Words have power — and these inspiring quotes are guaranteed to challenge the way you think and perhaps even change the way you live. One of the greatest advantages I’ve had as a parent is that before having my own kids I loved learning about kids. Parenting can be challenging and some days are really, really hard… but I love being a parent.
Learn how to handle big emotions. Emotional outbursts can feel scary and sudden and overwhelming. When my kids were born I already had an incredible assortment of parenting tools ready to put into place because of my experience as a preschool teacher.
Part of that love comes from the confidence that I can figure out whatever challenge comes along. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite (tried and true) positive parenting techniques and created a list of 15 parenting tips that continue to help me along the way! Everyone feels better with a good night sleep and everyone sleeps better when bedtime is restful.
Confident kids can make mistakes, handle surprises and learn hard lessons because they understand what is important about (and to) them. Dinnertime is a great time to connect with your kids and there are so many different ways to make it easier for everyone.

We don’t eliminate it altogether but by limiting screen time we open up time for unplanned conversations, playful interactions and we are able to make the most of our downtime! I honestly think this is one of the most important parenting tricks I’ve ever learned. As I shared in the post Positive Parenting Behavior Book, my Little M has some strong emotions. The strategy has 7 steps and once the kids are familiar with it, they can pretty much do it on there own!
It’s hard to know what to do in the moment, especially if you don’t have a good plan already in place. These tips for handling anger will help you be prepared in the moment. This post is packed with great info, but sometimes it can be hard to see how the tools will fit your specific situation. I love reading articles like this that shine a positive light on parenting and positive helpful tips.
Of course as the kids have grown I’ve learned more, not only about kids in general but also about my kids specific personalities and strengths.
Make building self esteem a priority and you’ll find that everything else seems to fall into place.

For those days have a rally cry ready to go, push yourself through and remember… YOU ARE A ROCK STAR PARENT! But if you can find a way to say yes to those dreamy requests made by your little one, something magical will happen. By setting boundaries around sharing you’ll actually remove some of the anxiety and sharing will become easier for your little one!
Your kid might feel validated, your family might learn something and you just might have some fun!
That said, encouraging a base of sibling love will help in the tense moments and shine in the best moments.

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