Info Session: Holistic options in New Westminster (FREE by Anthea's Crystal Svcs)Every Monday at 5pm, you have the chance to meet Anthea and gain more information about the courses, workshops and services offered, to help you decide which of them are right for you.
Chakra Balancing Workshop (by Anthea's Crystal Svcs)This is a 10 week workshop in which the participants will learn about the energy of each main chakra, as well as various methods and techniques used to bring into balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The Healing Power of Crystals Workshop (by Anthea's Crystal Svcs)Join Anthea as she explains the principles behind using crystals as a therapeutic method. Past Lives and Experiences Workshop (by Anthea's Crystal Svcs)In this 4 hour workshop the participants will be introduced to the concept of past lives and how to work with them. Participants will explore and experience several past lives related to specific issues and themes or people in this life time.
This will enable them to gain answers to questions they may have about relationships and gain insight into the dynamics or relationships. Reflexology Student ClinicExperience the healthful bliss and relaxation produced by reflexology, and, provide a student with the opportunity to hone their skills by enjoying a one hour session of reflexology with one of our students in training - at a reduced cost. The Spirit of Hawaii ClassesThis is an experiential class focusing on love & forgiveness, finding the peace within and claiming it. Usui Reiki Master Teacher ClassLevel 3 & 4 - for those who have completed the 1st & 2nd Degree and are ready to learn the intricate process of doing activating energy transmissions, deepening personal growth transformation, increasing enlightenment and serving humanity from a universal framework. Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Diplomaa„?The CHHPa„? Program is a PCTIA Accredited exclusive career training program recognized by the NHPC and taught only at Windsong School of Healing Ltd.
This is NOT an Ear Acupressure course, but rather look at ear energy centres, chakra balance, sounds, colours, muscles, organs and behaviours as they relate to each individual.
This form of massage relaxes the muscles of your head, neck and shoulders, reducing stress and fatigue, increase mental clarity. Learn the theory and use of hot stones and different techniques for a Reflexology session using this relaxing format. A 15 minute session of Shoulder release points may correct an old rotator cuff injury, return your clients arm to mobility, release chronic and acute pain and inflexibility return the shoulders and arms to their normal strength and function. Using Shiatsu points, learn how to give a chair Shiatu session for the shoulders, neck and arms. Remove unwanted behaviours and attitudes; relieve traumas, phobias, and pain with a simple tapping technique, that you can learn and share with family and friends. Miracles are commonplace and spontaneous healings, connections, and a clear understanding of onea€™s life journey are natural occurrences. Ratziel Bander war sein Leben lang von schwerer Krankheit gezeichnet und begann deshalb schon als Jugendlicher damit, seine Gesundheit durch Yoga, Meditation und vegetarische Ernährung positiv zu beeinflussen. Yoga und Pilates sind derzeit die beliebtesten Sportarten unter Frauen, da sie einen schoenen Koerper formen und gleichzeitig fuer Entspannung sorgen.
Trauma-Proofing Your Kids:A  A Parents' Guide for Instilling Confidence, Joy and Resilience by Peter A. Ratziel Bander is one of only two people, outside of the Shaolin monastery, who teach Hsin Tao, also known as Zen Buddhist Yoga.
Hsin Tao consists of a combination of breathing techniques and circular movements that force energy into vital centers, tone internal organs, and revitalize metabolism.
When he reached China, the monk settled in a cave next to a ramshackle old monastery in Shaolin. At that point, in this enlightened state, he "discovered" certain movements and started to perform them, and they rejuvenated his body. This monk then took these movements into the monastery, where the monks were all sick from sitting in meditation all day.
Since that time, this practice has been kept secret by the Shaolin monastery, and years later the techniques were developed into the Shaolin style of martial arts.
Celeste: When were the techniques of Hsin Tao revealed to people outside of the Shaolin monastery? This practice is called the Way of the Gods because it is said that if you practice it long enough you will develop siddhis — you will develop perfection and become like a god.
There are some exercises in this technique that are said to have been passed on from the Immortals, to help foster physical immortality. I was involved in a similar release of secret knowledge back in the 1970s, when I was a teenager. Ratziel: Besides being a healing technique for the body, Hsin Tao is a fast path to still the mind. Ratziel: The practice of Hsin Tao strengthens the cells and increases their capacity to hold spiritual Light. Or, as I did when I was ready to pass over from a lung tumor, you rejuvenate this present body to the extent that it can hold more spiritual Light. When we continue this rejuvenation process, we enable ourselves to hold more and more spiritual understanding, and we go deeper and deeper into the spiritual realm.
Celeste: How can people become more open to deeper spiritual experiences through these techniques? The first exercises are to rejuvenate the body and at the same time take you to a place of silence. Besides creating a meditative state, this first stage strengthens the body from deep inside, forcing energy into the vital centres, lubricating joints, toning internal organs, and revitalizing the entire metabolism. The second set of exercises, to calm and revitalize the mind, are performed sitting on either a chair or cross-legged on a cushion or the floor. Finally, to rejuvenate the spirit, the third stage consists of a simple breathing technique that rebuilds the store of energy at the core of the body while drawing increased power of Spirit into the body and mind.
Celeste: Can you describe the effect that these movements have had on some of your students? Ratziel: I had a client who was just reaching 50 who had practiced Chi Kung and Tae Kwon Do for 13 years.
I worked with a psychologist in Santa Monica who had lived with a split disc and a slipped disc. I've worked with these exercises a lot, and I've discussed this process with some psychologists. I had a vast knowledge of herbs and homeopathy and I had a very in-depth knowledge of meditation. I prayed for something to come along because I could no longer use my techniques successfully for my body. When I was stricken with my spasms, I was unable to walk, but I could stand and do these exercises within my pain limit. Celeste: Did your life change radically after practicing these techniques for nine months as this Master had promised? Ratziel: My wife and I looked back on the year, and not only had my physical state radically changed, but my emotional relationship to the world had shifted enormously.
Twenty-five years after you get polio, the symptoms kick in again, and it's much more debilitating than the original symptoms because by then your nervous system is completely depleted.
Then one day, a woman dressed in white came into my room and stood by the cot and said, "You can sit up now." So I sat up and stood up. Celeste: Do you believe that it was through a kind of divine alignment that you discovered Hsin Tao? Braun, IngeEhemalige Grundschullehrerin mit langjahriger Erfahrung im Trommelspiel mit Erwachsenen und Kindern. Camenzind, MartinaMartina Camenzind ist ein erfahrenes Medium, Kursleiterin und Yogalehrerin. Nadeen Althoff, Kaufmann, BWL-Diplom, Kombu’Cha Brauer, Wasserforscher und Getrankeentwickler. Florian Grimm, Studium der Architektur, Stadtebau und Stadtplanung sowie Kontaktstudium Humanistische Psychologie.
Christian Bollmann, Studium an der Musikhochschule Koln, seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren Arbeit mit Obertonen und meditativer Musik. Mehrere Reisen nach Indien und Bali sowie diverse Seminare schufen die Grundlage, in Saarbrucken Seminare zur Heilmeditation anzubieten.
Geiser, LudwigJahrgang 1950, Lehrer und Schulleiter im Ruhestand, zertifizierter Mentaltrainer, Freier Mitarbeiter des Europaischen Zentrums fur Meditation und Begegnung Neumuhle, langjahrige praktische Erfahrung in den Bereichen Padagogik, Lernen, Meditation.
Eines der Herzstucke des Ayurveda, dieser einzigartigen Lehre vom Leben, ist die Ayurveda-Kuche. Astrid Bernius studierte an der Musikhochschule Stuttgart Klavier, Gesang und Liedbegleitung, setzte ihre Studien fort bei Romeo Alavi-Kia in Wien sowie bei Renate Schulze-Schindler in Berlin und bei Cornelius Reid in New York. Haas, JanaDeutsch-russische Autorin, hat einen besonderen Kontakt zu der Welt der Verstorbenen und der Engel und vermittelt erstaunliche Einsichten, was beim Tod geschieht und wie es im Jenseits weitergeht. Hachtmann, StephanJahrgang 1963, Meditationslehrer Via Cordis ®, langjahrige geistliche Schulung bei Brigitta Adelheid Muller und Franz-Xaver Jans-Scheidegger, Diakon, Seminar- und Vortragstatigkeit zu Herzensgebet, Integraler Spiritualitat und zum Thema Spiritualitat und Abhangigkeitserfahrungen, Autorentatigkeit u. Herbrich-Philippi, Olafhatte bereits als Kind die Fahigkeit, seine Umwelt feinstofflicher wahrzunehmen. Mir viel Freude bei der Arbeit mit Menschen leitet er das Centrum fur Kraft und Freude mit seiner Frau Andrea Philippi. Hofer, AndreDiplom Psychologe, seit 2000 selbstandig in eigener Praxis, ausgebildeter Releasing-Trainer in der Visionswerkstatt Cap Sizun, 2013 Retreat mit Eckhart Tolle in Assisi. Kontinuierlicher Aufbau von Erfahrungswissen und Fachwissen in den Bereichen alternative Heilverfahren, Atemtherapie, Atem- und Bewegungslehre, Korperbewusstsein, Burnout-Prophylaxe, Anthroposophie, Padagogik, Kontemplation zum Herzensgebet. Daruber hinaus langjahrige Berufserfahrungen in den Bereichen Labormedizin, Vertrieb und Kundenbetreuung.

Jerkova, TatyanaTatyana Jerkova ist Diplom-Ingenieur fur Technische Kybernetik und Robotik.
Ciara comparte su experiencia desde la Asamblea General de la ONU, el mismo dia que los lideres firman el Acuerdo de Paris. We will be talking about Ho'oponopono & 100% responsibility, Karmic Patterns, Hawaiian Huna Practises, Forgiveness and the Power of Choice. Usui and Reiki, what it is & how to use it, activating attunements, giving & receiving reiki treatments, Level 1 Handbook & Certification.
Training covers emotional, mental and spiritual healing techniques, absentee healing, activating attunments, directing energy to a specific receiver, Level 2 Handbook & Certification. This 70 hour certificate course(twenty hours expert instruction plus forty hours practicum and ten hours home study) prepares you to practice foot reflexology competently. Based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques handed down by grandmothers to their grandchildren, it involves work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Our last day's work is done in our clinic setting, working on people who come for sessions.
This seventy hour certificate course (twenty hours expert instruction plus forty hours practicum and ten hours home study) prepares you to practice foot reflexology competently. Use specific Reflexology points as well as energy corrections, and learn to trust your own intuition.
In this amazing presentation by world expert Carole Friesen from the Australasian Institute of Body Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy, you will have a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and your life experiences have created the habitual patterns that run your Body Mind. Twenty hours of expert instruction and forty hours of practicum and experiential assignments will empower you in the successful development of your professional reflexology practice. Vertical Reflex Therapy - a very brief reflexology treatment on the weight-bearing feet (or hands), developed by Lynne Booth, used extensively by thousands of reflexologists internationally.
This 70 hour certificate course (twenty hours instruction plus forty hours practicum and ten hours home study) prepares you to practice foot reflexology competently. A valuable tool for a Reflexologist and also useful for working at fairs or in the corporate world. This 70 hour certificate course (20 hours instruction plus 40 hours practicum and 10 hours home study) prepares you to practice hand reflexology competently. This two-day hands on course will teach you how to perform a fabulous half-hour Indian Head Massage treatment. This two-day hands on course will teach you how to perform a beautifully relaxing and uplifting 50 minute Rejuvenating Face Massage treatment. Then, instead of having to relearn, review, and unlearn bad habits, you can master all the techniques, refine them, and practice and review as you follow each new discovery with a new one. All dies vermochte ihn jedoch ebenso wenig von Grund auf zu heilen wie die ständige medizinische Betreuung durch Spezialisten und in dieversen Kliniken.
Die Kombination aus beidem, auch Yogilates genannt, verbindet entspannende Elemente aus dem Yoga mit den rueckenstaerkenden und koerperstraffenden Übungen von Joseph Pilates. Designed specifically for people of mature years, this secret tradition of movements, practiced in China 1,350 years ago, is profoundly effective in strengthening the physical body, revitalizing and calming the mind, and rejuvenating the spirit, leading practitioners into a deep contemplative state.
The most famous is Kung Fu, but there are many other styles, including sword fighting, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung. They have been used as the basis for a fighting style, but they're not a fighting style, they're a rejuvenating style, and they offer healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Rather, they were meant to be an adjunct for a journey towards enlightenment, and that's how they were always used.
The oral tradition of the Kabbalah, which had been kept underground for thousands of years, was finally revealed and practiced in a non-secret way. The spiritual opportunity that we have nowadays and the abundance of things that are being channeled and released, like these teachings that I'm talking about, were almost impossible to find. I've worked with people who may never have been able to meditation beore in their lives, and within one session they go into a deep meditation. I've worked with people who have had no inclination to spirituality at all, but after a number of months of working with this technique they've found an inner resource within themselves that is infinite and deep. That is one of the ways we prolong life, by enabling the cells and the smaller levels of our body to hold more and more spiritual Light.
Often, people who go through a death experience and then have some miraculous recovery come out the other side with a deeper spiritual capacity. Rejuvenating ourselves helps us look and feel better, but the point of it is that it enables us to go deeper into the spiritual journey, to accumulate more knowledge, and to be able to hold more Light. It not only keeps them alive, it enables them to go deeper and deeper into their spiritual journey.
In fact, the movements practiced in this discipline are the seed movements for what later became the Shaolin fighting styles.
As such, they are simpler and easier to perform than conventional types of yoga, Tai Chi, or Chi Kung. These combine a breathing technique with hand and arm movements, and take the practitioner into a very deep state of meditation, bringing the mind to a place of calm and silence with remarkable speed. As the practice works synergistically to rejuvenate and regenerate all levels at once, results start to happen as a natural consequence.
When you do them, as you do them, they get deeper and deeper, and you can refine them more and more. He practiced Hsin Tao, the Way of the Gods, for six weeks, and told me that he had dropped those other practices because he was getting greater results from doing Hsin Tao. When she'd been practicing the Way of the Gods for about two months, she called me on the phone and said, "You know, I can't stop doing this stuff. She was sent to me by a psychologist, who thought that maybe this technique would help her.
When I came in contact with these exercises, I was so weak that I was unable to brush my teeth or hold a book up in bed. I also had expert knowledge of the practical Kabbalah and how to apply it in everyday situations, down to the musculature and the anatomy of the body. He said that he thought it was time, that it was no longer a secret because it could help so many people.
I thought if I was going to leave the planet, I should write my spiritual experiences, which were unique. Wirtschaftsingenieur, Korpertherapeut, Ausbildung im Bereich NLP und systemischer Familientherapie. 1958; Krankenschwester, Ausbildung zur Kursleiterin im Bereich Familienbildung und Frauengesundheit (GfG), Ausbildung zur Geburtsvorbereiterin (GfG), langjahrige Kursleiterin zur Vorbereitung auf Geburt und Elternschaft fur Paare, Ausbildung zur Leiterin fur Meditativen Tanz und Folkloretanz, Weiterbildung bei verschiedenen Tanzleiterinnen. Sie ist mit Yoga und Meditation aufgewachsen und fuhlte sich der geistigen Welt schon immer nahe. Er ist einer der fuhrenden Experten fur das Labyrinth und hat zahlreiche erfolgreiche Bucher zu diesem Thema veroffentlicht. Ulrich Dobhan, Provinzial der unbeschuhten Karmeliten in Deutschland, Fachmann fur das Leben der Teresa von Avila. Seinen Werdegang vom Manager zum Schamanen beschreibt er in seinem Buch „Die Reise meines Lebens“. Die Umstellung auf uberwiegend basische Ernahrung und basische Anwendungen zeigten bald Erfolge.
Daneben ist er seit uber 25 Jahren mit eigener Firma als Diplom-Informatiker im IT-Bereich tatig und spielt Djembe (eine afrikanische Trommel).
Schon damals war ihr klar, dass sie eine besondere Liebe zu diesem Land und seinen Leuten in sich tragt. Diesem Thema hat sich Gudrun Glock gewidmet und grundete vor uber 10 Jahren die Firma „gudrun glock AYURVEDA“ – Zentrum fur Ernahrungskommunikation.
Sie praktizierte fast die Halfte ihres Lebens in verschiedenen Kleintierpraxen, zuletzt in ihrer eigenen. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann hat sie mehrere Ausbildungen in Russland im Bereich der Psychologie, der Selbstheilung und des Stressmanagements gemacht. 10) For more info or registration by mail contact RoseMary Wereley (802) 586-9912 or send an email. Please bring a journal for recording your thoughts and insights, a pillow & blanket for meditation, and dress comfortably in layers. A variety of movements are used to relieve tension, stimulate circulation and restore flexibility. These patterns are expressed through the physical body which brings us to the question a€?Why are you in the Shape you are ina€?. Our teacher, as a seventh-day Adventist teaches not just the cooking but the reasons for the use of certain food combinations. Exceptional results can be obtained when VRT techniques are applied to the dorsal reflexes. Thomas - Learn how to use all the Bach Flower Remedies to alleviate emotional problems that affect you in everyday life.
Excellent for use in the corporate world as lunchtime sessions or to end a session with a flair. Sie beruhigt und belebt den Praktizierenden und richtet ihn auf einer tiefen inneren Ebene wieder aus. It was started about 1,350 or 1,400 years ago by a Buddhist monk who went by sea from India to China.

The fighting style was developed to protect the poor and the weak from the people who were taking advantage of them.
These prophecies say that in this time, in the "quickening," many secrets will be revealed. We're in a situation now where there is an abundance of spiritual opportunity in the world.
When we reach our capacity to hold Spiritual Light, we usually drop the current body and come back in another, which will hold more Light.
They say that a person who practices this, if they leave the current-life body, will be reborn into the realm of the gods.
You don't have to be able to balance well, or stretch — and yet doing this practice will increase your ability to balance and stretch.
And unlike the martial arts, these exercises consist not of a series of moves but of a singular, circular movement that takes the practitioner into a deep, contemplative state. I'm increasing the time I'm doing it, because I'm getting the effects of energy rising up my spine, and I'm not trying to make it happen. The day that she came to me for the second session, she had a big car accident, yet she cruised into the place where I was staying. I was getting spasms throughout my body, which left me unable to walk for three to four weeks at a time.
I prayed for something that would be gentle enough that I would be able to do, that would give me some relief.
The book is called Confessions from Behind the Veil: An Adventure in the Principles of High Magic. Nach langjahriger Tatigkeit als Stimmbildnerin beim Kammerchor Stuttgart (Leitung; Frieder Bernius) und neben solistischen Aufgaben im Bereich Oratorium und Lied widmet sie sich in Seminaren und Einzelarbeit padagogischer und Stimmtherapeutischer Arbeit. Aus ihren Erfahrungen mit der Arbeit von Jacques Lecoq, Michael Chekhov, Rudolf Steiner, C. Elisabeth Munzebrock, Studiendirektorin und Philosophiedozentin an der Katholischen Universitat Eichstatt.
Franz Alt studierte Politische Wissenschaften, Geschichte und Philosophie und ist seit vielen Jahren in allen Medien eine Stimme fur die Zukunft der Erde. Speziell interessiert ist er an dem Thema Wasser, was bei der Entsauerung eine wesentliche Rolle spielt. Viele weitere Reisen dorthin sollten folgen und als sie Jahre spater Bekanntschaft mit einem Ayurveda Arzt aus Mumbai machte, war ihre Begeisterung und Neugier fur Ayurveda geweckt. Die Besonderheit des Ayurveda liegt in seiner Klassifizierung der einzelnen Substanzen und Nahrungsmittel nach einem ganz speziellen System. Nachdem Sie ihre innere Kraft gefunden hat, hilft sie nun anderen Menschen, sich selbst zu finden.
Learn techniques to relax your dog, cat or horse and to improve & maintain his health, reduce behaviour problems while bonding in a special way. See the November Spotlite Archives for lots of information about the different flowers to relieve fear and the use of Rescue Remedy. Der Australier lehrt heute weltweit die Übungen, die ihn selbst von schwerer Krankheit befreit haben. It has been dangerous to pass on powerful techniques to people, because they would use them for their own selfish purposes. And many secrets are being revealed, not only in the tradition of Hsin Tao, but in other traditions as well.
This is steamrolling, and I feel very lucky to be a party to revealing this one secret healing technique and releasing it to the public.
Not only have they connected with it, but they're able to acknowledge it as some sort of spiritual depth to themselves. And so the process continues over thousands of years, until we attain a body which can hold the ultimate spiritual Light — and then we are said to be enlightened.
From the realm of the gods, they can choose to come back into this realm where they can teach. Again, the actual movements are difficult if not impossible to convey in words, but easily learned and easy to practice once they have been demonstrated.
We see these not as what we are trying to achieve, but as just something that we notice happening on the way. I was briefed by the psychologist, who told me I had to be careful about everything I said and how I said it.
It's one thing for it to work on myself — it's another thing for it to work on other people.
If they keep practicing, it processes automatically, and whatever is being processed never seems to come into the conscious mind.
If people start the practice and then drop it, they may release something that comes up and it may become an issue or crisis to go through.
I was quite happy about dying, but suffering along the way was absolutely not something I had wanted.
He told me that in nine months' time, if I practiced every day, my life would completely change. We were still living in the same home, but there was virtually nothing else that was the same.
The book describes my spiritual experiences from the time I was paralyzed in bed with polio, at the age of five and the people around me were waiting for me to die.
Anyway, I was about to die, and I was going in and out of my body, and I had experiences in different universes. I knew that everything was available, so I prayed for something that would be gentle enough for me to do, but powerful enough to bring me results. In den letzten Jahren wird dabei die Heilwirkung des Stimmklangs auf den menschlichen Organismus von immer gro?erer Bedeutung.
Heute gibt sie in ihren medialen Beratungen und Kursen ihr fundiertes Wissen uber die Krafte und Energien des Lebens weiter, um die Menschen zu starken und ihnen zu helfen, den Blick auf ihre wesentlichen Lebensziele zu offnen. Dies fuhrte schlie?lich im Jahre 2001 zur Grundung seiner Firma kollAqua, um durch Vortrage die Thematik an interessierte Menschen weiterzugeben. Ihre Leidenschaft zum Garten, den Krautern, Gewurzen und dem Gemuse, das sie selbst anbaut, tat ihr Ubriges.
Es stellt das Individuum in den Vordergrund, ohne jedoch seine Beziehungen zur Umwelt au?er Betracht zu lassen. It also opens your mind to a level where you are available for deeper and more profound spiritual experiences. This way of looking at the effects is much healthier, because we are not trying to force anything to happen. He said to me that that half puff was all that he could take, he couldn't take a whole puff.
She moved like a board, and when she sat on a chair she couldn't twist to the right or left.
I didn't believe him, but within two weeks I found enormous benefits and radical changes within my body. Die klaren Regeln des Ayurveda vermittelt Gudrun Glock undogmatisch, erfrischend und belebend!
Start you and your best friend on your way Bring your dog, cat, horse, or rabbit on the 2nd half of the class.
When people watch you, they're captivated by the exquisite beauty and depth of the movements, because as you work with them, they become less and less physical. With his Chi Kung, he was getting spectacular side effects, like shaking in the arms, feelings of this and feelings of that — but he didn't actually feel that much better in himself. I worked with her twice a week in private sessions, and she came to me one day and she was moving her hips like rubber. If they stop the practice, they usually have to deal with an emotional issue or some form of anger, resentment, or blame, or a physical thing, like a cold or flu.
I was prepared for death and was actually quite excited about the prospect of experiencing that. Nach wie vor is sie beeindruckt, wie tief die Wirkungen von Kundalini Yoga auf korperlicher, geistiger und seelische Ebene bei regelma?iger Yogapraxis sein konnen.
Obwohl Hsin Tao bei jedem Menschen anders wirkt, stellt sich im allgemeinen sehr schnell ein Gefühl der Ruhe und Leichtigkeit sowie Klarheit und Wachsamkeit des Geistes ein.
Um sich intensiver mit Kundalini Yoga, seiner Philosophie, den Haltungen und Meditationen sowie deren Wirkungen zu befassen, hat Andrea Hagemann 2014 die Ausbildung zur Kundalini Yogalehrerin (Kundalini Research Institute) absolviert. It had happened in such a subtle manner that she didn't notice until I said something to her. Not only did she recover from her depression, but she moved into a new space where she felt a level of confidence and inner strength that she had never known before. Im Juli 2015 wird sie fur die VHS Monchengladbach die 7-tagige VHS Veranstaltung: „Wandern und Yoga im Kalser Tauernhaus in Osterreich“ in Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Alpenverein durchfuhren.

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