindset--a mindset that will actually help our clients learn to love and care for their bodies, and live a sustainably healthy lifestyle. But it's a strategy with the power to incite very meaningful change, and one that will help them discover other ways they can create a positive reality for themselves. In fact, it’s one of the major tenets of my Lean & Lovely transformation system, and has helped women all over the world take a more loving and sustainable approach to fitness. Whatever strategies you choose to teach your clients, I hope that you’ll do so with this in mind: We have a unique opportunity to change the way women everywhere view their bodies, and be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Ready to stop comparing themselves to other women with different body types or to airbrushed images on the internet. Like I said before, as a father of an awesome girl who owns my heart, it's important to me to share more info for the ladies.
For more info on Neghar and her training that centers around overall fitness for mind and body with ass kicking Bodyweight and Kettlebell workouts, Click Here. Get exclusive training advice from me, Zach Even-Esh, and I'll also send you these FREE gifts. Strength, beauty, ability come from slowly building yourself into more that what you currently are. Hopefully girls start embracing this and pushing away all the damaging body image media that is pushed onto them. The majority of students at the School of Strength are female and they love the posts that are linked to female fitness professionals.
The international best seller that will help you transform your personal and professional life by changing the way you think. Over the last 20 years I’ve had the chance to read, write, visit and think with really smart people about really big tough problems–and that changed the way I think about what’s possible.
It may seem counter intuitive, but it takes real discipline to innovate and inculcate an innovation mindset. The discipline to carve out 1000 hours a year means you’re really serious about innovation. Figure out what you’re passionate about and get to work reading, writing, visiting, and thinking about it with some smart people. Life becomes mundane too easily — eating, sleeping, going to work, commuting, paying bills, watching TV or surfing the Web, carpooling children to activities, doing household chores. As soon as you open your eyes and sit up in bed in the morning, say this affirmation: Today is a new day.
Allow your thirst for coffee to remind you that you also have a thirst for knowledge, personal growth, truth, and purpose in life.
When you exercise and feel re-energized, realize that you have just re-energized a precious piece of Divine property.
When you go to sleep in a more pure and spiritual way, you wake up in a more pure and spiritual way. As surprising as it may seem, simple little actions can affect deep and lasting changes, and play a key role in personal growth and improvement. Each part of our body has a unique function and is animated with the energy it needs to perform its function. In creation there are also different levels that are vastly different from each other.

One of the biggest challenges people face when they want to quit, is they think about smoking a lot.
Top Athletes know that peak athletic performance is just as much a mental game as it is a physical discipline.
Our self-talk determines many of our actions, and our reality is largely based on how we think.
We can encourage women to cultivate a life in which they train because they love their bodies, not because they hate them. You can incorporate strategies into your life, little by little, that encourage the type of mindset that will propel you into genuine success. Meaning that the more they speak to themselves positively, believe they can accomplish their fitness goals, and choose a valuable reality, the more likely they are to find continued success.
I'm psyched to share more info on the regular for the ladies and for the Strength Coaches who work with women. I can relate to being bullied and how that affects your self-talk and self-treatment as an adult.
They gotta love who they are, embrace inner strength and they will love the lifestyle of fitness…. Pursuing interests in a variety of subjects stretches the mind and pushes the imagination, causing us to be more creative. I’m skeptical of those brain-training games but I’m certain that learning and disciplined habits can improve intellectual output.
Jim Collins said last week that he tracks his daily creative hours with the goals of scheduling at least 1000 per year. He is co-founder of Getting Smart and Learn Capital and serves on the boards of 4.0 Schools, eduInnovation, Digital Learning Institute, Imagination Foundation, Charter Board Partners and Bloomboard. It becomes mundane so easily that it takes a genuine effort to make each day mean more than completing a set of tasks. Train your mind to think differently than it has become wired by using your commute as a mental workout. This affirmation is helpful when you feel stress or internal discord at work.Use health information technology centers.
While cleaning and doing laundry, focus not on the drudgery of the work but on the gift you are giving yourself — the gift of a living space where your soul can feel at ease. Get personalized content delivered to your own MLC profile page by joining the MLC community. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Shifting my perspective to see the positives in every day by reading books by Brene Brown, Shawn Achor, and other positive psychologists really changed everything for me. Dabbling is simply a way of gathering new information and experimenting with new ways of doing something. Project Innovation said, “Organizations operate on frequencies that define the taken for granted ways of thinking and acting on a daily basis.” Being reflective about how you think and how your organization thinks is the first step to developing an innovation mindset.
Collins said everybody has a “To Do” list, but it’s the “Stop Doing” list that takes disciplined action. Matt said the shift means being user-centric, curious, and iterative (Check out a great Hangout with Matt). The daily grind itself can be so exhausting that the thought of adding anything new into the mix is scary.
Alternate driving different routes, or make a point of noticing new facets of the scenery you pass while commuting.
Take those moments for yourself: Think about the day, and evaluate what you did that was good and what you did that could use improvement. It causes you to think differently about everything else that you do, a process which can lead to incredible innovation. But unless you train it, your mind stays on autopilot, stuck in unhealthy thought patterns that lead to self-sabotaging habits and behaviors. Then meditate on the idea that there is a unifying force in the world that is much greater than any of us.  You could also do some spiritual reading before you fall asleep. Hopmann says Dabble fields lots of fan mail from people who have felt inspired after taking their courses, showing inspiration can come from the most unexpected places – even a glassblowing class. Sebastian Bailey and Octavius Black, founders of Mind Gym, help you change your mental default settings through a series of workouts; that have been tested and experienced by more than one million people from around the world and from companies such as Google, NBCUniversal, Shell, Pfizer, and PepsiCo.

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