A meetup for people interested in Buddhist meditation practice who desire more intensive training in the form of day-long or weekend retreats or retreats of longer duration in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment. Meditation is an effective way to start the day with a clearer and more open state of mind.
These six week courses will introduce Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (loving kindness) meditation. Many of us have our individual daily practices but know that longer retreats can add a transformative dimension to practice with incalculable benefits for ourselves as well as our communities.
A regular meditation practice can help to relieve stress and promotes insightful self-development and wellbeing.

Retreats are in the Classical, Theravadan or Secular Buddhist tradition but we're open to other meditation traditions. During this guided retreat of 4 sessions, we will be doing meditations on the stages of the path or Lamrim. There will also be an introduction to useful very short meditations, helpful for practising during a busy day. On occasion we offer concession rates for other reasons depending on individual circumstances: do contact us to ask if you are in difficult circumstances.
Beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious are all welcome to the meet-up but practitioners are advised to consider whether their practice can sustain the rigors of the individual retreats.

This includes meditations on love, compassion, and wisdom, from the Mahayana Buddhist teachings.

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