Copyright © 1998 - 2015 Mac Ip Address Changer - Fast Files Software, All Rights Reserved. Technitium MAC Address Changer es un programa gratuito para cambiar la direccion MAC sin importar la interfaz del fabricante o los controladores de red instalados.
El programa trabaja de una manera muy sencilla y no invasiva, por lo que los cambios se pueden restaurar rapidamente, y la tarjeta no presentara ningun dano. Sadly, basic network tools are only for changing DHCP settings, switching between different network profiles, ping DNS servers, etc., therefore, you need to use a dedicated tool to change your Network Interface MAC address. Furthermore, for each active network connection, it shows DCHP settings details as well, which includes, Internal IP, Subnet Mask, DNS servers, Gateway address, etc. I use win7 mac address changer which works great in windows 7 but these one won’t work.
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El programa cuenta con una interfaz muy simple, que ademas de la posibilidad de hacer cambios tambien le dice lo que usted ha instalado a traves de los adaptadores de su ordenador. Despues de ejecutarla simplemente debemos elegir nuestra red de una lista, y el programa mostrara automaticamente la informacion sobre el adaptador de red utilizado para la conexion seleccionada.

Cada tarjeta tiene su propia direccion MAC asignada por el fabricante, que luego es utilizada para identificarla. Tecnitium MAC address Changer is developed to change your Network Interface Card (NIC) MAC address. When you select the network connection, it shows network interface related info, such as, Connection type, Device Name, Hardware ID, Config ID, and original MAC address.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Most people don’t even suspect that all their activity is being tracked and linked to them. Click enable, then Surf anonymously, prevent hackers from acquiring your IP address, send online privacy and browse the web anonymous by changing your IP with Hide My IP. Para cambiar la direccion MAC, utilice el "Change MAC Address", en el que usted mismo podra introducir la nueva direccion o generar una cadena aleatoria de caracteres. El sistema busca la informacion sobre la direccion MAC de la tarjeta, en primer lugar en el registro del sistema, y si no la encuentra, asigna una de las direcciones que el fabricante suele usar o asignar a esa tarjeta.
You can choose NIC from the given list whose MAC address will replace your original MAC address.

When it happened we decided to develop a software that will help people to protect their Privacy against malicious companies and people. Technitium MAC Address Changer utiliza este mecanismo y crea las correspondientes entradas en el registro, por lo que el sistema utiliza nuestros propios valores y deja de utilizar los valores por defecto.
From bottom, click Change MAC to either enter MAC address yourself or choose to let it generate a random MAC address. We strive to make this software a shield that will give you freedom and enable you to sleep well knowing that no one will use your private data against you. Just imagine what would happen if anyone could see your all searches you submitted to search engine. Some of the14 Aug 2013 Sometimes changing your IP address is all you need to properly Follow our guide to changing your IP address in Windows or Mac OS X.

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