If you have been following my blog series on managing technology and systems change you will have read about the importance of considering the change process both before and during a systems implementation or upgrade project.  Unfortunately, that was just the easy bit! This effect is entirely normal and is known as the ‘J curve of change’ as shown in the diagram below.
The period following implementation is critical, but whilst there is very little we can do to prevent a decrease in performance there is a lot we can do to minimise it.  This is where the internal project team, or external change management support, should have the most impact.  However in a lot of organisations the team will be disbanded at this point because the project will have been deemed as ‘completed’ – when in actual fact this is where the real hard work starts! There is a lot you can do in advance of going live to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. Making sure you have booked time from your technology vendor to ensure they are available onsite to provide support to your staff during the first days after implementation.
Impact of change plan or operational readiness assessment – this will detail the changes from the old system to the new in terms of people and business impact (risk).  It can be used to highlight where the most impact will be and consequently where the most support effort will be required.

Floor walkers – staff from your own organisation or the vendor should be visible and available to business users.  Don’t have them tucked away in the IT department waiting for calls or emails, be proactive and deal with issues face to face! Hopefully this short article will help you to think about the support that is needed after you have implemented your new system which will help stabilise the business and maximise the benefits of your new system as soon as possible. Each of the 8 steps of Kotter’s Change Management Process can be supported by your EP.
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Implementing a new piece of technology is relatively easy, yes it can be complicated but it is not usually complex – i.e.

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