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N’enterrons pas trop vite le premier album de Haim, Days Are Gone, car il a encore de belles choses a nous faire partager ! Cette entree a ete publiee dans Clip video et a ete etiquetee Days Are Gone, Haim, If I Could Change Your Mind, Pop, US, Warren FU.
Music Junkie, Road Trip Fanatic, Culture Addict, Visionary Director, Modern Day Hippie, Amateur Photographer, Societal Philanthropist, Educated Brutha, Art Connoisseur, Eternal Fat Kid, Creative Genius, Glorified High School Athlete, and probably the most open minded person you will ever meet. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The music becomes more familiar and then even more so, like you grew up together, like you've been friends since high school.
Power Animals is a blog written by four friends living in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. One night in December, I may have stumbled into BK Night Bazaar after an evening of cocktails and drunk-purchased one of Snash‘s rings (the Ice Cream one, to be exact).
Okayplayer’s Mixtape Mondays feature has opened me up to a whole new world of mixtapes. On a recent outing searching for dresses at Urban Outfitters (a truly useless search), I stumbled on a pair of Pons Avarcas and thought I had hit the jackpot. There are certain times when everything on the racks fits your body type, and you could go from H&M to Opening Ceremony and find a suit that fit. Dazu passt der typisch leichtlebige Indie-Pop mit 90er Jahren Einflussen, der fur inneres Wohlgefuhl sorgt. There is an undeniable lightness that brings me up, not down, even when the song lyrics aren't themselves particularly happy.

The results are highly adorable and if you love Haim like I do, this will just make you love them more.
Her love of hip-hop and show tunes (but not hip-hop show tunes) combined with her inventive dance moves (sexy robot, anyone?) and amazing voice also make this secretly shy Buffalo native a karaoke genius. We blog for fun about the things we love: fashion, music, NYC, manicures, prosecco, food, showtunes, and small adorable things. I am Jasmine, they are Aladdin and this particular mixtape is RUH RUH LIKE A DUNGEON DRAGON. I had given up on waiting for the bus at ALL unless I actually saw it coming with my own eyes…until the advent of the Bus Checker app!
I listened and moped and listened and moped and listened and then I just stopped, and I have never needed to go back because growing up is good for some things, at least. Their new album is called Days Are Gone, but listening, it feels like things are possible (it's not so much that the days are gone, but that there are new days on the horizon, which, thank goodness for that). With a love of Korean food, RuPaul and bargain shopping, you never know what awesome direction a conversation with Nicole may take. Is it the nostalgic-but-new-again ‘80s vibe that pulls you in so that you don’t want to let go?
You have favorite songs, until you discover a new song or beat or a lyric you'd not paid attention to, a nugget of gold once hidden, an emerald under a rock, and suddenly your world changes yet again.
Sometimes it’s a whole album that knocks you off your feet and changes your expectations, leaving you wanting more, and realizing that there can be more. A renaissance movement birthed by the internet, celebrating music, art, and independent culture. Sometimes you find out the love you feel for an album or song isn’t necessarily all that good for you.

The time comes that you can predict what’s happening next, finish the lyrics, hum along without missing a beat. You can even sing the whole thing on your own, without the music itself, though that’s not as much fun. Pharrell- Hear MeJanuary 28th, 2016Yo, This year in music is lookin really nice with these releases. You want to listen to these sounds over and over and over again, and there’s nothing wrong with that, so you do.
A song begins, and you involuntarily shake your head, jerk your chin, move your shoulders up and down. A good album, much like a good boyfriend or girlfriend, can make you feel like an even better you. If you meet this album you adore on a night out in a dark bar, you go freaking insane, jumping up and down in joy, spilling your drink all over whoever else you're with. Pro-Skater wie Mark Gonzales, Matt Hensley und Dennis Busenitz beeinflusst, sowohl…Pharrell live at NBA All-Star GameWer war doch gleich Bruno Mars? Dabei hat der Fotograf die Schonheit und einzigartige Atmosphare der Hauptstadt mit all ihren sowohl positiven als auch negativen Facetten auf Film…What difference does it make?You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.
A Film About Making Music“ von Regisseur Ralf Schmerberg aus dem Berliner Ku?nstlerkollektiv Mindpirates veroffentlicht die Red Bull Music Academy, passend zu ihrem 15. Damit ware der Donnerstag dann gelaufen und wir werden nicht mehr fahig dazu sein, andere musikalische Eindrucke in uns aufzunehmen.

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