The mission of the Massachusetts Policy and Organizing Leadership Academy (The Academy) is to help leaders and organizations effectively and confidently participate in public life and influence the advancement of social, economic and racial justice. I love it when I find books that capture ideas that have been swirling around for me, but that I haven’t put into some kind of order or framework. Free E-BookStop Talking, Start Pixpiring: How leaders, trainers and coaches can use visuals to engage and inspire!
Clarity on your current situation and who or what may be preventing you from bringing about the change you know needs to happen. For a one off fee, I work with you and your organization for a day to assess your situation. If you think this might be of interest, please contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation. As Einstein said: “If I were about to die and I had only 1 hour to figure out how to save my life, I would spend the first 55 minutes of that hour searching for the “right question”.

It can be a tough transition to put those skills in the background and bring forward collaboration, reflection, empowerment, and inquiry. In March 1993, the derivatives market was booming and banks, although intoxicated by the profits, were worried about the risks of these strange, complex instruments and how to control the armies of traders making all the money. Do you give genuine attention to the people you meet both in your personal and your professional sphere? It is an informative read, with tons of great insight and practical tips about how leaders can continue to develop. The normally reserved world of British commercial banks had been taken over by brash, loud-mouthed traders.
I stumbled upon the importance of this principle when I was part of the leadership team running a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in northwestern Pakistan.
Following the work you will receive a report and feedback session designed to provide you with an assessment of where you are today as well as some practical next steps for moving forward.

It’s natural for most of us to avoid or ignore ugliness, to control problems, wish them away or fight and conquer them. They are often overpowered by muscular behavior – the woman’s voice not being heard or seemingly ignored. It would likely take an amazing salad with just the right blend of ingredients to provide comfort from a stressful day. I ask because it occurred to me that it is way more important how life feels on the inside than what it looks like on the outside. Business books holiday reading list Let me share my favorite business books list on Goodreads with you.

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