We will add it to our Gallery of Change and if selected, you could stand a chance to win a helicopter flip around Cape Town in the magnificent Bell 47 Helicopter courtesy of MASH BH 47. TWITTER FEEDAGLGroupCEO: Discover the life behind the man - Johan Slabbert - CEO of AGL Group. AGLGroupCEO: Geestelike Leierskap – Met God as die middelpunt – Jou enigste anker in ons Ekonomiese Storm. ButlersCatering: Real time status delivery reports - your order will be there in 5 mins 25 secs! ABOUT JOHAN SLABBERTJohan Slabbert (45), the CEO of AGL Group and founder of the Gyroscope Business Model, first discovered his business initiative at the age of 15, when he started refurbishing second hand vehicles and selling them for a sizable profit. The intro to ‘Life Changes’ finds Casey rapping about how his life is becoming different due to the new fame he has gotten.
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It’s not just me that has experienced a profound change as a result of my affiliation with Voices. When Life Changes Pinterest Pictures, When Life Changes Facebook Images, When Life Changes Photos for Tumblr. At the age of 17 he wrote his first all-inclusive business plan and caught a train to Cape Town to pitch his idea to the Small Business Development Corporation.

SBB shows the year-long journey of the Shakespeare Behind Bars theatre troupe at Luther Luckett prison in LaGrange, Kentucky. Schreiber Studio publicist Lanie Zipoy invites me to a reading of a project she has been working on. Writer Jonathan Ames will host the stage reading of five inmate-authored plays created in the playwriting program at Northpoint Training Center.
The Inmates are lead by Curt Tofteland, who has been working with Luther Luckett inmates since the mid-1990s. But it is the humanity that this work has taught me that keeps me from falling into a dark place. Yes, its fun to go to flashy musicals and act in rom-com movies but what we do also serves a much higher purpose.
One of the inmates who is involved with the program came to their aid fracturing his hand and breaking his middle finger in the process. All net proceeds support the summer playwriting program at Northpoint, and seed the third annual residency for a professional playwright to teach master classes to the prisoner-playwrights there in June 2013. The inmate’s stories, including their crimes, are interwoven with the plot of Shakespeare’s The Tempest as the inmates delve deeply into the characters they portray while confronting their personal demons. It lets us connect with one another and to let our shared stories heal the wounds this life can give us.

It lets us know we are not alone and that deep down, whether we are incarcerated in Kentucky or trying to battle the challenges of living in NYC, we are all the same. I can’t think of any population that can use transformation or redemption more than incarcerated prisoners.
It’s not that I don’t find their crimes horrifying or I feel the need to justify the “bad” things people do, it’s that I recognize that we are all humans and all of us that the power to do just as much good as bad. No human should be left behind in this, regardless of how “monstrous” one may think they are. I can’t remember where but someone once said, “those who need grace the most often deserve it the least.” This has always touched me deeply. He believes in seeing these men for who they are today, not for who they were, and not defining them solely by the crime they have committed.

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