Not only did I make this demand, I wrote a very specific and detailed list of what I wanted my husband to be.
In the Spring of 2004, I was fresh from my birthday trip home to Jamaica when my best friend told me she was going to meet up with a guy she was talking to. He began telling me that he drove his friend to come meet up with my friend, and he was bored. Yup, on this random night in a parking lot, I made a new friend who became by boyfriend sometime later, and my husband after 5 years of dating. First Story – Gao Yuan is a low level accountant who has been flying to Yulin every Tuesday for the last 3 years working on an important contract. Third Story – Mei is having an affair with her married colleague and they are involved in a car accident that puts her colleague in hospital. 3.Feel and behave as if the object of your dream is on its way that will help you to making it a real picture instead of just keeping it as your dream.
From his height, to his complexion, to his personality traits, his nationality – I wrote down all of it. The Universe is listening to every thing you say which is why it’s imperative that even in the bad moments, you find something to be positive to focus on. You have the power within yourself to make your life completely different in a year from now than it is today.
Reading the book changed my life and I now watch the documentary a couple times per month to keep my vibrations high. One day he is delayed at security by a diligent security guard Xiaolin who’s hand detector malfunctions and indicates Gao Yuan has metal on him.

Desperate for children, Xuelian implements the plan of eating healthy food for three months and having sex at the exact time she is ovulating.
It’s related to your conscious and unconscious state of mind that leads to what you get in your life.
I had this dream guy in my head and I put it all down in this letter to God. This was not a wishy-washy request. With my hair in a wrap (bobby pins and all) and in my sneakers, she picked me so that I could keep her company for the drive. Along with a strong belief in the things you desire, journaling is a great way to manifest the things that you want. Once you understand this and learn how to utilize that power, you will never feel hopeless in any aspect of your life again.
Basically, if you truly desire something and have a strong belief in it you will definitely achieve it sooner or later. Yes you can improve your life by channeling your inner energy towards what you really want out of life.
On this particular night, I was alone in my room balling my eyes out over my then boyfriend who I decided I was not going to spend another ounce of energy on.
She got out to talk to the person while I stayed in the car listening to radio and played on my phone. With a simple attitude shift and understanding of how powerful you are, you can turn it all around. Again, this law is in motion even if you don’t believe it so you may as well become aware and in control of your energy.

Xiaolin helps him book a flight to a city near his destination but that flight is delayed so they have lunch together.
Full of emotion, I wrote to God and informed him that I was NEVER going through this again.
Most importantly, I believed that one day I was going to have an amazing person in my life.
It’s not your job to figure out how something will come about, all you have to do is ask for it and believe that you will have it.
In order for me to guarantee this, I told him that he needed to make sure that the next person he put in my life was my soulmate. I was so convinced this was going to happen that I had the strength to hang up on my ex when he called a few weeks later without hesitation. I had been with this person off and on all throughout junior high and high school, but on this day, I was over it. I laugh every time I tell this story because my sister is 15 going on 16 and when I look at her, I just can’t even imagine her having such a fierce intention about love. I wasn’t really in a talking mood, but I decided to be polite and put the window down. I was already dealing with my parents informing me just weeks prior that they were going to be getting a divorce and that I would be moving to Florida for my senior year of high school.

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