Public speaking is like a painting of your thoughts where your voice is the brush and your thoughts are the colors. Your college day is the biggest event that happens and there will be many students working day and night to make that event successful. I often see college chaps cribbing “my college does not have any facility, none of the events happen and we do not have any chance to improve our communication skills”. There is a wrong notion among many that only a person who speaks good English has good communication skills. These are the 8 tips which can lead you to the path of acquiring great communication skills in college.
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Thought is more powerful than thunder, every great thing ever done by man on this earth emerged from a single thought. As a resource management, sometimes I have to contact freelancer from Proz or via email to handle our urgent translation project. At the same time, I think the effective communication between the colleagues is also important. Take myself for an example, before one of our PM has an urgent translation project, she asked me to contact some freelancers who can take this project, of course, that is my duty. After this matter, I’ve got to know if we get more communication before, we won’t be waste time doing seemingly things. I will use CCJK Technologies in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for language translation services. The world around you improves each time you ask yourself and others how to improve your communication abilities. If you’re anything like me, you want to put and keep yourself in the group of people who do communicate better than the average person.
You might do the assessment by breaking out the four major elements of any successful communication and figuring out what you are best at, OK at, and not so best at.
The four elements of the generally accepted model of effective communication are the Sender, Message, Receiver and Feedback. You know yourself better than anyone, so start with the areas listed above, and ask yourself fourteen more questions about how well you communicate. Every part of the communication process is critical to actively improving your communication skills. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Self-confidence and communication skills go hand in hand and they help each other at every point of time.

Imagine you are one of them who worked hard for the event and when you tell this in your job interview that you worked hard to make the event successful, it adds a great value to you and your profile. That is to say the effective communication is an essential part of our daily life and work. Be sure to include questions about how you encode, decode, associate meaning, and what channels you use (and why). You just have to give space to them in your life and you can see them helping each other and improve. A hesitant person cannot really achieve anything till he heats the hesitation and melts it down to confidence.
For example we feel our college rules are not good and a set of changes can make it better. The challenge is to know how to use these resources of yours which will help you for the life time. Be it any event in the college, your participation in the event is the door to be a pro in that event and your coordination to that event is the door to earn leadership attitudes.
In my college, I and my friends started a forum where we conducted workshops to practice presentations, group discussions, etc.
Yes, for a corporate company to hire you in India you got to have good communication skills in English.
So through this thing, I can see that effective communication can make the individual team members more effective, make people produce significant increase in speed and efficiency. Keep in mind that as the message moves through the communication process, the participants package, decode, and repackaged the content based on the needs of the sender, receiver, and communication channels. If you are asleep, I will include contact in the message as I shake and scream at you to get out of the house. In today’s cut-throat competition, communication skills are one of the main causes for success. I pushed myself a lot to enroll for debate competition, I was hesitant however I made up my mind to participate. You will learn to be in a team and more importantly you will learn to communicate within your group and make things happen.
Without stopping it here, discuss with your friends and analyze the pros and cons of your thoughts. This was a great help for many, this became a rehearsal place for your big event, the interview.
A man can be a best speaker and communicator if he is speaking in the language in which he is thinking.

While the first thing we getting to know each other are just through communication, while the effective communication will be the beginning of a long and pleasant business association. Here, first I have to explain that I had not the good place, because I didn’t ask her which translators she has contacted to avoid contacting the same person.
The high or low benefit of the company is the direct reflection of the efficiency of company members. After delivering the message, I’ll do a quick check to make sure you understood it the way I intended it. You will learn how to analyze a situation and speak accordingly which is a great skill of communication.
Also, having a good relationship with the college attenders will help you in so many ways; I know I need not tell you this. If you want to learn good communication skills in English, think in English and talk in English, you get into trouble when you think in your mother tongue and talk in English. Although there are many reasons for influencing the working efficiency of members, the effective communication is one of the most important factors. Hopefully, you’ll give me some feedback (confirmation message) to let me know you understand I am not kidding around. I see a lot of college students wanting to improve their communication skills to get their dream job.
This habit of discussing ideas and analyzing the pros and cons helps you in not being biased which is a vital characteristic of a leader. Many people made use of our forum and could dramatically improve their skills including me. Unfortunately, I’ve contacted the same person who has received the email from the PM before. I also hear this phrase very often, “that guy can speak good English and that is why he got placed easily”. I see a lot of people regret that they couldn’t make use of their college life to sharpen their skills.
Well, as I said before, self-confidence and communication skills help each other at every point of time. If we have a harmonious relationship with others, I believe we can help each other, support each other, and in the work hope everybody together, for the company to create the higher benefit.

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