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After spending most of the day on edge, I tried to meditate about the good qualities of the wind and just accept it. About Eliza CrossEliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of nine books about food and home design.

Anyhow, when it gets like this I always start to wish that I had some sort of rooftop wind turbine so the wind could at least be generating some electricity for me! A big wind is blowing today where I live, and in response my wife and I are going to move across the country for her dream job.
100% high fibre formula of ground wholemeal grains, vegetables, legumes, super supplements and nutrional herbs. I can relate, although I like to think that I personally could withstand a little wind to stick it out with Johnny Depp.
On a conference call yesterday, colleagues in Sheridan and Jackson, Wyoming both mentioned that the wind was raging there as well. Does the wind make you a little crazy, or are you able to appreciate its finer qualities and maintain your inner peace?

And you are right about the tornadoes – it could be so much worse, and I feel so sorry for those affected and living in tornado-prone areas.
Well actually we had already made that decision but we have felt the wind moving for quite a while.

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