As a fake patient, you’ll need to be able to convincingly mimic both the symptoms and the emotions of a real patient.
You might have hundreds of Facebook friends, but when it comes to real-world connections, many of us are coming up short.
You may groan when you receive a jury summons in the mail, but there are times when serving on a jury can pay.
Browsing the listings on your local Craigslist board may be the best way to land a mock juror gig, though some companies, like Dana Meeks Consulting, which conducts legal focus groups and mock trials in California, let you sign up online. As you cross the 20-year-old threshold, you're likely still in college, with your entire career in front of you, and by the end of your 20s, there's a chance you'll be settled into a career trajectory that will dictate your income potential and professional development until you're able to retire. Reinvention word on a gold compass to illustrate the need to renew, rebuild, revitalize or make changes to stay fresh and innovative in a competitive world.
Teaching hospitals across the country hire people, known as standardized patients, to help train medical students by pretending to have a certain medical condition or symptoms.

Carvertise matches drivers with brands and then pays them to use their vehicles as mobile billboards. Side hustles can provide a quick cash infusion to keep you afloat, but not everyone is cut out to be an Uber driver or able to pick up bartending gigs on the side. If you’re willing to be someone’s hiking buddy or wingman, you can sign up to sell your friendship to those who need someone to hang out with. Lawyers who want to do a trial run of their case sometimes hire mock jurors to listen to arguments and provide feedback. You're young, you're free, and you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to a€” but at the same time, the decisions you make now could determine the rest of your professional life.A It's super exciting, but it's a ton of pressure. You don’t necessarily need to be pro actor to land the part, which usually pays around $15 an hour, but you do need a “good memory, and excellent listening skills and concentration while being trained, interviewed and examined,” according to Drexel University’s College of Medicine. To be eligible, you must drive at least 25 miles a day, have a clean driving record, and own a 2005 model year or newer car with a factory-finish paint job.

Just list your boxes and other moving supplies on the site for free, then sit back and wait for someone to buy your gently used cardboard. The site handles the transaction for you (and takes 50% of the selling price); all you have to do is be available to hand off the boxes to the buyer when they come to pick them up.
Whether you need cash for a vacation or are trying to pay down debt, try one of these slightly weird ways to put more dollars in your pocket.

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