To many people it seems that too much of the emphasis of Passover is on the "how to do" part of the seder rather than the "what it is" aspect. With our Jewish meditation we are going to guide you concentration and contemplation on a theme which brings one to a higher spiritual level through experiencing the original Passover and thereby bringing the holiday into a greater inner understanding.
Suddenly things begin to change; Moses has come to Egypt and the word is circulating among the Jews that G-d has charged him with the task of taking the Jews out of Egypt. Continuing with our Jewish meditation, we are now progressing to where Moses and his brother Aaron have spoken with the king of Egypt, Pharaoh. Finally Moses begins to bring on the ten plagues: blood, frogs, lice, wild beasts, pestilence, boils, hail, locust, darkness and finally the slaying of the first born. Then picture the frogs coming up from the Nile, croaking and jumping into the Egyptians homes, disturbing their tranquility, ruining their foods, hoards of frogs that do not seem to stop coming. Go through each of the ten plagues and picture them in you mind's imagination until you can feel the events of Egypt. Now comes the day of the evening of Passover, Moses has commanded you to take a lamb and get it ready to eat in the evening. We were also told to go to our Egyptian neighbor and ask for his best clothing and possessions.
You have been marching for seven days and now you have heard that Pharaoh has had second thoughts about sending his slaves out. Now more miraculous than the splitting of the Red Sea, the sea begins to close upon Pharaoh and his army. After you have taken each of the scenes which I have described and relived them and felt them, you must do it another time until it has become real to you. Please let us know if you see something unsavory on the Google Ads and we will have them removed. So summed up “Zen and Zohar On Repairing The World,” a recent weeklong spiritual gathering at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Conn. The Zen and Zohar retreat was as much a merging of Buddhism and Judaism as it was a pulling apart of the two worlds. Alison Laichter, 31, the founder of the Jewish Meditation Center (JMC), says that many people at the retreat asked her similar questions: How is this different than Buddhism? Though she’d discarded her Jewish identity, Laichter went on Birthright, a free trip to Israel.
The book propelled her to learn more about Jewish contemplative practice and, after seeking other books and teachers in California, Laichter decided maybe she wasn’t fully Buddhist. Miriam Eisenberger, 31, who was at the Zen and Zohar retreat, attended the first ever JMC sit almost three years ago.
Another retreat participant, Gail Albert, through her own Jewish meditation practice, found hidden beneath those Five Books of Moses a narrative of internal spiritual growth through meditation.
Like meditation, how she got there is a story of diversion and return: She missed a different retreat with Rabbi Cooper, the author of “God Is A Verb,” at the Isabella Freedman Center because of an illness. Previously, Albert received certification to teach Jewish meditation from Chochmat Halev, an independent renewal center for Jewish learning and meditation. The meditation at Isabella Freedman altered her consciousness more than ever, Albert says. In a Gesher Yoga a™? Meditation & Jewish Spirituality session, we begin with a pasuk (verse) of Torah (teaching), Ta€™fillah (prayer) or Middah (soul quality). Laura has been practicing yoga since the early 1990a€™s, beginning with a wonderful teacher, Hari Zandler, in a private home in Mt. Lauraa€™s personal meditation practice began in the attic of her family home on an old carpet swatch placed by a window, way back in Jr. In addition, meditation promotes concentration and the ability to focus by dispelling the distorting veil of man’s internal and external prejudices. The Hebrew word most commonly used to connote meditation is Hitbodedut – translated as isolation, being alone. About IyyunIYYUN creates opportunities for people of all backgrounds to deeply examine and understand the intellectual, emotional and physical within themselves, in the light of Jewish spiritual teachings and the wisdom of the Torah. We finished the fall harvest more than a week ago and it’s now time to enjoy our annual rite of passage at the county fair. I’m Lydia, and this year I will ride in the junior saddle club horse show and help my mother Sarah with the fruits, vegetables, and canned goods competition. Lydia clearly understood the principle of “water the root to enjoy the fruit.” Tend well the root of the plant, and its stem, leaves, and flowers will blossom in grandeur. For human beings tending well the development of consciousness, our core essence and true identity, will enhance all aspects of life and supplement our growth. But through the simple practice of meditation every day consciousness expands and all aspects of life improve effortlessly.
Brain, skeleton, muscles, nervous system, digestive system, respiration system, circulatory system, urinary system, organs, tissues and cells.
We are absolute bliss consciousness, but a malfunctioning nervous system prevents it from shining through.
What’s been lacking is the knowledge of how to perform a human “tune up.” Our educational systems do not provide us with that knowledge. Meditate every day to enrich our experience of the root of life, bliss consciousness, and all other aspects will take care of themselves. The Iroquois tribes had driven us out, but over time their power weakened and we slowly moved back in. Following the bank of the Scioto River and under cover of lush forest vegetation, I waited patiently for my older cousin “Dancing Feather” to take aim. After seeing our success Dancing Feather and I were soon joined by several other members of the party. From time immemorial people all over the earth have recognized that there is more to life than meets the eye. Religions and philosophical traditions have been founded over the years to guide us and provide answers to those questions.
Time after time that same universal spiritual knowledge is presented in language appropriate for the era; individually tailored to the understanding, language, capacity, environment and existing culture of the people.
Meditation brings us into direct contact with the source of thought, that inner field of silence which is spiritual essence, pure consciousness and absolute being. Spiritual activities may involve civil and public service, charity, selfless activity, listening to music, and even the sincere quest for truth among atheists.
We call people “religious” when they strictly follow and adhere to their religion’s beliefs, rituals and observances.
A monotheistic religion based on the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, as described in the New Testament.
Both a religion and philosophy based on the life and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha).
Is the religion, philosophy and history of the Jewish people, starting with the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Tanakh) and delineated further in the Talmud, Mesorah, Targum, Mishnah, Kabala and other books. In 1961 the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church in America united to establish the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). No matter what your religious affiliation may be (if any), meditation can help to discover its truer meaning and bring fulfillment to your religious quest.
The Hatfields and the McCoys went through many years of turmoil before coming to the realization that forgiveness is a basis for healing and moving forward after conflict. Years of personal and political rivalry culminated with a duel on the morning of July 11, 1804. Conflicts arise due to limited personal perspective and the ego’s feeling of vulnerability. When we are driven by desire and self personal gain we sometimes come across another person whose actions may be opposed to ours. But more subtle than senses is mind, yet finer than mind is intellect, and that which is beyond the intellect is the SELF. Patanjali (author of the Yoga Sutras) and other noted scholars have categorized the experience of inner silence (Samadhi) in meditation into two primary stages, silence that is non-permanent (lost during waking, dreaming, and sleeping) and silence that is permanent.
In meditation we experience all four types of Savikalpa Samadhi (non-permanent) and begin to grow by degrees in Nirvikalpa Samadhi (permanent).
1) In meditation we experience a degrees of inner silence; if practicing transcendence the mantra begins to become finer and finer. 2) In meditation we experience deep inner silence; if practicing transcendence the mantra ceases to be a specific thought and becomes only a rhythm or hum.
3) In meditation we experience greater degrees of bliss and happiness; if practicing transcendence the mantra’s humming sound is gone and you are left in a glow, the experience of bliss consciousness. 4) In meditation we experience the sense “I am” pure consciousness; if practicing transcendence the glow appears as pure consciousness. When this last stage becomes uninterrupted by waking, dreaming or sleeping, then the nature of the mind as pure consciousness has fully developed. The result is permanent (Nirvikalpa Samadhi) which is Enlightenment, or Cosmic Consciousness (CC). Forgiveness, as the means to remembering God, is the fundamental message of A Course in Miracles. The parable of the “Prodigal Son” and the parable of the “Unforgiving Servant” are perhaps the best known instances of teachings and practices of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is seen as a practice to prevent harmful thoughts from causing havoc on one’s mental well-being.
As we walk through life remember that forgiveness is a valuable tool for healing ourselves, family, friends, neighbors, and fellow human beings. The bliss (Ananda) that we experience in meditation is different than the dichotomy of sadness and happiness. But the bliss of meditation as stabilized in Enlightenment is joy beyond the senses, unmoved and never overshadowed by sorrow. Along Tug Fork near the Big Sandy River in Kentucky the descendants of Ephraim Hatfield and William McCoy became involved in a family feud that lasted many years (1865 – 1891). The McCoys lived on the Kentucky side of Tug Fork and fought for the Union Army in the American Civil War. As we continue our spiritual journey it’s important to understand the mechanics of nature and how it functions with regard to this topic.

Although we each may have our own definition of what forgiveness means, we can generally agree that it is a healing process to an episode of resentment, hatred, bitterness, indignation or righteous anger resulting from a perceived offense. How well we deal with the violence of desperation, prejudice and the urge for revenge depends upon our level of consciousness. As we continue our meditation practice individual consciousness grows along with strength and stability. Under the influence of the three qualities of nature (creation, preservation and destruction) our true essence remains hidden and we have become entangled in the illusion (Maya) of creation.
Although revenge may seem to bring instant justice upon those who committed the offense, it binds you to a continuing cycle of hate and violence. Identified as the universal SELF the enlightened person “witnesses” the play and display of creation. In 1961 Fred MacMurray and Nancy Olson stared in the zany Walt Disney comedy hit, “The Absent Minded Professor.” While the professor (Fred MacMurray) was conducting research in the physical chemistry lab at Medfield College his experiment was accidentally destroyed.
The sequel “Son of Flubber” was release in 1963 followed by the modern remake “Flubber”, starring Robin Williams and Marcia Gay Harden in 1997. Today’s scientists have not yet been able to give elastomers (elastic polymers) the same properties as that of flubber. Absolute zero (0 degrees Kelvin) is the theoretical temperature at which entropy (degree of disorderliness) would reach its minimal value.
Now I am not in any way suggesting that the human nervous system is a cooled superconducting material or such. In future posts we will discuss witnessing, roasting the seeds of ignorance, enhanced faculties, and other Enlightened attributes in more detail. The interior atmospheres of the solar system’s gas giant planets are composed mainly of hydrogen and helium at temperatures well above their critical points. Although a theoretical abstraction, some scientists propose that the core of a neutron star may be filled with neutron and proton superfluids. In the sequel “Son of Flubber” the professor (Fred MacMurray) uses flubber gas for weather experimentation and to help the schools pathetic football team win the Medfield game. But through all the fun we get a look at cryogenically created flubber and its somewhat fictitious properties.
Establish yourself in the field of all possibilities – orderly, living life free from attachment, anger and fear.
Sun Bat Yam is a spectacular new seaside real estate project combining tourism with real estate investment. In my youth the Beatles, notably George Harrison, introduced us to Transcendental Meditation and a variety of other Eastern religious practices. When the Talmud (Brachot 32b) said that “the early pious ones use to wait an hour in preparation before they started to pray,” this was precisely what they must have been doing, meditating to get in the mood.
You may well wonder, if this is so, why there has been a conspiracy of silence in much of the Orthodox world for so long. On many occasions during my teaching life, I have given courses on meditation in Judaism and on practices popular in the Kabbalah, not as ends in themselves but as means to fuller Jewish spiritual life. Now all of a sudden this “mindfulness” stripped of its original ascetic dimension is the fashion, and everyone is trying it. About the Author: Jeremy Rosen is an Orthodox rabbi, author, and lecturer, and the congregational rabbi of the Persian Jewish Center of New York. Our comments section is intended for meaningful responses and debates in a civilized manner. If you promote any foreign religions, gods or messiahs, lies about Israel, anti-Semitism, or advocate violence (except against terrorists), your permission to comment may be revoked. Quote of the Moment The healing that’s implied is heal this yearning by helping us to experience this love. We hope that the resources and tools on our website enhance your experience of Jewish meditation and prayer. The mission of the Awakened Heart Project is to promote Jewish contemplative techniques that develop a heart of wisdom and compassion. The Awakened Heart Project aims to refine such contemplative techniques, while also creating opportunities for intensive Jewish meditation practice. The Awakened Heart Project’s approach to Jewish meditation comes out of a desire to cultivate an awareness of the Divine Presence along with the particular qualities of wisdom, compassion and kindness from a Jewish perspective. The practices we include under the rubric of Jewish meditation are designed with this direction as our reference point. Jewish meditation also provides the wisdom to understand the nature of mind including those factors of mind that tend to obscure clear seeing. May every image, word and sound on this website bring about more compassion and more awareness. By this I mean that due to the many traditions of Passover, the inner dimension of the Passover experience is lost. By Jewish Meditation, I am coming to include the experiential mediations, the actually feeling the Exodu. You have slaughtered the Pascal lamb and smeared the blood on the door posts and you are sitting in your home eating the lamb with your family.
You can see there faces close up, first they are full of hostility towards you, they want to kill you and tear you apart. The roshi turns to the rabbi and says, “You know, the Japanese always leave without saying goodbye.
Co-sponsored by the Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn, it brought together Kabbalah teachers Daniel and Hana Matt and Buddhist practitioners Glassman and Marko. Some, though, were recently returned to their roots after a journey into the belly of the Buddha. Having grown up in a Conservative Jewish community with Holocaust survivor grandparents, she says she did everything “right,” Jewishly.
For a time, she embraced her inner “Jubu,” a term popularized in “The Jew in the Lotus,” Rodger Kamenetz’ book about a delegation of Jews meeting with the Dalai Lama. Now, at the Jewish Meditation Center, which is the fulfillment of a dream to have a place to meditate in a Jewish context with friends, she’s professionally Jewish. Switch the letters around to Heh-Vav-Yod-Heh, which pronounced Havaya and means “Being.” Following the breath in meditation, simply inhale Hava and exhale Yah. This is based on the Torah portion for that specific week and is an interpretation that arose for the person while sitting with the text. She has never been to the JMC, but the same book that brought Laicther back to Judaism, brought Albert to the Zen and Zohar retreat in early July. Yoga offers us exactly that; a bridge that yokes our outer world of skin, muscles and bones to our inner world of breath, soul and intuition. An aspect of this pasuk becomes a thread woven throughout the asana (posture) practice and gives the student a concept to reach for in their mind, heart, body and spirit as the session unfolds.
To meditate is to discover and align our center of being with the actions that express who we are in life. Spiritually, meditation is used as a device to attain spiritual liberation, and to loosen our intrinsic bond with that which is physical.
It was not, as he explained to his master, that he did not know that which he was required to do, rather his request was that his master should direct him in the one most inspiring and effective path to God. Hamilton, the former secretary of the treasury was shot and fatally wounded by Burr, who was the vice president of the United States at the time. Buddhism recognizes that feelings of hatred and ill-will leave a lasting effect on our mind karma. The surface pressure is 9.3 MPa (93 bar) and the surface temperature is 73? K, above the critical points of both major constituents and making the surface atmosphere a supercritical fluid. The gaseous outer atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn transition smoothly into the fluid interior.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Yoga had been popular long before, of course, so had Rabindranath Tagore, whom my father read.
Later on I read the books that the late and much lamented Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan wrote on meditation in Judaism.
I studied medieval mystics like Abraham Abulafia and saw that they were practicing various forms of mystical meditation; I realized that meditation had for a long time been part of our own Jewish tradition. I believe it is, in part, a reaction against the excesses and abuses of Kabbalah in the past, men like Shabbetai Zvi and Jacob Frank. Meditation is all the rage in cyberspace it seems and what’s more “it is keeping capitalism alive.” The article makes some interesting assertions.
Something that has always been part of our tradition is now suddenly taken up by Google, eBay, Twitter, and Facebook.
He is best known for advocating an approach to Jewish life that is open to the benefits of modernity and tolerant of individual variations while remaining committed to halacha (Jewish law). We ask that you respect the fact that we are a religious Jewish website and avoid inappropriate language at all cost.
We believe that cultivating an awakened heart can lead to an expanded perception of the world and the possibility of bringing our awareness to a meeting of the Divine Presence in every moment. The wisdom accessible through Jewish meditation supports the understanding that the Divine Presence is the ground of All Being, and the ground of All Being is part of a singular interconnected web of being.
The practice teaches us how to direct our attention into the present moment of experience, which is the only place the Divine Presence can be experienced. We all realize that the "how to do" is important; we must have matzo and wine, we must read the hagadah, etc and with out these important aspects there would be no Passover seder.
You are seeing your taskmasters first increasing the work load, but as the plagues continue, you are left free from your work.
What is your reaction when you see that only the Egyptians are disturbed by the frogs but the Jews are not invaded by them? But then the waters begin to close in on them and there faces turn from anger towards you to fear of the collapsing waters. Besides Bernie Glassman and Eve Marko, who taught at the Zen and Zohar retreat, there’s Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Norman Fischer and Sylvia Boorstein, to name a few. Two dozen participants practiced meditation and Jewish mystical text study in the mornings and took part in Zen sits and counsel sessions in the afternoons.

Community members, many of whom never connected with Jewish text before finding the JMC, now discover deep meaning in Bible stories, often related to meditative practice.
Just like the Israelites, she says, a dedicated meditation practitioner moves from innocence to self aggrandizement to enslavement to freedom to compassion and lovingkindness. But just as Moses never went into the Land of Israel, the Jewish meditator never reaches enlightenment. Mindfulness meditation offers us a similar experience as we become aware of physical sensations while we sit, walk, do simple daily tasks with engaged attention or even lay down in a restful yet alert posture (this may be the most compassionate pose if you live with a chronic health condition that makes sitting or walking difficult).
What an amazing introduction into the beauty and friendliness towards ones own sacred vessel these foundational yoga experiences were. She did not know she was meditating, did not have the vocabulary to describe it as such back then.
Mindfulness meditation offers us a similar experience as we become aware of physical sensations while we sit, walk, do simple daily tasks with engaged attention or even lay down in a restful yet alert posture (this mayA  be the most compassionate pose if you live with a chronic health condition that makes sitting or walking difficult).
Most of us operate inefficiently and ineffectively by being out of integrity, and not orchestrating harmoniously our physical, mental, and spiritual energies. There are derivative salubrious effects from meditation including the treatment of migraines, lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress on the heart, while strengthening the immune system.
It is both a medium to encounter the Divine and experience transcendence, while serving as a springboard, propelling future spiritual growth. Given the way we operate, we are filled with the noise of the world to the point that we derive our sense of being alive from it.
They range from simple meditations such as replacing mundane thoughts with loftier reflection, to the more sophisticated meditations whence one reaches a higher state of awareness and consciousness. If the practices were completely devoid of any outside religio-cultural association, there was no problem in trying them out, any more than fitness training might create a conflict of interest with Judaism, which of course it did not.
I would close my eyes, imagine a selected letter of the Hebrew alphabet and focus on that letter for as long as I could. Many of the greatest rabbis and Chasidic masters used these meditations in their different ways. In addition in post-Enlightenment Europe at any rate, the rise of rationalism tended to mock mysticism. His articles and weekly column appear in publications in several countries, including the Jewish Telegraph and the London Jewish News, and he often comments on religious issues on the BBC. But due to this emphasis, the "what is" the Passover experience aspect, the inner aspect, is generally left aside and if at all recalled, is rarely done properly.
Sit upright in a comfortable chair in a comfortable position, and before starting the meditations, relax yourself and close your eyes (after reading this article, of course). You remember something about being the descendent of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; you were told that Joseph was a great man in Egypt before the Jews were cast into bondage. If you are caught doing something other than work you are taken out and lashed without mercy.
Picture each of the ten plagues and how you would have reacted to the giant Nile River turning into blood, the fish dying, the Egyptians are desperately searching for water. You can see the waters smashing down upon them and hear their screams, but soon the waters return to their places and the sea is again still and Pharaoh and his army are no longer. Meanwhile, Laichter discovered meditation and, seeking to learn more, found that all the teachers and books on the subject were Buddhist.
Jewish Spirituality also instructs us on how to live a life that is simultaneously secular and sacred through the ancient teachings found in the Torah, commentary on the Torah, historic and contemporary midrashim (stories), prayers, and mitzvot (commandments) and ultimately by listening for the still small voice of the Divine who dwells within each of us. Also incorporated into the practice is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy tool for self-inquiry. These classes were an entryway, much like a garden-gate leading toward a flower edged path. Through meditation, life can be lived more authentically by discovering our potential and by relating to the external from the internal. In its most elevated form it is used as a vehicle through which one ascends into higher realms and dimensions.
The scope of Jewish meditation encompasses intellectual meditation to heart meditation, body movement meditation to transcendental meditation, and many more. That then gave way to concentrating on what looked like black and white clouds that I would “see” as I closed my eyes. It was a tool, to prepare for prayer, to make prayer itself more personal and meaningful, and to enhance the spiritual side of their religious lives. Nowadays there is a return towards this other aspect of Jewish religious experience precisely because we know too well the limitations of science (as well, of course, as its benefits). Would you do this willingly or would you do it only because you were frightened by Moses' power? How do you feel when you know that he lies to you telling you claiming that certain things he does not have, when you know exactly where they are? Suddenly a divine fire appears in front of the marching columns to guide them and give them direction, by day a cloud appears moving overhead in the direction to which you march.
Suddenly people begin to enter the water and miraculously the water begins to split and there is dry land upon which to escape. The question: a€?Whata€™s happening now?a€? is offered at selected moments within the structure of the class to allow the student to dive deeper into the present momenta€¦the simple yet potent question a€?Whata€™s happening nowa€? becomes a Gesher, linking each persons mental, physical, emotional and spiritual experience to the teaching as well as their own sacred intelligence. But looking back it is clear that that is exactly what she was doing; her young heart and mind, body and spirit KNEW what to do, how to be, how to just BE. We begin to view ourselves as an integral part of something infinitely greater than what we had perceived ourselves to be.
Ostensibly, if one’s ground of being is outer directed then it is logical to infer that the only interaction with the outer world is the external carapace that one has put in place, minimizing the role of the Self.
Put yourself into the picture of being a slave toiling under unbearable strain, beaten by cruel taskmasters who have no mercy if you do not complete you given task. You are working in the hot sun lugging heavy bricks to built a store city for Pharaoh and your mind dwells on this 'news'; do you believe it? What is your opinion of those Jews who say that this is going to far, we must respect their god or else we may pay severely if Moses somehow is assassinated by Pharaoh's army? Moses gives the order and all the Jews begin to move out from their houses into the streets.
Describe to yourself your feelings of elation and insecurities that comes from being released from a horrible bondage.
Around you people are crying, others want to abandon Moses and surrender, others are praying - what do you think it was like at a time like this? With patience and nurturance through asana practice, meditation and the wisdom of a kind and wise teacher, the cultivation of these seeds of love could begin, and their tender roots and shoots began to grow into a lifelong passion. Really, it could be said her mindfulness began much earlier perhaps at six or seven with long walks in the woods around her house and (was it hours?) reclining on her favorite dogwood bough gazing endlessly at the changing cloud formations in the vast sky above.
Jewish meditation is designed to focus on the center of all reality, the Creator, and to forge a connection between the self and God.
One may find God through prayer, another through study, one may feel closest to God through self-denial, while yet another finds his connection through the pleasures in life. Sometimes it transported me into a different world in which I felt myself to have gone beyond my own body and into the “spiritual”. Judaism has always tried to combine being part of the ordinary material world while yet preserving the alternative spiritual counterbalance.
Pharaoh and his army are behind chasing you; they are entering into this dry area where the sea had split. Her first experiences of yoga as a Jewish spiritual practice was through Pa€™nai Or Fellowship, a Jewish Renewal Community in Philadelphia a few years later. Her formal sitting practice began in 2005 through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, under the guidance of Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg.
This became a daily habit, before I started my morning prayers and at various other times during a day as the opportunity arose. Albert had a credit to attend another retreat, and Rabbi Cooper recommended she go to this one. It wasna€™t until she met Rabbi Myriam Klotz through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality however, (where Laura completed an 18 month in-depth spiritual leadership program for Teen Educators), that she began to truly understand the potential of combining the ancient wisdom of Judaism and Yoga. She receives ongoing support from Sheila and even though she might not realize it,A Sylvia Boorstein, who Laura had the pleasure of studying with at a 5 day silent meditation retreat co-facilitated by Sylvia and Sheila (a dynamic meditation duo!) Laura also had the honor of taking an online metta meditation class with Sylvia through Spirituality & Practice.
Each person will search within their hearts to find what draws them closest to their source, and then follow that unique path with all the strength of their being. Concentrate on this for as long as you can and make certain that you see it and feel it in your mind's eye. You and your family and friends now have made it to the other shore; you turn back and there is Pharaoh and his mighty army close behind. Laura was fortunate to go on to be one of the first graduates of the Yoga & Jewish Spirituality Teachera€™s Certification Program at Elat Chayyim with Rabbi Klotz and Diane Bloomfield (author and founder of the Torah Yoga Association in Jerusalem, Israel). Laura has participated in several online meditation courses with Gil Fronsdal through Audio Dharma,A and a heart opening online class with Janice Lynne Lundy called Buddha Chicks. How do you feel standing in the cool night air, all assembled with your possessions to move on? Picture the terror in your heart and the feeling in your stomach seeing his might horses and armed warriors about to swoop down upon you. Consider all of this until it is not just an image in your mind but a real live event in which you are in the middle. There are the mean and cruel faces of his army that have come to extract revenge from you and your loved ones.
She was called upon as a featured educator at events such as Cornerstone Fellowship, a leadership program offered through the Foundation for Jewish Camping and Jewbilee, a retreat offered through TCI (The Curriculum Initiative).
Laura was also interviewed by author Paula Amann and featured with several other Jewish yoga teachers in the summer issue of Jewish Womena€™s Magazine 2008.

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