The above 3 factors are achieved by practicing Hada Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Laya Yoga respectively. The following is a basic reference for how to use essential oils for activating and balancing the energy centers—chakras—of the body. All web information is everywhere at all times in the virtual world, but one needs to have an Internet connection and something like a computer to access it. Laya Yoga ist die Wissenschaft der Meditation, in der Atem, Rhythmus und Mantra miteinander kombiniert werden, um das Bewusstsein zu erhohen.
Dieser durchgehende Chant (mit musikalischen Atmenpausen) mit Mata Mandir Singh’s Mandoline und tiefen, kraftvollen Trommeln wurde im „Tantrischen Stil“ aufgenommen – Manner und Frauen wechseln sich ab. Um die Horproben zu unseren CDs anhoren zu konnen, benotigen Sie den Adobe Flash Player.Sie konnen den Adobe Flash Player hier kostenlos downloaden. The aim of Laya Yoga Sadhana is to attain a liberated soul or "mukti" through some stages of Yog Sadhana.
The first step to carry out Laya Yoga Sadhana is to sit on padma or siddha asana and the practice of the yoni mudra by closing the ears with the thumbs. The mind of the Yogi eventually becomes insensible to the external impressions, merges with the sound as milk with water and eventually becomes rapidly absorbed in Chidakasa - the Akasha. The mind exists so long as there is sound, but with its cessation, there is that state called the Turiya. It is an ancient tradition where the practitioner merges with the Universe through subtle energy, such as a sound, color, shape, or state of consciousness. In a Laya meditation, the practitioner directs his total concentration to a specific sound, first to external sounds, then internal sounds and sounds that he creates in his mind. You also need some basic knowledge because what use is the best computer in the hands of a computer illiterate?
By entering into a rage because a car cut me off without warning, I tune into the universal frequencies of anger and bitterness, and of course, they are multiplied, begetting stress and ailments like migraines or ulcers.
The nonphysical ear synchronizes with that specific frequency, filtering all other frequencies present. Es bedeutet soviel wie die Exstase gottlichen Bewusstseins, das jenseits aller Erklarungen ist. Um jedoch die gegebene Meditation auszufuhren, kannst Du auch jede einzelne Zeit mitsingen.

Laya Yoga is an integral stage of Kundalini meditation and particular steps are followed to achieve the goal of Laya Yoga Sadhana. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd.
Imagine yourself lost in the arms of your loved one, dissolving and becoming one, at a level beyond the physical world. With practice and great aspirations, the Laya yogi is able to synchronize with cosmic sounds, sounds that are not heard by the auditory sense, sounds that go beyond time and space. You attune with your Gmail account when you enter that specific frequency for which you need a password. This meditation is deep and requires practice and perseverance to reach the goal of blending into that sound. The sound proceeding from Pranava is Brahman and is of the nature of effulgence; the mind becomes deeply absorbed in it, which happens to be the supreme abode of Vishnu.
The mind which along with Pranava has its karmic similarities destroyed by the constant concentration upon Nada is absorbed in the Unstained One. It suspends you above conflicts attracted by success and the activity of the Positive Mind. I’m not talking about animal sex, but this transcendental embrace where the person feels the other person as she feels herself, as he feels himself. The practitioner is absorbed in the sound, overcoming all distractions and forgetting all external objects, even his own material existence. For others, you just need an address, others you have to pay to enter, and there are many that require special codes. The person can change the modes of concentration from the gross sound to the subtle or from the subtle to the gross, but he should not allow his mind to be diverted from them towards other objects. But despite your laptop not working or you forgetting the password, your Gmail account and the secrets of NASA are anywhere you have an Internet connection, a functioning computer, and the appropriate knowledge to connect to each specific site. The mind having at first concentrated itself on any one sound secures itself firmly to that and gets absorbed in it. Being freed from all states and all thoughts whatever, will transform the Yogi like a dead person. It makes you creative and focused on your real priorities and helps you sacrifice what is needed to accomplish them.The word Laya refers to suspension from the ordinary world.

All that information is out there on this planet, in the universe, whether you can or want to attune. Listen to this sound of space captured by NASA.
Laya Yoga fixes your attention and energy on your essence and higher consciousness without normal distractions and attachments having power over your reactive awareness.
It enables you to consciously remember and experience the link between you and the Creator. It will etch into the subconscious the memory and experience of your true identity.This mantra was guarded like a secret gem. If you listen to the sound of the mantra and then concentrate into its subtle sounds, you will become absorbed into the unlimited domain of your higher Self.
Each UH sound lifts the diaphragm which commutes the energy of prana and apana across the heart area. As with all other genuine mantras, it is discovered by the seer who travels in the subtle realms of consciousness. It has been confirmed by countless practitioners who adaptd the discipline of the meditation.
The inner sounds can be heard at different levels of subtlety.The vibrations of naad have different octaves of creative impact.
It awakens your awareness and empowers the sense of the Subtle Body of the Aura.The practice of the meditation gives intuition and the ability to heal. When you practice this kriya earnestly, be conscious and graceful with each word you speak. Remember that the sins of the past are of the past, and that some of the greatest saints were sinners first. If you have the opportunity to learn and to practice this technology of elevation, you have earned it and you deserve it.
No part of these Teachings may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, except as may be expressly permitted in writing by the The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

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