A British college student named Adam Armstrong, 19 and his girlfriend India Lomas are planning a pretty fun sounding summer vacation to Ibiza with friends and family. To correct the error on the plane ticket Ryanair would have charged Adam a fee of ?220 British pounds (about $336 dollars). Now you are probably wondering why he would need to do this if the airline misprinted his name. The Daily Mail reports that Alireza Yaghoubi designed the AirGo seat after sitting on a series of uncomfortable eight hour flights. Yaghoubi said: (When a person reclines they take up) one-third of the space I have paid for.
The Malaysian student said that the problem gets worse when the fold down trays are involved. The AirGo seats don’t add too much additional space to your average cargo space but they were designed to make sure that the space you have is never taken away by a reclining seat. According to ABC News, airlines would probably lose about 16 seats with the new AirGo system.
Yaghoubi’s design has already won the Malaysia James Dyson Award but is this the future of airline seats? A pregnant woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the middle of a Jetstar Asia flight from Singapore to Myanmar.

In a news report by Singapore's Straits Times, it was stated that the mother was aboard flight 3K583 last Friday on a flight to Yangon, Myanmar.
According to the report, as the crew members and the doctors were preparing to move the mother, she gave birth to a baby boy. Being the first baby to be born mid-flight aboard Jetstar, they will donate $1,000 worth of baby products to Saw Jet Star and his family, and they will also issue travel vouchers to the doctors onboard who helped deliver the baby safely. Jetstar reminded expectant mothers that their policy allows women up to 40 weeks to travel on flights not more than four hours and expectant mothers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant are required to present a doctor's certificate allowing them to fly.
Adam accidently got the wrong name printed on his ticket but when he called Ryanair to correct the matter they refused to do so.
However Adam had an alternate plan: it is free to legally change your name, and only ?103 British pounds (about $157 dollars) to get a new passport. Coach passengers could soon be getting first class seats with the new AirGo seating system designed by an undergraduate student at the University of Malaya. Each person has a minimum amount of space that will never be occupied by another passenger.
Yaghoubi said that the airlines can make up that money with the personal screens installed on the seats.
The plane was minutes from landing on their destination when the mother started experiencing cramps.

Saw Jet was also reunited with the cabin crew who helped the doctors deliver him inside the plane. If this is the kind of whacky stuff the young Adam West gets up to before the vacation even starts, we look forward to hearing about all the adventures these two had on their trip to the party island of Ibiza! Not only were they invading the “space he paid for,” but he also felt like he couldn’t recline his seat because he didn’t want to steal space from the person behind him. Due to the obvious urgency, the lucky mother was immediately assisted by three doctors on board. So she aptly named her son, Saw Jet Star, as a tribute to the airline and the crew who assisted her and the baby during the delivery.
So for you math majors out there; Adam legally changed his name in order to save $179 dollars. So instead of the embarrassing situation of asking his stepdaughter and admitting he didn’t know Adam’s last name he went to Facebook to check. I fully expect them to come back covered in face tattoos of The Joker in exchange for free shots of booze.

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