Japa Meditation is one of the best techniques of meditation you can practice daily to ease negative karma and sin.
You dona€™t have to be Hindu to believe in Lord Krishna, nor Buddhist to believe in Lord Buddha, nor Christian to believe in Lord Jesus Christ. Aligning yourself with the powerful energy of God, by whatever name, or by one of the human Avatars of God, you will gain control of your mind, purify your spirit, and raise your level of consciousness. When one is out and about in daily life, things tempt to knock one off balance emotionally, which can lead to one getting angry and stressed and developing negative sentiments towards other people. Developing an inner calmness and maintaining it helps one develop and maintain good physical, mental , and spiritual health.
The ability to focus the mind helps one to bring disquiet to quiet, and to clear the cloudiness to reach a clarity in one’s consciousness. One starts on the smaller of the 2 beads next to the Krishna bead, holding it with the thumb and the middle finger, and chants the mantra, while rolling the bead with those fingers. Silencing the chatter of the intellectual mind like this allows one to develop deeper understanding and realizations about many aspects of life. For portability, the beads are held in a japa bead bag, which has a hole that is big enough for one to slip their hand in while holding the beads. So whether you walk, sit or stand, chanting Japa as a mantra meditation can help you develop peace of mind, calmness, and clarity…a state of focus and awareness which you can carry with you throughout life. These days I am very angry with people around me due to high blood pressure and diabetes and also due to my personal ambitions not being fulfilled.
It is necessary to chant at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily if you want to become Krishna conscious. I had my main question answered on the maha-mantra by a Hare Krishna lady in the city-centre of Belfast , Northern Ireland . Only later when Arjuna was victorious and had time to try to surrender to Krishna, he needed a method and after the Gita was transcribed he was given the mantra !. He needed a method to give him strength to surrender to Krishna at the start of the Age of Kali.
Malas, or prayer beads as they are sometimes called, originated in ancient India and were developed as tools for spiritual advancement and conscious evolution. Classically crafted malas are made with 108 beads in addition to the guru bead- a solitary “gem” that hangs from the center of the strand and is often distinguished by a crimson or saffron colored tassel.
In the ancient tradition, a mala is held in the right hand while the middle finger and thumb move the beads. When using my sandalwood or rosewood malas, middle finger and thumb move the beads along with ease due to the fact that wood beads are considerably more lightweight and easy to handle than pearls.
When ready to begin, sit with eyes closed, holding the strand between your palms, hands in prayer position. When finished, sit with eyes closed in silence for a few cycles of breath, feeling the effects of your practice.
As one becomes accustomed to working with a mala, a unique and meaningful way of moving through the ritual will fall into place. It is not recommend to share your mala with others, the reason being that it holds the charge of all of your prayers, intentions, thoughts and actions that are infused into it over time. The Health and Yoga website is a good source for online purchase of malas and offers many types to choose from. The reason it is so effective is because Japa focuses your attention on the Divine, the very source of your true self.
Their teachings of spiritual reality and truth are beyond religion.To practice this method you must simply chant a mantra or saying repetitively with devotion and surrender. God is also the source of Salvation, Liberation, Illumination, and Enlightenment.Chants may be said out loud or within the mind.

After finishing the mantra, one proceeds to the next bead, opposite the Krishna bead, and chants the mantra on that one, then goes around the circle of beads as such to finish a ‘round’.
In the woods, around the block, or to the park, Japa walks make for a nice walking meditation.
Can I chant the Hare krishna mantra in mind using japa mala during that time, as i wont get any time later in the day.
I try to remain cool and ward off negative thoughts, also try to drop my personal ambitions but to no avail. When I joined ISKCON in Australia the devotees were engaged in so much stealing for Krishna.
You are not going to become Krishna conscious without chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily. I had figured out myself about when the Gita was being written but the lady friend told me about the restless mind .
Every body has to do chanting before taking food & every time when you do something spacial Steps in ypur life. I thought the place I did buy from was as equally reputable , but as you say, mistakes do happen. I am of the opinion that sincerity of heart and right intention are much more important than adhering to any particular method or tradition.
Consider ending by offering a prayer of gratitude and chanting the AUM sound to seal your session.
It is best not to pass that charge onto another person, but rather, allow them to start with their own clean slate. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Mantra meditation is a tool to focus the mind.  Focusing the mind can help one to develop calmness and clarity in life.
Please guide me as i want to engage myself in krishna consciousness and chanting is the first step to progress in krishna consciousness.
But the beginning is chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and strictly following the four regulative principles [no illicit sex, no meat eating, no gambling and no intoxication] and reading Srila Prabhupada's books at least 1-2 hours a day. Each of the 108 beads directly correlate with 108 nadis, or energetic pathways, that surround the spiritual heart in the subtle body.
For example, the mala I use most frequently is made of freshwater pearls with a sterling silver guru bead and is rather heavy. Finding a way to manipulate the strand in an effortless fashion will allow the focus of your endeavor to be geared toward tuning into the resonance of the mantra and meditative aspect of the practice rather than the mechanics of maneuvering of the beads. Once intention is set, place your fingers on the first bead to the right of the guru bead and begin chanting your chosen mantra, moving to the next bead with each recitation, in rhythm with the breath. Continue until the 108th bead has been touched, stopping before passing over the guru bead. Meditation is a journey of uncovering the deepest, most intuitive, and often times, forgotten parts of ourselves. This form of meditation is widely used by practitioners of all religious faiths by focusing on and repeating the name of their chosen deity, or by chanting a saying or prayer to their deity. Japa may also be practiced at any time by merely chanting the mantra silently during daily activities. The test is to maintain balance throughout such experiences, so you can maintain the quality of your consciousness, work, service, and life.
For what causes and maintains disquiet, if not letting one’s mind dwell in negative thoughts about the experience that triggered ones disquiet. All you need to do is listen and feel the sound vibration and you can go deeper and deeper into it.
My mind sometimes loses faith in Krishna and slanders him although my heart knows very well that he is the only refuge.

Their guru was completely in maya and was instructing them to steal for him actually, not Krishna. They were doing anything and everything criminal "for Krishna."' But the problem was they had the wrong guru. You can not expect the material energy to subside and to have your spiritual vision awakened by just chanting one round a day.
When you are regularly doing these things and fixed-up in it you can think that "Now I have begun the process of saddhana bhakti, Krishna consciousness." But honestly until you come to this point there is no real spiritual life. If you have heard the chanting from Srila Prabhupada you are initiated as long as you accept the principles Prabhupada is teaching. Or is it still usable provided I simply take this into account and still do 108 repetitions per round? Its dynamic quality is generated through the use of our voice, and it’s fluidity, through the touch of our fingers to a string of beads.
The vibration created through chanting mantra is invoked into the nadis every time the mantra is recited and a bead is passed over.
It’s easier to use my index finger and thumb to move each pearl simply because my index finger is stronger than my middle finger and can handle the weight of the strand without tiring out my hand and arm. The key is to stay present, open and receptive to the messages you receive during your practice.
These types of salt transmute or diffuse energy and will purify your mala to remove any negative charge that it might be holding. It is also used by spiritual aspirants who have evolved to the awareness that the Spiritual Masters who taught the truth are beyond religion.
Everyone perceives their own reality based on the programs and influences that one has been exposed to throughout their lives.
After a while the mantra will continue on its own in the back of your mind and you will be continually in a state of peace and protection.
And what causes and maintains a cloudy mind, if not letting one’s mind dwell in the very thoughts that cloud it. You can notice other things as well…the feeling of the beads, your breathing, perhaps the smell of the incense or flowers, the sights, feelings, and sensations in the area. They were stealing for a bogus guru… So if Krishna asks you to steal or lie then of course that is what you should do.
Once all 108 beads have been touched, the essence of the mantra will have permeated the corresponding nadis, embedding its meaning in our consciousness. Over time, your mala absorbs the energy of your intentions, mantras and prayers, and thus becomes a sacred symbol of your spiritual life. But after observation and analysis, when you find anything that agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. Sensual in nature, it is a practice that employs the use of mantra repetition to transform consciousness, promote healing and manifest intention. When not in use or being worn, keep it in a place of protection, perhaps resting it upon your altar, in a storage pouch or jewelry box, just as you would anything you treasure. But the problem is we don’t know what Krishna wants us to do because we are conditioned and can not see and hear Krishna with our contaminated material senses.
Srila Prabhupada never instructed his disciples to steal for Krishna and was disturbed when he heard they were doing this and told them to stop it. But the problem is we don't know what Krishna wants us to do because we are conditioned and can not see and hear Krishna with our contaminated material senses.

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